What is Hyperloop?

Elon Musk’s Hyperloop

In Musk’s words, a hyperloop is a system for inşa building a tube above or below the floor containing a special environment ”. Cars or cabs will move on the foundation in this tube. That is, there may be a large pneumatic tube in which high-speed fans can compress and push air. The friction effects also make Musk skeptical that it will work. Another option is to use a vacuum in the tube and electromagnetic suspension instead. Musk recognizes that it is difficult to maintain a vacuum (a pipe leak of hundreds of kilometers and the system shuts down), but there are pumping solutions to overcome it. The second solution is preferred.

Hyperloop Working Principle

Hyperloop has four main features;

1- Passenger capsules are driven by two electromagnetic motors, not air pressure, such as vacuum tubes. It aims to drive at 760 miles per hour.

2- There is a vacuum in the pipelines, but it does not contain any air. Instead, there’s low-pressure air inside. Most things that pass through the air tubes provide an airbag that slows the object by compressing the air in front. However, there will be a compressor fan in front of the hyperloop capsule. The compressor fan can direct air to the back of the capsule, but mostly air is delivered to the air beds.

3- Air bearings are skis such as paddles that remove capsules on the surface of the tube to reduce friction.

4- Tube mark is designed to be resistant to weather and earthquakes. It is also designed to be self-powered independently. The columns that raise the tube on the ground have a small abutment which can be shaken in case of an earthquake. Each of the tube sections can move flexibly in the train wagons because there is no fixed track that the capsules rely on.

The solar panels at the top feed the power to the periodic motors. With these innovations and a fully automatic take-off system, Elon Musk’s hyperloop dreams are the fastest, safest and most convenient way to travel in the world.


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