What is Wireless Information Integration

In the field of industry, wireless radio-based communication technologies have improved dramatically in recent years to deliver lower costs, higher productivity, improved quality and diversified intelligent services (Green life, smart grid, e-health). The future development of these technologies has faced a wide range of identified challenges, including the numerous complexities of user and usage scenarios, limited radio spectrum (licensed and unlicensed), and data density.

Modern Technology

Today, people connect to the Internet via WiFi technology or modem / LAN. However, people have access to a wide range of information and communication networks and have achieved a wide range of wireless signals with a wide range of devices. Because consumers demand various wireless services, GPS, radio, mobile phones, WiFi networks, Bluetooth devices and so on. they use source signals and need to use very expensive electronic devices to receive all signals.

The Internet is still a random combination of information. Unclear sites are usually found only in searches that identify metadata. Wireless information, entertainment and communications are currently untidy and chaotic and poor WEB security makes technologies such as WiFi very unsafe.

Common Usage Areas

New and emerging technologies, such as networks, support military operations by providing critical information to the right person or organization at the right time, thereby significantly improving the efficiency of combat operations. Thanks to these developments, the military movements that may occur in the future beyond the borders will be more easily controlled by these systems.

New missions and possible technologies driven by world events affect military operations. These new technologies must be quickly integrated into a comprehensive architecture. This network can be used to overcome targeting inconsistencies and counter asymmetric threats in the new war paradigm of opaque environments.


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