What To Do For Healthy Tanning

sağlıklı bronzlaşmak için ne yapılmalı
what to do to healthy tanning

In the summer months tanning , having a bright and shiny skin is an indispensable beauty option for women. But tanning can be serious as well as serious health problems when it is not paid attention. In this article, we will talk about what to do for healthy tanning in the summer months , natural tanning routes .


In recent years, especially in the ozone layer due to thinning of the sun rays come to our world without filtering. In this case, lying in the sun for hours in the summer means excessive exposure to the sun’s rays. Unconscious exposure to the sun’s rays is known to cause serious health problems, from disorders of skin appearance to many skin diseases. However, by taking the necessary precautions and being protected from the sun at certain hours, an important step is taken for the healthy tanning and thus protection from the harmful effects of the sun is provided.


The sun’s rays are an indispensable source of energy for our world. Sunlight is an important factor that keeps our energy alive. Sunny weather provides important contributions to bone development both by providing psychological energy and by activating vitamin D in the skin. Since it provides a high level of calcium balance needed by the body, it is recommended by experts for sunbathing especially for children and the elderly. In addition, sun rays are also used in the treatment of some skin diseases such as psoriasis. It also contains infrared and ultraviolet rays, which provide sunlight and tanning . Ultraviolet rays reaching deep into our skin reach pigment cells. This prevents the production of more pigments and prevents the pigments from reaching the surface of the skin. The produced melanin pigment absorbs the sun’s rays reaching the skin and controls its penetration into the skin. The UV rays in the sun’s rays reach deeper layers of the skin and create a more beautiful complexion. However, it is very important to balance the relationship with the sun well. The consequences can be painful if a healthy tan does not occur. In the short term, skin peeling, redness, in the long term, freckles, blemishes, skin wrinkles, and even worse may increase the risk of developing skin cancer. In addition, unconscious exposure to the sun’s rays can disrupt the skin’s elastic structure and cause premature aging of the skin.


What to do for healthy tanning


It is not impossible or right to be completely deprived of the sun during the summer months. While sunlight is required for skin health, it should be remembered that it should be protected from damages. So if you want to benefit from sunlight to get healthy tanning you should first pay attention to restraint.


What should be done to healthy tanning we see that many alternatives are seen.


For healthy tanning creams with protective factors should be used before going to the sun


For healthy tanning , the sun’s steepest hours, that is between 11: 00-16: 00 tanning should be avoided. Choose to tan before 10:00 in the morning or after 16:00, when the sun’s harmful rays have lost their effect.


For healthy tanning , tanning to get the best yield from the skin to remove dead skin contributes to the smooth appearance of the skin. For this purpose, peeling and exfoliating the body provides a homogenous tanning while is very important for healthy tanning .


To tan healthy alcohol and nicotine consumption during sunbathing should be avoided.


To get healthy tanning plenty of water should be consumed while sunbathing.


To get a healthy tan eyes should be protected during sunbathing. Sunglasses should be worn.


For healthy tanning should not be left under the sun for more than 2 hours.


To sunbathe healthy it is also important to nourish the skin from the inside while sunbathing. Especially pletakaroten should be taken as an important ingredient of vitamin A. For this, it is recommended to consume plenty of apricots, pumpkins and carrots.


In order to get a healthy tan our body sweats while sunbathing. These sweats cause skin spots. When sweating occurs, it is recommended to take a cold shower frequently.


For healthy tanning , before sunbathing, moisturizing and high perfume-free creams should be applied to the skin.


For healthy tanning calorie foods, pastries and sugary foods should not be consumed.


To sunbathe healthy sunbathing salty and chlorinated water have a high degree of skin irritation. If sunbathing will take place after leaving the pool and sea, you should take a shower.


To get healthy tanning plenty of vegetables and fruits should be consumed during sunbathing periods. In order to have a bronze skin, especially vegetables and fruits containing vitamin A should be consumed. According to the researches, people who are fed with foods containing vitamin A and carotene were found to have more skin color than bronze color compared to those who consumed these foods less. Vegetables containing vitamin A, carotene, calcium and tyrosine and recommended for consumption for a more bronze and brighter skin and for healthy tanning; Spinach, Cheese, Melon, Watermelon, Peach, Apricot, and Carrot are examples. Especially carrot is one of the foods with bronzing effect due to its high carotene content.


Natural Methods for Tanning


Healthy tanning In addition to taking the necessary measures before and after sunbathing using vegetable oils in a shorter time and you can experience a healthy tanning .


Vegetable Tanning Oil : 4 teaspoon of apricot oil, 1 teaspoon of coconut oil, 1 teaspoon of sesame oil and 1 teaspoon of carrot oil is added. The oils are mixed together and stored in a glass bottle. The obtained vegetable tanning oil is applied to the body one hour before sunbathing.


The bronzer Frozen


1 peach, 1 green apple, mint leaf, 1 carrot and ice. All material is passed through the blender and consumed.


Mis Scented Sunscreen Oil


Clove oil, cinnamon sticks, carrot grater and olive oil can be prepared by mixing the lotion you can get natural tan.


Sun Oil for the White Skin


After mixing 2 sprigs of fresh mint leaves, 1 lemon zest, olive oil and 1 pinch of yellow centaury flowers, put into a glass bowl. Leave for 2 weeks in a place with sun. Then when you apply the mixture, you can tan without flushing.


Sun Oil with Walnuts


Boil 3 onion peels in water. 3 tablespoons of tea juice + 20 grams of apricot, walnut, carrot oil + 50 grams of cocoa, sesame oil + 10 grams of lemon oil are added into the boiled onion peel juice and mixed. Even when going out, apply it to the area you want to tan and leave it for a long time without washing.


  • When using all vegetable oils for tanning, we want to remind you that you should apply it outside the hours when the sunlight comes upright.


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