Who is Nettie Honeyball

Nettie honeyball, born in london in the second half of the 1800s, is the first female footballer in the world, according to fifa. Let’s talk about the process that led him to become the world’s first female footballer.

In 1894, Nettie Honeyball published an ad in newspapers in London. honeyball, who mentions that women can also take part in the newly popularized football game in the UK and that addresses women, states that he wants to establish a football club. This announcement, which was spread through the newspaper, which was a very important communication tool in that period, found its response in a short time.

honeyball, who thought it would be a good idea to involve lady florence dixie, the popular feminist writer of the time, to establish a women’s football club is not hard to convince this woman who is one of the pioneers of feminism. nettie honeyball and lady florence dixie, who said ‘football is not just a boys’ game, established british ladies’ football club in 1895. The jerseys prepared for the british ladies ‘football club, mostly composed of middle-class families’ daughters, are sewn by the footballers themselves.

british ladies’ football club, representing the north of london, makes its first match on 23 march 1895 with a football team representing the south of london. The team of honeyball gets this important match which is watched by 11 thousand people with a net score of 7-1.

nettie honeyball is also the first captain of the british ladies’ football club footballers, due to the wars of that period, the families are forced to work in order to support their families and so the team disintegrates. Although there is no record of nettie honeyball playing football after 1895, this bold step of women’s football has already taken its place in the history pages.

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