What is good for sunspots

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what is good for sunspots, how it passes

What is good for sunspots


The sun is the source of vitamin D we need most. Today, however, the benefits of the sun’s rays are unprotected as well as damages. Especially in the summer we can go directly to the sun to tan. This can lead to the formation of brown spots locally on our skin later in life . Sunspots , which is a problem that people with light skin color experience more often , occur in the face area, cheeks, forehead and nose. In the body, arms, back, shoulders and hands can be seen.


Sunspots is not a structure that damages our body. However, aesthetically, especially in the face of the patch to stop the person is disturbed and to hide these stains in the name of concealer or cosmetic products such as the foundation must be used to conceal. ] You may also be interested in our article. You should also take a look at our article What to do to get healthy tanning.


Causes the Sunspots


The most important factor in the formation of sunspots is exposure to the sun’s harmful rays without applying any protective cream. Sunspots may not occur at a young age, but later on, due to changes in the structure of the skin begins to appear sunspots. Nowadays sunspots have become a frequent problem among young women. This is because; factors such as hormone imbalance, unhealthy diet, vitamin deficiency, pregnancy and stress, chronic diseases, drug use may cause sunspots on the skin. In addition, genetic predisposition and solarium applications may cause staining on the skin.


What to do to protect from sunspots


-Do not go out into the street, especially in summer, without applying sunscreen to your skin. Sun protection creams vary according to protection factors and these sunscreen creams protect you against the harmful rays of the sun (UV rays)


-Do not leave your body dehydrated in the day, your skin is also affected by thirst and staining may occur.


-In particular during the summer months when the sun is steepest between 12: 00-14: 00 should not be exposed to the sun.


– Light skin and sensitive skin should apply sunscreen cream even in winter.


How the Sun Spots Pass


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how sunspots pass

Getting rid of the sunspots is a condition that many people prefer. Since the pigmentation of the skin is affected, various cosmetic and medical products are used to get rid of these spots. There are many varieties on the market that are satisfied with these sunspots creams as well as users who are not satisfied with no effect.


However, even these chemical products make use of the plants offered by nature from time to time. You can apply it to your sunspots by making herbal care masks that are good for household sunspots with proven effect and benefit in the home.


Lemon juice; Lemon benefits for our health and our body does not stop counting. There are many benefits from helping to burn fat and strengthening the immune system, as well as better functioning of the intestines. Another benefit of the lemon is the ability to clean the skin .


güneş lekesine limon
lemon to sunspot

Application: Freshly squeezed lemon juice to the stained areas to make your skin color can be lightened. After applying lemon juice on your face, wait for half an hour then rinse. You will immediately feel that your skin is softer. However, it is very important to use regularly to see the benefit. You should apply 2 times a day for at least 2 months. Lemon juice is not only good for brown spots on the skin but also for acne scars. If you want to increase the effect a little more brown sugar by adding peeling effect will be created. However, if you have active acne on your face, you should not add sugar.


Apple Cider Vinegar; Apple cider vinegar is also a source of healing for our skin. Since apple cider vinegar has a sharp structure, you can thin it by adding water. Apply sunscreen to your face with apple cider vinegar and wait 30 minutes, then rinse your face. To get the effect of apple cider vinegar, apply it to the stained area regularly every day and continue for 2 months.


Red Onion; Onion, a natural anti-inflammatory, is also effective for skin blemishes. For this, grate the red onion and remove the juice. Apply the onion juice you get to your skin with the help of cotton stains and wait 10 minutes, then rinse your face. Onions that are good for pimples on the skin surface are also effective for redness and brown spots.


Use Aloe Vera; Aloe vera plant, which you can easily obtain from herbalists, can produce solutions for brown spots on the skin. Aloe vera renews skin cells to make skin look brighter and more vibrant. It is also very effective on brown spots caused by the sun. With aloe vera gel you can see the effect in a short time with the application. Spread the aloe vera gel on the stains and wait for 30 minutes, then rinse your skin.


Herbal Solution to Sunspots


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herbal remedy for sunspots

You can use herbal solutions to protect against sunspots . Green tea that you have brewed for herbal solution [1945909] [1945909] Apply the cotton with the help of stains. Green tea is a good antioxidant and moisturizes the skin. It is also a good antibacterial.


Rice substance is also a natural food used for skin care. Cook a tablespoon of white rice over low heat with a cup of milk and strain with the help of cheesecloth. Apply stains to your skin with the help of cotton and after half an hour rinse your face.


The Mask of the Sunspots


Make use of herbal masks to get rid of sunspots . Applying a sun mask to herbal masks is both economical and very simple. You will find that the natural masks that you will make with the materials you have in your home or from herbal products are very useful for your skin in regular use.


The brightening revitalizing mask:


Half a lemon juice, mix 1 teaspoon of honey until it reaches the paste consistency and apply with a brush or hand. Leave the mask on your face for half an hour and then rinse.


Cucumber; It is the season with the most natural cucumbers in summer. Divide 1 cucumber in half and gently rub your face. With the soothing scent and structure of cucumber, you will feel your skin breathing.



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