What is Industrial Armature?

In contrast to the developing and diversifying industry sector, the needs and environment of the sector are calculated in the most professional way. At the beginning of these studies, industrial luminaires, that is, industrial lighting works.

Correct Illumination Is Important

Adequate lighting of the business environment is one of the most important rules of efficiency. Interior architects who plan the working environment of large companies calculate all the conditions, while industrial luminaire engineers strive to meet their needs.

Needs Differences; Product variety

The diversity of needs and the diversity of products according to the desired interior architecture are developing very rapidly in this sector. It is easy to find a solution for all your needs.

Industrial luminaires basically fall into two categories

Indoor Lighting Fixtures

Canopy luminaires, school luminaires, band luminaires, waterproof luminaires, surface-mounted office luminaires, spot luminaires, LED strips, emergency lighting and routing luminaires

Outdoor Lighting Fixtures

Road and street fixtures, floodlights, park and garden fixtures, pool fixtures, outdoor LED bars and LED strips.

It offers the possibility to choose easily with its stylish designs. You can create the environment you want with many color options. It is easy to use with remote control, self-timer and day and night sensors. Durable and long-lasting battery, even if the power is cut, lighting continues. As you can see, all kinds of conditions are considered for industrial lighting fixtures and comfort is added on top.


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