What Is Fructose Harmful Is Fructose Syrup

What is fructose harmful or fructose syrup

A type of sugar derived from corn fructose, also known as fruit sugar. The fact that people who want to lose weight can consume lots of fruits has continued for years, actually removing people from the danger of fructose . The sugar naturally found in fruits should be consumed by serving portion control as it rapidly increases and decreases blood sugar. In this article what are the damages of fructose before explaining what is fructose let us explain with useful information. Fructose is a kind of simple sugar that energizes the body. It is naturally found in honey, fruits and vegetables. Fructose is the sweetest of the simple sugar types . Fructose does not require all the cells of our body, only the liver needs fructose, and this ratio is about 15 grams. Fructose is a simple type of sugar that is absorbed by the small intestine and transported to the liver. For example, fruit juice also contains fructose. Fruit juice is less fiber. Due to the low fiber content, it absorbs very quickly and passes into the blood and causes hunger more quickly than normal fruit. Nutritionists recommend squeezing the fruit and not eating the juice itself. Thus, both vitamin and fiber content of the fruit is taken into the body. Since more than 1 portion of fruit will be consumed to obtain 1 glass of juice, it causes both excessive calories and excessive amounts of fructose intake.


Excess Fructose Turns into Oil


The amount of fructose that the liver can absorb daily is 15 grams. 1 apple contains about 10 grams of sugar and 6 grams of it comes from fructose. Consuming 2 or 3 fruits per day causes more than 15 grams of fructose intake and the liver cannot absorb excess fructose. In this case, excess fructose is converted to oil. Fructose does not secrete insulin, so the pancreas does not produce insulin. However, since the hormone insulin is not produced, the hormone leptin, which is the satiety hormone, is also delayed. This means that the feeling of satiety is delayed. This cycle is the reason why many people get hungry and do not get full after eating fruit.


Fructose Harmful Is


Fructose honey, molasses, vegetables and fruits is a type of sugar found naturally. When not consumed in excessive amounts, without any harm fructose, portion control without excessive amounts of honey, molasses and fruit is consumed in excess amounts of fructose is taken. Fructose intake, insulin resistance, diabetes, obesity can lead to diseases that the body cannot absorb. Fructose research on mice at the University of California indicated that insulin resistance symptoms were seen in mice given high doses of fructose . Mice with high doses of fructose also showed a slowdown in metabolism.


Losses of Fructose;


Liver; Taking high doses of fructose demonstrates the effect of alcohol on the body. Fructose induces insulin resistance in the liver and increases the risk of liver disorders, including fatty liver.


Toxins and Causes Payments ; The liver performs the absorption of fructose. Fructose is not used as energy by body cells. Since it is not used as energy, excess fructose taken into the body becomes fat and causes toxin formation. Toxins cause the body to retain water and swell.


Appetite Control Becomes Difficult; Fructose, which delayed the functioning of the hormone leptin, which causes a feeling of satiety, causes more appetite and hunger. Leptin is a hormone that provides balance of weight and metabolism. High doses of fructose suppress leptin hormone.


Causes the formation of bacteria ; While most body cells cannot use fructose as energy, some bacteria in the intestine produce energy from fructose. Due to the high doses of fructose, bacteria in the intestine produce more energy and thus harmful bacteria are also increased.


Brain Health ; High doses of fructose are known to adversely affect the appetite control center in the brain and impair memory.


Weight Gain; Excessive consumption of fructose cannot be absorbed by the liver and excess fructose is converted to fat. Fructose, which turns into fat, causes edema in the body. Fructose, which has a negative effect on appetite control, causes weight gain as it causes more food.


Other Hazards of Fructose;


Causes blood pressure to rise.


Increases the risk of cancer and gout.


Adversely affects cardiovascular health and increases the risk of cardiovascular disease.


Fructose Syrup


Unprocessed fruit, honey and molasses obtained from the fructose technology developed with fructose syrup is available in many ready and packaged desserts. Briefly, converting corn starch to 3 glucose and then fructose using 3 different enzymes produces fructose syrup. fructose syrup; biscuits, cakes, cookies, mayonnaise, crackers, salad dressings, dairy products are used to give a characteristic taste to many foods in the food industry. The amount of fructose in the prepared desserts is more than the amount of sugar that should be taken daily. Therefore, it causes harm not to the body. Every sugar taken into the body is very difficult to process, causing excessive fat in the body. Fat cells caused by fructose syrup directly cause fat in the liver and thus insulin resistance is formed. Fructose syrup causes a risk of liver fat, weight gain and diabetes.



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