What is Blackening of the Mouth Circumference, Causes, How

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What is the darkening of the mouth circumference, the reasons, how it passes

What is the Blackout of the mouth

Darkening and yellowing around the mouth over time cause an aesthetically negative image. Darkening of the mouth , although not in every person, is more common in sensitive and allergic skin. Lip and chin area color discoloration and darkening around the mouth as a dark color change, soap or facial washing gel does not pass even if washed. A skin specialist should be consulted first for the darkening of the mouth and the treatment of the underlying causes should be investigated.


Blackening around the mouth does not appear suddenly. In time, the darkening around the mouth, which manifests itself, begins treatment after attracting the attention of the person. However, the risk of blackening may be reduced by regular washing and maintenance of the mouth.


Causes of Darkening of the Mouth Circumference



There are different reasons under the color changes and darkening of the skin. Causes of darkening of the mouth include smoking, skin sensitivity, harmful rays of the sun and genetic predisposition . When the causes of blackening around the mouth are examined, it is known that various skin diseases are also caused. For this reason, the causes of blackening of the mouth circumference should be well known before treatment is started and if the treatment is done for this reason, response is obtained in a short time. The causes of blackening of the mouth are various and not common for everyone. Blackening of the mouth may occur most often for the following reasons:


Harmful Effects of the Sun; Although it is a source of vitamin D, which is an important vitamin for our health, it can harm the skin with harmful rays especially in summer months. If you leave unprotected between 12: 00-15: 00, which is the most harmful effects of the sun, permanent skin problems may occur. One of these skin problems is darkening of the mouth and jaw in the region is. The harmful rays of the sun cause darkening of the skin and may cause discoloration of the skin. To prevent these effects, sunscreen should be applied to the skin regularly and a hat should be used as additional precautions. Especially in the summer, the sun is the most harmful hours between 12: 00-15: 00 hours should not go to the sun.


Advanced Age ; Although aging effects are reduced with the help of developing skin care products, one of the factors that emerge over time is the changes in skin color. Skin darkening can be caused by skin deformations that occur in older ages. Loss of color cells that give color to the skin can cause skin darkening.


Hormonal Changes; One of the factors affecting the overall health structure of our body is hormones. The change of hormones in the body can cause different changes in different parts of the body, especially hair and skin. Reduction or elevation of hormones can cause skin dryness or darkening of the skin. Hormone changes may be the cause of darkening of the mouth. Hormone and blood tests are required to investigate this cause.


Smoking; Nicotine, one of the active substances in cigarettes, is both addictive and causes discoloration around the mouth. Long-term smoking can cause bad breath, sore throat and skin-yellowing. The area most affected by the damages of smoking is the mouth. Smoking, which is one of the common causes of darkening of the mouth, may cause yellowing of the hands and face.


How The Mouth Around The Darkness


There are various methods to overcome blackening of the mouth circumference with a skin problem . The blackening of the jaw and mouth area is sometimes spontaneous. No intervention is required for such cases. However, expert assistance should be sought for the blackout of the mouth , which does not last long . One of the most common treatment methods is to use cream. The cream given to the mouth and chin by the skin specialist is applied. Regular use is required for treatment to be effective.


Laser Application; One of the treatment methods in the darkening around the mouth is the laser method. Laser treatment is applied in darkening that does not pass with cream and drug treatment. Necessary skin controls should be performed before laser application and laser treatment should be started with the approval of the specialist after the controls.


Application of Peeling; Another method of darkening the mouth is chemical peeling. Peeling method is used to equalize the color tone of the skin. Chemical peeling is applied to the jaw area and the area around the mouth. The results of the exfoliation begin to show within 2 weeks, although they vary from person to person. After an average of 4 sessions, the darkening around the mouth begins to pass.


Herbal Treatment of Mouth Darkening


Masks and treatments with natural products at home help to lighten the skin tone in order to reduce the darkening of the mouth. However, it should be noted that these solutions do not have a lasting effect. For herbal treatment of blackening around the mouth, 1 teaspoon of carbonate and half a lemon juice is mixed around the mouth. After waiting for half an hour, rinse with warm water.



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