What To Do For Skin Beauty

What to do for the beauty of the skin What to do for Throughout history, having a healthy and healthy skin has been a very important issue. There is no doubt that having beautiful skin is very closely related to genes. However, in addition to genetic properties, there are several solutions to the question and what to do for skin beauty . If you want to have vivid, healthy, smooth and spotless skin you can have detailed information by reading our article on what to do for the beauty of the skin . In addition, in detail, in connection with the subject natural and easy skin care at home and What is skin cleaning, how to make skin care We also recommend reading. Now, let us return to our topic and answer the question of what to do for the beauty of the skin Let us examine together;


Regular sleep for the beauty of the skin : Daily sleep patterns and the amount of sleep is very important for the skin to be healthy and beautiful. It is recommended to sleep 7 to 8 hours per day to regenerate the skin’s cells and look younger.


Massage for the beauty of the skin. Clean your face well, especially before going to bed. Then apply the moisturizing cream by massaging for about 10 minutes. Your skin will be healthier thanks to the facial massage that accelerates the blood circulation.


Consume vitamin C for skin beauty. Eat plenty of citrus foods, especially vitamin C for skin beauty. If you do not have any health disability, periodically detox with citrus products.


Don’t forget your sex life for skin beauty. Research has shown that a regular sex life has an incredible contribution to skin health. Hormones, such as endorphins produced during sex, have positive effects on skin health and skin beauty.


Protect the skin from the sun for beauty. The damage to the skin by excess sun rays is known by everyone. Therefore, high-factor protective creams should be used before sun exposure. You can also read more about what to do to get healthy tanning .


Exercise regularly for skin beauty. The benefits of exercise do not end in counting. Exercise, which has many benefits, such as allowing the skin to excrete toxins with sweat, is very important for skin health.


Consume chocolate for skin beauty. Consumption of dark chocolate, provided that the amount is adjusted very well, contributes to the smooth and healthy skin.


Eliminate pimples and blackheads for skin beauty. Acne and black spots on the skin adversely affect skin health and appearance. Therefore, fight effectively to get rid of acne and black spots.


Eat plenty of water for skin beauty. Water is a vital fluid for the general health of the body should be drunk at least 2.5 – 3 liters per day. For effective skin health, it is recommended to drink 1 glass of water on an empty stomach every morning.


Do little make-up for skin beauty. The frequent use of cosmetic products that prevent the skin from breathing, especially foundation and powder, cause the skin to deteriorate quickly. It is therefore advisable to apply as little makeup as possible.


Take a shower frequently for skin beauty. Water shows refreshing effects for the skin, not only by drinking but also when applied externally. Taking a hot shower is an essential application of skin beauty. However, it is necessary to adjust the shower time well as staying in the shower for a long time will disrupt the moisture balance of the skin.


Brush your face for skin beauty. It is recommended to brush the face twice a week with the help of a suitable brush that is not too hard. This method, which accelerates blood circulation, can also be applied during the shower. In addition, commercially available electric facial brushes have positive effects to make the skin look brighter and healthier.


Eat almonds for skin beauty. Almond, which is very rich in omega 3 and vitamin E, is recommended to be consumed regularly for skin health. Do not forget to nourish your skin by consuming almonds or hazelnuts.


Eye and lip care for skin beauty, do not forget. You must protect the lip structure that quickly dries and irritates due to sensitivity by supporting it with creams. So you can make your lips look beautiful. The most sensitive area of ​​the skin in the face area is the eye and eye area. It is very important that this important area is cleaned with suitable products and moistened with suitable creams. Eye area care should be taken into consideration in order to prevent swelling and bruising caused by fatigue in the eye rings.


Smile for the beauty of the skin. Smile a lot for the muscles to move, making the skin brighter and more energetic. Feel good about yourself and your skin. Also, for skin health, do plenty of oxygen and face-lift movements and face exercises while walking outdoors.


Daily cleansing of the skin for skin beauty. The skin must be cleaned daily to remove dirt and dust from the pores of the skin. Furthermore, purifying dead skin from the surface of the skin provides a significant amount of skin smoothness.


Make natural masks for skin beauty. Natural minerals and vitamins your skin needs with natural masks can bring to your skin. Natural masks that you choose according to your skin type will nourish the skin and make it healthier. We recommend reading h coconut oil with skin masks, hair masks .


Detox regularly for skin beauty. Regular detox is a very healthy habit. Detox treatments for skin health and skin renewal have a huge impact. Thanks to the detoxification you will apply, the body and skin that are purified from toxin substances will have taken an important step towards being younger and healthier.



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