What Happens If The World Stops Spinning And Stops All Of A Sudden?

sudden braking effect: because everything on Earth is at the speed of the Earth’s rotation due to gravity and momentum, when the Earth stops suddenly, everything, including the atmosphere and oceans, will jump East at a maximum speed of 1,674.4  km/ h.

in less than a minute, the massive tsunamis will reach up to 30 km from the mainland.

if the Earth continues its journey around the sun, it will take 1 day 365 days. There will be extreme hot days for 6 months, and cold nights for 6 months.

since the world’s sloping importance will be lost, the seasons will also disappear.

the sun rises from the West and goes down from the East at the end of six months.

oceans will be drawn to the poles where gravity is highest. the Earth will consist of two great oceans and one continent.

since the Earth’s magnetic field loses its power, the cosmic rays that will be exposed will cause life to end on Earth.


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