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What is Anzer Honey, What are the benefits?


Anzer honey; It is a very healing calf which is obtained due to the presence of endemic flowers in Anzer plateau. Anzer plateau is the plateau of the province of Ikizdere in the province of Rize. Anzer plateau with an altitude of 3000 meters is home to 500 different flowers. About 90 varieties of these flowers are endemic plants that are not found anywhere in the world.

Anzer contains approximately 40% fruit sugar, 36% sugar, 16% water, and 8% protein, minerals, vitamins and a number of components. The honey that makes it valuable is the special ingredients found in this 8%.

What are the Benefits of Anzer Honey?

* Good for hardening of the arteries. Cleans the blood. Prevents vessel obstruction.

* Used in the treatment of cancer and infertility.

* It has healing effect on mouth wounds.

* Skin spots and removes acne.

* Tonsillitis improves.

* Improves sexual performance.

* It contributes to the healing of wounds after surgery. It strengthens the bones.

* Healed against intestinal inflammation.

* Strengthens the brain.

* It has an appetizing feature. It is recommended for those who want to gain weight against weakness.

* Heals the nervous system.

* Prevents hair loss and psoriasis.

* Anzer Honey is cure for asthma and cough.

* It protects the body against liver diseases and hepatitis virus.

Anzer Honey and Pollen Price?

Normally, 25 pounds of bee honey from a bee hive exits anzer honey only 1 kilogram output. The price of anzer honey, which is difficult to obtain, also increases according to it. As of 2016, Anzer honey has a weight of 900 TL. In Anzer plateau, approximately 2 thousand 500 kilograms of anzer honey was produced in 2015-2016 season.

Anzer pollen price is higher than honey. As of 2016, 100 grams of anzer honey pollen is a buyer of 130 TL.

How Anzer Honey should be consumed?

It is recommended that adults consume 1 or 2 times a day at least 2 hours before dinner in the morning and 1 cup of water in 1 cup of water. If you wish, you can drink as a solid and then drink water. It is recommended to consume 3 teaspoons in children and 1 teaspoon in babies in the same way.

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