What is Industrial Piracy?

Industrial piracy, along with the industrial revolution that began in the UK, has been exposed to industrial piracy. Failure to do the job properly due to budget, insufficient use of materials and greed are some of the reasons.

What are the reasons?

It is to mix pure material with other materials in order to increase profit income by using cheaper material, to gain more efficiency or use more illegally.

How to Prevent?

Controlled inspections to eliminate this situation are to care for human life without greed, although the material used is expensive. Of course everyone does a job with the purpose of profit, no one’s purpose is to harm and sink only to be done in proportion to both the people who use it and owners will be happy.

Failure to use non-state-controlled construction materials will prevent many problems in employing technical persons who have read about it, other than only the information obtained on the machine being made.

What are the consequences?

Examples of these are the buildings destroyed due to impurity, and the cars used for illegal yields and pert on impurities, which are intended to be poisoned by people, and mixed with a different substance into the plate designed to be durable. In the field of security, bullets with an unsuitable radius have the vital risks as a result of the security forces being vulnerable to criminals and the fact that steel vests are only steel vests and do not transfer incoming energy to a different location.


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