What is Industrial Decoration?

Industrial decoration means re-decorating old warehouses and factories and making them a living space. Although it is not widely used in home environments, it is frequently used especially in restaurants and offices. The model of industrial decoration, which is quite common in televisions, films and series, has recently become a trend.

Factory-like Walls

The ceilings are quite high in this decorated living areas. In the houses which have been restored by the restoration of the factories, the installation pipes hanging from the ceilings are completely exposed and remain faithful to the industrial style. The walls are not plastered with any material. In industrial decoration, natural concrete or brick-like walls are a must. Stone walls or concrete cladding is preferred on the floor, just like walls.

Antique Metal Items

In the kitchen design, the use of suspended lamps, metal shelves and cabinets, a large countertop made of metal creates a complementary atmosphere. Chairs and dinner set should be in dark tones and industrial type. The colors of the furniture in the house are chosen by avoiding light pastel tones. In industrial decoration, the colors to be chosen should be burgundy, black, dark gray or brown, since they are faithful to a factory theme. The upholstery of the seats is usually chosen as leather. In addition to leather, linen fabric resembling burlap can also be used. In almost every selection of items from the kitchen to the stereo, care is taken to ensure that it has an antique style. Mechanical-weighted articles from antiquarians are fully adapted to industrial air. In this form, industrial decoration gives the living space a desired natural appearance.


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