What is Terrarium How to Care

teraryum nedir bakımı nasıl yapılır
What is terrarium care how to do

Terrarium flower has become quite popular in recent years has become one of the favorite gift options. Terrarium flowers come to the minds of those who wish to give a commemorative gift as a mothers day or as a teacher’s day gift .


What is terrarium , terrarium care and how to make terrarium to read more information on topics such as recommend you to read our wish good wishes.


What is Terrarium


teraryum nedir
What is terrarium

Terrarium is a collection of compatible plants and objects that develop in a glass lantern. Terrarium flower models are prepared in two different types. The first is the terrarium models in closed glass containers . The second type is terrarium models prepared in open baskets or crates . The flowers and plants in the terrariums are compatible with each other and do not require much maintenance and water.


How to prepare a terrarium Let’s specify immediately for those who wonder at home with your own facilities you can easily prepare your terrarium. Terrariums can be prepared with a variety of objects and cute items to form a certain concept.


Terrarium materials flowers of various colors, small and different colors stones, peat soil, various ornaments, cactus plants, succulent terrariums can be said. You can find terrarium materials in almost every florist and in places that sell landscaping materials. You can find terrarium glass lanterns in the form of apples and pears, and you can easily reach the ones in various colors and patterns from the internet.


Terrarium Care


teraryum bakımı
terrarium care

Terrarium care is also a very curious subject. Generally, the biggest mistake people make is watering. Summary information about terrarium care is as follows;


  • Terrarium flowers do not require much water. Watering once a week in summer and 3 – 4 times a week in winter. You can also check the moisture level of the soil with your finger to check the water requirement of the terrarium. If the soil is damp and wet, there is no need for irrigation. If the soil is dry, some irrigation should be done. Another issue to be considered when watering is that drinking water should be used when watering. Excessive calcareous and chlorinated water can damage plants. Also remember to slowly water the terrarium without pouring too much water.

  • Another issue to be considered in terrarium care is the choice of environment. Terrarium flower is recommended not to be exposed to direct sunlight. If burning and fading is seen in the flowers and leaves of the plants, sunlight is too much. In addition, terrariums should not be kept in a dark place. Where direct sunlight comes from, such as in front of a window, or bright places where sunlight indirectly comes from, rather than dark environments.

  • Terrarium flowers also has a very important place in the maintenance of ventilation. Terrariums should be ventilated for 15 – 20 minutes in an open air area such as a balcony, once every 15 – 20 days.

  • Terrariums in a closed glass fan should not be kept in very hot environments. It was observed that the flowers, which were directly exposed to stove and honeycomb or directly exposed to sunlight, faded and decayed. Therefore the terrarium flowers should be stored in the appropriate heat environment.

  • If terrarium flowers have dried, rotten or faded parts, they should be cleaned with a scissor.

  • The outer surface of the glass lantern must be dusted and the inner surface cleaned to be chemical-free. Special cleaning brushes can be used for the cleaning of the terrarium in the closed glass lantern.

  • Terrarium flowers can survive for a long time when protected from factors such as heat, light, soil change, as well as external factors such as air conditioning or wind.

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