What is Paraben?

What is paraben?

Paraben is a substance that should be avoided, especially for infants and sensitive skin. Many of the products produced in the cosmetic industry are applied to the skin, and some brands do not contain paraben . What is Paraben? What are the damages of paraben and which products contain paraben Let’s see the answers to these questions together.


Paraben; is a chemical preservative used in the cosmetic and pharmaceutical industry. Paraben is used in shampoo, conditioner, facial washing gel, colored cosmetics (foundation, eye shadow, mascara, powder, blush) and shaving lotions . The reason why paraben is so widely used in the cosmetic sector; low cost and prolong the shelf life of products. This substance, composed of para-hydroxybenzoic acids, is known as paraben. Paraben is a protective chemical and has a number of damages to the body. Paraben studies have found that approximately 20 nanograms of paraben can be found in tumor cells of breast cancer patients.


Paraben is found in many products that we use in everyday life. It extends the shelf life of cosmetics and personal care products. Paraben , which is used to prevent bacteria and germs from producing products , is labeled as methylparaben, ethylparaben, benzylparaben.


What to find in Paraben


paraben nelerde bulunur
What to find in paraben

Most of the products we use in daily life have paraben. Paraben-containing products as well as products that do not contain paraben. In particular, it will be beneficial for our health to read the content part on the back of the products purchased today and check if they contain paraben.


Paraben Which Products Are Available


This substance is present in the components of products used in particular in the cosmetic and personal care sector. Paraben is most commonly used in the following products;


  • Hair Dye

  • Shampoos

  • Facial Washing Gel
  •  Hand, Face and Body Cream

  • Shaving Lotion

  • Perfume, Deodorant

  • Shower Gel
  •  Hair and Face Masks
     Colored cosmetics such as foundation, blush, mascara, powder, concealer

We use many of the products mentioned above. However, we need to check if they contain paraben at the time of purchase. What can be done to protect against parabens?


  • Paraben-free products are now produced. If possible, these products should be purchased.

  • The contents of the products must be read carefully.

  • Paraben provides protection of products that have never been opened for about 3 years without any deterioration. Discard any opened and old dated products you have. There are 12M or 24M phrases on the cosmetic products. These are the expiration dates of that product and are expressed as Month. For example, if a shampoo has 12M on it, it means it can be used for 12 months after purchase.

  • Cosmetic products should not be used by more than one person. Products must be special to you.

  • Products such as shampoo, cream or tonic should not be left open.

What are the losses of the money


parabenin zararları nelerdir
What are the damages of the paraben

Paraben has many damages to human health. Paraben is a very harmful substance to the skin health and immune system. The most common known damages of paraben;


  • Damages the immune system. Paraben-containing products should be avoided, especially for newborn babies, so as not to affect the immune system of children.

  • Paraben, which is especially present in products such as creams and tonics that are applied directly to the skin, can be irritated to the skin as it is immediately absorbed by the skin. Symptoms such as psoriasis, eczema, rash and allergy may occur on sensitive skin.

  • Causes skin aging. Skin contact with paraben-containing products can make the skin more vulnerable to the sun’s harmful rays. The skin, which is affected more quickly by the harmful rays of the sun and cannot protect itself, may be exposed to premature aging. The presence of paraben in the products used to protect the sun from harmful rays creates a vicious circle in the cosmetics sector. take a look.

parabenin kol altı ürünlerde vücuda zararları
paraben in the arm of the body products damage
  • It is similar to the estrogen hormone found in women. The relationship between paraben and breast cancer found in the products used for armpits is not yet clear, but it should not be used very often for armpits.

  • Paraben has a negative effect on male reproductive hormone. Paraben, which is known to reduce the level of testosterone, the reproductive hormone, affects even the number of sperm.

What is the use of Paraben


Paraben is a chemical preservative. It is used to prolong the shelf life of cosmetic products and to prevent premature deterioration. Paraben is easy to manufacture and low in cost often used as a preservative in cosmetics.

 Paraben-free products should be preferred especially in infants such as shampoos, creams, wet wipes. It is possible to find brands that produce paraben-free products, especially for babies. Especially when taking products that will come into contact with children’s skin, the contents should be thoroughly read and checked for paraben content.


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