What is bitcoin 2019

Meeting with the World

Introduced on January 3, 2009, this virtual currency is an electronic currency that has no relationship with any central bank in the world. The symbol ฿ stands for BTC and is not produced in a single center. When a trade is made anywhere in the world, this transaction is instantly transmitted to all networks. These transactions are kept in the system by a certain algorithm which is difficult to reach, so that the virtual money traded is stored securely in the records.

The Emergence of Bitcoin

According to this idea put forward by an unknown person who uses the nickname Satoshi Nakomoto, a currency such as bitcoin will be used, and it will be a thing of the past for banks to receive remittances and EFT fees. Everyone could send money to anyone at any time. With this idea being accepted as a result of long discussions, the use of virtual money has started to spread rapidly in the world.

How is the price of virtual money determined?

The market value of this virtual currency, which is an electronic currency, is determined by the supply-demand relationship. While the demand for this virtual patata is high, the value of the crypto money increases, and when the demand falls, its value decreases. The prices are generally high due to the limited number of crypto currents in circulation and the fact that new virtual currency production is subject to a certain rule and the production is not overpowered.

Investing with Virtual Money

Due to the limited circulation in the market and the lack of new virtual money production at the present time, the price has increased rapidly compared to the printed currencies, and has increased rapidly due to the investments made by companies that have a large share in the world market. It is not possible to make a clear discourse in terms of its future when compared to the value of this virtual money in the early days and its current value. Because people determine the value of this virtual money can be valued very much in a short time and again in a very short period of value can be reduced. Some economists say that in the future the value will reach millions of dollars, but another segment states that this crypto currency is a balloon in the market and is not a logical investment tool.


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