What is Agriculture Industry?

People need food to live. Most of these nutrients are supplied from vegetable products. For this reason, the cultivation of soil appears as a separate industry area. However, herbal products are an important source not only for nutrients but also for meeting human needs. The process of obtaining all these resources is called the Agriculture Industry.

Food Industry

Many foods are used in the processing of foods such as bakery products, canned food, sugar, pulses. In the field of industry it is remarkable that these products are processed. This process starts with harvesting the crop from the field. Then, the desired product is obtained by processing in factories and presented to the market. What is important here is to ensure the product is used correctly and to use it correctly. For example, tea is an imported product. For this reason, tea factories should be established close to the coastline. Because transport is important for import. In addition, since tea is grown in the Black Sea coastal area, it would be beneficial to have the factories close to here.


It is a sector established for long-term storage of products that break down quickly. It is generally preferred for vegetable and fruit fields. It is important to be able to operate easily when choosing the installation location in canned food. Therefore, it developed in the Aegean and Southern Marmara, where the fault waters are dense.

Other Agricultural Industry Areas

Another important area is the clothing industry. Cotton weaving is the most widely used material in agriculture. Sugar cultivation is produced and processed all over the world. There are also agricultural industries in many areas such as the species and vegetable oil.


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