What is Argan Oil, Benefits of Argan Oil

What is argan oil, the benefits of argan oil

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Recently, argan oil, which is one of the most popular oils in skin care , is one of the oils having properties such as moisturizing the skin . Argan oil is obtained from the argan tree. It is distilled from the fruits of the argan tree grown in Morocco. Argan trees can grow up to 10 meters and live between 150-200 years. Argan oil is obtained from soft and external hard shell nuts grown in Argan tree. Argan tree is a high tree with large thorns. Therefore, the fruit of the tree is very difficult to collect.


argan ağacı
argan tree

The oil extracted from nuts is usually extracted by hand. Argan tree usually grows on dry waterless soils and the roots of the tree extend to the bottom of the soil to reach water. The Argan tree has been protected by UNESCO because it is endangered. Argan oil contains a high proportion of vitamin E, although it contains rich actioxidants. It is used frequently in hair and skin care because it contains plenty of vitamin E. Argan oil intensely moisturizes the skin and maintains its elasticity. Argan oil is similar in content and structure to olive oil, but its benefits to the skin are greater than that of olive oil.

 Benefits of Argan Oil

argan yağı faydaları
benefits of argan oil

Argan oil has many benefits on the skin. It is especially used for moisturizing the skin, as well as for the treatment of dried hair and nails. Argan oil moisturizes and nourishes the skin. In addition, argan oil has a retarding effect on aging. One of the most important features of argan oil that has been used by Moroccan women as miraculous oil for centuries is that it has a delaying effect on aging. Regular use of argan oil helps skin look vivid and youthful.


The Effect of Humidification


The active ingredients in Argan oil have a high level of hydration and protection of the skin. Heals wounds and nourishes skin thanks to its ingredients.


Treatment of Acne and Acne


Argan oil moisturizes the skin and contains sebum reduction. It helps to dry acne and acne caused by excessive oil on the skin and clogging pores. Helps to remove acne scars and renew skin.


Hair Care


Argan oil can also be used to moisturize hair ends. Revitalizes, repairs and maintains hair Very frequently treated (High-Dye-Blow Dryer) hair over time, fractures, thinning may be. Argan oil is also effective in the treatment of these wear. It is sufficient to apply 1-2 drops to your palms during the blow dryer and apply to your hair.


Protection from cracks


Many women experience crack fractures during pregnancy. Cracks may occur during pregnancy due to excessive stretching of the skin. Argan oil is one of the best aids to prevent the formation of cracks. Because it contains plenty of vitamin E, it nourishes the skin and helps the skin regain its lost elasticity.


Nail and Foot Care


Argan oil can also be used for nail and foot care. Weak and very quickly broken nails argan oil can be treated by applying. You can drip a few drops of argan oil onto your nails and then massage them. You can also apply Argan oil to your feet and heels. By applying argan oil to the hardened and dried feet and heel areas, you help the heels recover the moisture lost.


Lip Care


Argan oil can also be easily used to remove cracks in the lips. You can help soften it by applying 1-2 drops to your lips that dry and crack more especially in winter months.


Rashes and Skin Irritations


You can also use argan oil for rashes and irritations in children.



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