What are the natural products used in hair care

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natural products used in hair care

Natural Hair Care


For thousands of years, people have paid much attention to natural hair care . Throughout history, people have sought solutions for what can be done for natural hair care , and various researches have been conducted in this area to date. When all these studies are examined, it is noteworthy that people are primarily injured by natural products for hair care. Because hair; color, height, type and distinguishes us from other people is a basic physical feature. Also hair can be seen as a reflection of the basic personality traits of people. Because of its importance in terms of external appearance, people continue to care for their hair and hair care in natural ways and use natural complementary and supportive products in this sense. Another indicator of the research is that cultural properties and geographical conditions have been the main reasons for the diversity of natural products used in hair care throughout history.


Natural Products Used in Hair Care


Many products have been described as natural products used in hair care by people for years . In our article, which is compiled in the light of scientific researches, we will briefly mention the natural products used in various hair diseases and hair care .


Garlic in Natural Hair Treatment


According to the results of the research conducted in 2007 in Indian Journal of Dermatology, Venerology and Leprology; An experiment was conducted by dermatological researchers in Iran. According to this experiment, one of the group of patients with hair loss disease was applied by applying garlic to the places where the hair loss took place and the other patient group was not applied garlic. According to the results obtained; It was discovered that the hair of the people in the group of patients who had garlic applied to their hair became bald and regenerated the hairs. Garlic has been shown to strengthen the existing hair strands as well as assisting in the emergence of new hair.


Onion Juice in Natural Hair Treatment


You may think it doesn’t sound nice, but onion is an important hair care product, backed up by scientific research. Using onion juice in hair care is not a dream to have renewed, strengthened and revitalized hair. Onion will help your hair grow faster thanks to the sulfur content it contains. Also using onion juice in hair care, you will prevent premature whitening of your hair.


How to Prepare Onion Juice?


It is particularly important how onion juice is applied , which is particularly important as an inhibitor to the formation of bacteria and fungi . Boil 1 cup of water (200 ml) and 1 peeled onion in a pot such as coffee pot and strain. Then leave to warm. Warm the onion juice to your hair bottoms crawl with soft movements. Wrap in towel and wait 15-20 minutes. Then wash with shampoo. If you continue to apply this procedure twice a week, your hair will grow rapidly and healthily.


Ending Green Tea with Bran


It is possible to put an end to the bran with green tea . How Does? The benefits of green tea are widely used all over the world. Hair care with green tea has given very important results thanks to the strong antioxidants in the plant’s content. Hair and scalp treatments with green tea prevented a significant amount of dandruff and provided significant reductions in existing dandruff problem. Wait for the natural green tea to be warmed. After drying, apply to the bottom of the hair. You can repeat it twice a week. If you continue to apply it consistently, you will have no dandruff problem.


The Solution to Hair Loss Aloe Vera


Aloe vera has been identified as the solution to hair loss as a result of dermatological research conducted for hair loss, which is one of the most basic problems related to hair. When used frequently for hair care, it has been shown to contribute positively to hair growth. Aloe vera contains vitamins, amino acids, healing and repairing structures and is used as active ingredient in scalp diseases. You can make aloe vera hair mask as a solution to hair loss. All you need to do is remove the gel structure inside the aloe vera leaf. In the mixer, whisk thoroughly until it is like water and start from the bottom of the hair to the ends of the hair and leave for about 1 hour. Wash your hair.


Hair Care with Ada Stream


How to care for hair with salvia and what is paid attention to? Ada tea has a very effective soothing properties. In this sense, it serves as a very good hair tonic. Regular application to the hair and scalp will provide vitality, shine and strength to the skin and hair.


How to prepare the Salvia Mask?


Materials required for salvia mask; boil some rosemary and some sage for 3 minutes in water. And it is left to infuse and warm for 3-4 minutes. It is applied slowly and massage to the scalp. After waiting for a while, wash the hair. The application can be repeated once a week.


What are the vegetable oils in hair care


Jojoba Oil: It contributes to the removal of sebum in oily hair and helps the hair to look vivid and shiny.


Coconut Oil: It is a very important oil for self-regeneration of damaged hair due to many processes. Provides ideal moisturizing for hair while preventing protein loss in hair


Argan Oil: It is seen that the problems experienced by individuals with dry, dull and curly hair are reduced with this hair oil. It gives the hair its natural color and protects it from the harmful effects of sunlight and other environmental factors.


Almond Oil: It nourishes and strengthens the hair thanks to the acids it contains. Throughout history, people have been using almond oil, hair loss and quick-breaking hair strands recommended by experts for hair care, strengthening, and people who have dandruff problems and dandruff problems.


Olive Oil: Olive oil obtained by natural infiltration method is another important vegetable oil in hair and scalp care. It is known that olive oil applied regularly to the scalp prevents hair loss seen in the hair affected by external factors, repairs scalp diseases, improves and strengthens the hair structure, and provides a brighter vivid appearance by removing dullness.



* All products, albeit naturally, the use of hair type, age, sex, hormone properties may vary depending on the use of these products, even though natural and should be consulted before a specialist must be reminded.



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