What to do for skin care in spring

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What should be done for skin care in the spring season

Skin Care in the Spring


Our skin is very affected by what we think is the transition from seasons. Especially in winter, cold and moisture-free air, as well as an increase in the drying of our skin is seen. For this reason, we need to pay more attention to the moisture of our skin in winter and moisturize it very often. However, we can revive our skin with simple methods that we will take care and apply in order to save our skin from the effects of winter during the periods when we switch to spring months.


With the arrival of spring, airborne pollen can cause allergic reactions on sensitive skin. Exfoliation and redness on the skin may occur. These changes in the skin may only be due to the arrival of spring, seasonal changes, the effects of the sun, or diet.


In the spring the skin reacts highly and may show allergic reactions. As the blood circulation starts to accelerate, hormonal changes may occur in the body and the skin may become tender. In spring, many people may experience different skin problems. Redness, exfoliation, acne proliferation and skin blemishes can be seen.


Things to do for skin care in the spring season


With the arrival of spring months with the measures you will take and the changes you can make changes in your skin, you can make your skin more fresh and fresh.


Skin Peeling for Skin Care in the Spring Season


You can apply chemical peels to cleanse and revitalize the skin during seasons. Cold weather in winter and decrease in moisture content, increase of dirty air adversely affect our skin and cause moisture and pale stop. By applying Chemical Peeling, the skin becomes cleansed and becomes vital. Chemical Peeling separates the dulling skin from dead layers and facilitates the penetration of moisturizers to the skin. You can make Skin Peeling in beauty centers or you can make yourself a natural skin cleansing mask from materials that are easily found at home or from herbalists.


Natural skin peeling : 2 tablespoons of clay, 3 tablespoons of oats, 1 tablespoon of dry rose petal, 1 tablespoon of dry lavender leaves. Mix all ingredients in a bowl and add hot water. Stir until it reaches the consistency of the cream and apply to your face for about 20-25 minutes after the mask is on your skin, wash your skin and moisturize your skin with your moisturizing cream


For the Skin Care Sunscreen


With the arrival of the spring, the effect of the sun starts to increase, and skin spots become apparent with the arrival of spring. Skin creams can be prevented by using sun protection creams. You can use water-based sunscreens containing 30-50 spf.


In the Skin Care Humidification


As we move into the spring, we need to further moisturize our dull skin, which dries in the winter. When moisturizing our skin in spring, less oily, water based moisturizing creams should be preferred. Products with high fat content can trigger acne formation on the skin. If your skin is prone to lubrication, you can use tonics with a soothing effect on the skin.


The Use of Dermocosmetic Products in Skin Care


Dermocosmetic products are groups of products that delay skin aging. Reaches deeper layers of skin Dermocosmetic products contain antioxidants. You should choose products suitable for the skin structure of the creams you will apply to your skin. You have oily skin When you use a cream containing too much oil, your skin may react.


The Importance of Nutrition in Skin Care


For shiny and radiant skin; skin care, cleansing and moisturizing the skin, but you can also nourish our skin from the inside to help make it healthier and more radiant. A balanced and healthy diet will have a positive effect on the skin tissue. You can take care to consume foods that give vitality and health to the body. Eat vegetables and fruits, onions, greens, artichokes, carrots, garlic, such as the body to eat vitality foods. Drink 2.5 liters of water per day for both your body and your skin. Water moisturizes the skin naturally and internally and is a natural source of nutrition for the skin. It is necessary to drink enough water to maintain the moisture balance of the skin.


Effects of Alcohol and Smoking on Our Skin


For healthy and radiant skin, it is absolutely necessary to avoid alcohol and cigarettes. Smoking and alcohol consumption adversely affect the skin, especially smoking reduces the tension of the skin and causes sagging. When you pay attention to the skin of people who smoke in your environment, you may notice that they have a pale skin that has lost vitality. Likewise, alcohol use disrupts the body’s balance, which in turn affects skin moisture and wrinkling.


The Effect of our Sleep System on Our Skin


With the arrival of spring, some people may experience spring fatigue or spring depression. These people may have problems sleeping late at night and not being able to wake up in the morning. This sleep problem has a negative effect on the skin of the person. Insomnia creates a dull and bulging appearance on the skin. So regular and well-taken sleep is very important for the skin.


The Effect of Makeup Sleep on Our Skin


Make-up traps the oil in the skin. Does not allow skin to breathe. So if you go to bed without cleaning your makeup at night, you will prevent your skin from breathing. dirt and closed pores reduce skin moisture and cause premature wrinkling of the skin. For these reasons, definitely do not sleep at night with make-up.


Avoid stress for your skin


Stress, anger and anxiety cause the body to contract. Contraction also occurs on our skin. Contractions most commonly occur in the shoulder, neck and face area. Increased contractions trigger the formation of wrinkles on the skin. Also perform the “Laugh” action, which experts call the most natural facial gymnastics.



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