What is the Currant Benefits How to Eat

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What is the currant, the benefits, how to consume

What is the Currant


Currants with high antioxidant content currants is a kind of dark seedless grapes. The fruit of dark purple currants can grow up to 1 cm. Rich in nutritional values, grapes have many health benefits. It is also rich in vitamins A, B1 and B2. Currants containing minerals such as calcium, tannin, malic acid contain fructose sugar and tartaric.


The Benefits of Bird Grapes

 What are the benefits of currants? Let us now take a closer look at the benefits of bird grapes ;

What are the Benefits of Bird Grapes;


Good for the digestive system ; For the better functioning of the digestive system, the consumption of fibrous foods is very important. Fiber and natural nutrients help the digestive system to work better. Currants are a natural food and do not contain additives. Thanks to its rich vitamins and minerals, it helps the digestive system to work better and reduces stomach bloating and stomach gas complaints.


Protects the Liver ; Natural nutrients and foods that are good for the liver need to be consumed in order to protect the liver, which is one of the body’s detox organs, and to make it work better. The liver is a self-renewing organ that serves to remove harmful toxins from the body. One of the nutrients that protect the liver and make it function is currants. Currants support the liver and make it work better.


Expectorant ; With the influence of cold weather, viruses can affect the immune system, causing flu and colds. The most common symptom of upper respiratory diseases is the formation of phlegm in the throat. Currants are one of the most natural nutrients to pass the sputum caused by viruses. It is effective to consume currants during the day to pass phlegm.


Supports bowel movements; Regular bowel activities reduce digestive problems such as constipation and bloating. Currants soften the intestines and make them work better. Consuming currants on a regular basis accelerates the healing process of intestinal diseases.


Blood Pressure and Cholesterol Balancer; Currants contain useful vitamins and minerals and do not increase blood pressure and cholesterol. Fat and sodium content is very low because it provides cholesterol balance.


The Immune System Strengthens ; Natural foods and foods with high nutritional value should be consumed in order to strengthen the immune system. Currants are both a natural source of antioxidants and vitamin values ​​in the immune system strengthens. The strong immune system protects the body against diseases.


Good for vascular diseases; Currants nourish veins and provide protection against various vascular diseases, especially vascular occlusion. Currants, which accelerate the healing process of existing vascular diseases, have a therapeutic effect.


Healing the Skin Diseases; Various cosmetic products are used to prevent sagging, wrinkles and moisture loss over time. However, healthy and natural nutrition is essential for the skin to renew itself. Thanks to the useful vitamins and minerals contained in the currants, it nourishes the skin from the inside and provides a more vivid structure.


How to consume currants

 How to consume currants. Consumption of currants is varied. Currants used to give flavor to meals and rice can also be consumed as compote. One of the consumption varieties of Bird Grapes is cakes and desserts. It is distinguished by the flavor of currants used in cakes and custard. One of the most commonly used desserts of bird grapes is ashura. The flavor of bird grapes used to decorate the ashura is mixed with the ashura.


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