What to do for Smooth Legs

What to do for smooth legs

Smooth and healthy legs is the desire of every woman. In winter, the thick pants and socks hidden in a way under the legs of the summer season and the opening of the sea sees the need for care and renewal reminds. You can easily apply home-care oils and prepare more moist and smoother legs to prepare the legs for the summer, which dries together in winter weather.


Moisturizing your skin and legs


The skin is stretched and dried, especially after bathing, with the effect of water and soap. Make sure to moisturize your skin and legs, especially after every bath. Also used in the shower body oils used in the shower, apply baby oil on wet skin, wait a few minutes and then rinse. If you wish, you can apply moisturizing cream or oil after leaving the shower and give more moisture to your skin and legs.




One of the must-have for smooth and well-groomed legs is to get rid of unwanted hair on the leg area. If you are removing the hairs on your legs yourself, you should take them in the direction of hair growth. If you apply a shaving or wax in the reverse direction of hair growth it may break and cause ingrown formation as the hair grows. The problem of submerged legs causes the legs to appear rough.


Get rid of the wrecks on your legs


There are almost no women who have not suffered submerged legs. The way to remove the wreck caused by methods such as waxing and shaving is to apply dry pouch to the submerged legs. The dry pouch method of the legs is the most effective way to remove the wreck and you can easily do it at home. If your skin is too dry, you can wash it with warm water in the bath. So you can get rid of both sunken and dead skin.


Using methods such as needles, tweezers to get rid of wrecks can cause other problems such as bleeding, irritation and wound on the skin. For this reason, to get rid of the wrecked legs beautiful bladder.


Post Hair Removal Care


After removing the hair on your legs, your skin will have slight blisters and redness. To relieve the redness, you should first rinse your skin with warm water and then moisten it with a moisturizing lotion. After epilation, care to protect your skin from perfume, deodorant, hot water and the sun.


Apply the peeling


For silky-looking legs, it is very important to purify your skin from dead skin. For this, you can remove the dead skin from your skin by massaging your legs regularly with the help of a pouch. After the exfoliation application, do not forget to moisturize your skin with plenty of moisturizing creams. Thus, you will have the ideal care for soft and smooth legs .


Exercise and sport


You should do sports and exercise for tighter legs. If you are not doing sports, you can create a daily 1 hour walk plan. Walking will not only lift and tighten your legs, but will also help to recover other parts of your body.


For plenty of water


One of the most important minerals that nourishes the skin and makes it look healthier is Water. Water is very useful for your legs in it will prevent the formation of cellulite. Drink plenty of water during the day, both for your health and to make your skin look more lively.


Vegetable Oils for Smooth Legs


pürüzsüz bacaklar için bitkisel yağlar
vegetable oils for smooth legs

You can treat your skin with vegetable oils for smooth and well-groomed legs. These oils both provide moisture to your skin and will help tighten your legs when used regularly.


Almond Oil: Almond oil moisturizes your skin with the moisture needed and the skin gets more vivid and brighter and smoother looks.


Brush Massage: Massage your skin with hard bristle brushes to make your skin look more vivid and free from dead skin. Apply massage with brushes from your ankles to your hips with up and down movements. You can also apply this application to cellulite areas. Helps reduce cellulite by accelerating blood circulation.


Apple Cider Vinegar Apply: You can apply apple cider vinegar to the varicose veins of the legs. Pour some apple cider vinegar on a cheesecloth or rag then wrap the cheesecloth in the varicose area. Lift your legs up for 1 hour and then take a warm shower.


Lavender Oil: Apply the firming feature of lavender oil by massaging your leg area.


Algae Oil: Algae oil, especially applied to cellulite areas, helps to tighten the skin.


Tea tree oil : Tea tree oil extract products with care is also a very important application to achieve smooth legs. Tea tree oil minimizes unpleasant appearances such as acne and hair wreck.


Leg Care and Herbal Mask Against Cellulite


You can prevent the formation of cellulite with masks prepared with vegetable oils for cellulite that may occur in the legs.




  • Five aspirated aspirin

  • 2 lemon juice

  • 1 tablespoon of eucalyptus oil
  •  1 tablespoon of lemon balm oil

Cellulite Mask Description : Aspirins are thoroughly crushed until they are powdered. Lemon juice is added and mixed to dissolve aspirin thoroughly. Balm and eucalyptus oils are added and the mixture is made ready. The mixture is allowed to stand for about 1 hour. Afterwards, it is applied to the cellulite area by massaging and wrapped with a stretch film so that it is not airtight. After waiting 1 hour in this way, you can take a shower and clean the area. Herbal cellulite mask to show the effect of regular application is important to be done once a week.


Natural Peeling Recipe for Smooth Legs




  • 1 lemon

  • Some granulated sugar
  •  2 tablespoons of olive oil

Exfoliation; First squeeze the lemon juice and grate the peel. Add powdered sugar and olive oil until it reaches a paste consistency. Apply the mixture in a circular motion to the entire leg. After waiting 2 – 3 minutes after rinsing your legs with hot water to keep blood circulation in your legs more speed for a while to keep cold water. Then remember to moisturize your skin with natural moisturizing cream .


Natural Care Mask for Healthy Legs




  • Honey

  • Brown sugar
  •  Coconut oil

Construction; Mix some honey and brown sugar in a suitable container. Drive the entire leg with circular movements. Wait for 5 – 6 minutes and then rinse with warm water. Then, do not forget to moisturize your skin with a small amount of coconut oil. This is a recommended application as it is necessary to gently brush your skin with a dry brush before opening the pores.



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