What is tamarind? Benefits of tamarind

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What is tamarind the benefits of tamarind sherbet

also known as Indian persimmon the most popular one is. In this article you will find more detailed information about tamarind, a tropical fruit.


What is Tamarind


demirhindi nedir
What is tamarind

The fruit of the tamarind tree with long leaves tamarind fruit, shelled grain and brown color. The leaves of the tamarind are brown in color and the leaves are green in color. Small fruit clusters bloom in May and the fruit blooms in October or November. The tamarind tree, which has a carob-like shape, is about 150 years old. 220 kilograms of fruit can be obtained per year from tamarind tree.


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tamarind tree
Tamarind Nutrition Information


Tamarind is also very rich in nutritional values. Tamarind containing protein, sugar, vitamins B1, B2, B3, B6 and C also contains valuable minerals such as potassium, magnesium, iron, selenium and calcium. Tamarind, whose native land is South Asia, grows in countries such as India, Central America, Pakistan and is produced in abundance. With the developing technology and market opportunities, tamarind, which is produced in Europe continent, has a history of 5000 years.


What are the Benefits of Tamarind


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What are the benefits of tamarind

Research on tamarind has been found to have many health benefits. Among the most important benefits of tamarind; digestion regulation, reduce inflammation, strengthens the immune system comes. What are the detailed benefits of tamarind Let us now look at one by one;


Digestive System; Tamarind is among the tropical fruits that are good for the digestive system. It helps the digestive system to work better and regulates intestinal activities. The fiber contained in the tamarind helps the digestive system to work better, helping to reduce problems such as bloating and gas.


Heart Health ; Tamarind balances blood pressure and keeps bad cholesterol in balance. Cholesterol and blood pressure are two important factors that affect heart health. Potassium in tamarind affects the protection of heart health and helps to reduce blood pressure. Thanks to its vitamin C content, it protects the heart health and strengthens the immunity by combating free radicals that occur in the body over time.


Circulatory System; One of the iron-rich fruits, tamarind provides approximately 10% of the daily iron need. Since iron stores are high, blood cells are also high, oxygen needs of muscles and organs are easily met. While iron deficiency treatment is carried out with medicines and vitamins, it is also very important to eat regularly. Especially the consumption of iron-rich foods is of great importance in increasing the iron level.


Nervous System; Tamarind, which is very rich in B vitamins, contains thiamine. Thiamine helps the nerves to be active and helps to protect the reflexes. Thiamine strengthens the nervous and muscular system.


Helps to Lose Weight; Tamarind is one of the best alternative nutrients for those who want to lose weight. Hydroxycitric HCA called tamarind accelerates fat burning and helps to lose weight. Serotonin accelerates the burning of calories by increasing the neurotransmitter.


Diabetes; Tamarind does not raise blood sugar suddenly and balances blood sugar.


Immune System; Contains vitamin C and antioxidant tamarind provides strengthening the immune system. Tamarind reduces the formation of parasites due to antiseptic and microbial effects.


How to Eat Tamarind


How to eat tamarind as a shelled fruit is a curious question. Tamarind, which can be consumed raw by separating from its shells, can also be used in desserts after ripening. Tamarind, which is also used for making jam for healthy dessert intake, is also used as a flavoring agent for some sauces. Tamarind, which is used as a spice in South Asian cuisine, can also be consumed raw as a fruit.


Sherry of the Tamarind


demirhindi şerbeti
tamarind sherbet

One of the most common forms of consumption of tamarind is tamarind sherbet. The tamarind sherbet is known to be one of the favorite drinks of the sultans in Ottoman cuisine.


Materials for tamarind sherbet;


  • 200 g of tamarind (without shell)

  • 2 liters of water

  • 2 cloves

  • 1 stick of cinnamon sticks

  • 1 cup powdered sugar
  •  1 tablespoon of honey

  • 2-3 branches of sage

  • 1 pinch of linden

  • 1 head of ginger

Construction of tamarind sherbet;


Put tamarind in 2 liters of water and let stand overnight. Add cloves, cinnamon, granulated sugar, sage, linden and ginger into the water. The temperature of the water will soften the fruits. When the water boiled on low heat for 1 hour, when it comes to the consistency of sherbet, filter and leave to cool. After filtering the mixture, tamarind sherbet is ready. It should be rested in the refrigerator for cooling.


The Tamarind Pest


Although there is no known damage to tamarind, it is recommended not to be consumed for pregnant and nursing mothers. It is recommended that chronically drug users or people who will have surgery do not consume tamarind before surgery.

 Where to Sell Tamarind

Since tamarind is a fruit whose consumption in our country has increased in recent years, the question of where tamarind is sold is wondered. The tamarind is sold in large markets or trasport and can be easily obtained from these markets.



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