What are the benefits of Sumac

sumak faydaları nelerdir
What are the benefits of sumac

What are the benefits of the Sumak


One of the most delicious spices in the kitchen sumac benefits counting among the endless spices. Sumac, which is called “Rhus Coriaris Latince in Latin, is used in soups, appetizers and dishes, especially in salads. Sumac, which grows in warm climates, grows especially in Southeast Anatolia in our country.


sumak nedir
What is sumac

Sumac having a sour taste; It is obtained from the plant named Rhus. Sumac is a healing warehouse obtained by drying and grinding the fruit of plants . Sumac is a spice that is frequently used not only in Turkish cuisine but also in world cuisine. It is often used in food and salads, especially in North America, Europe and the Middle East. In addition to providing flavor to the food, Sumac stands out with its therapeutic properties. It has been used since ancient times for abdominal pain, small cut wounds.


The Benefits of Sumac


sumak faydaları
sumac benefits

Sumac is very useful for health thanks to its useful components and antioxidant extracts. Sumac benefits , one of the spices that should be used more in food and salads for natural and clean nutrition, include strengthening immunity, protection from infections, and balancing sugar and blood pressure. However, the benefits of sumac are even greater. Let us now explain together the benefits of sumach one by one;


Diuretic ; Sumac is one of the spices that are good for passing the urinary tract inflammation and inflammation. Sumac helps to remove harmful toxins from the body and has diuretic properties.


Antioxidant Storage; Antioxidants are abundant in spices in vegetables. Sumac fights free radicals in the body thanks to the antioxidant extracts it contains. Antioxidants nourish cells by reducing the effects of aging and protect the health of the heart.


Protects Against Infections; The antifungal agent found in Sumac fights against infections and especially fungal infections.


Balances Blood Sugar; Sumac balances blood sugar thanks to powerful antioxidant extracts. Sumac, one of the spices that can be easily consumed by diabetics, is good for diabetes.


Fighting with Germs; Sumac plant has antimicrobial effect and fights against microbes and provides strengthening of the body.


Protects against cancer; Nutrition is of great importance in order to protect against cancer which has increased in recent years. Antioxidant-rich vegetables and spices should be consumed in abundance, smoking and alcohol should be avoided. One of the spices that fights against cancer and strengthens the body’s immunity is sumac. Sumac fights against cancer by strengthening the immune system with the antioxidant extracts it contains. It protects the cells of patients undergoing chemotherapy in cancer.


Estrogen Hormone; Sumac is also very beneficial for women’s health. Sumac, which accelerates the healing process of gynecological diseases, is good for menstrual irregularity and reduces menstrual pains.


Fire Reducer; Sumac, which is used as antipyretic in alternative health applications, is applied naturally at home in frequently fevered people. 1 teaspoon sumac is mixed in 1 glass of water and drink.


Cholesterol Balances; Sumac lowers bad cholesterol levels by increasing good cholesterol with beneficial antioxidants. People suffering from high cholesterol disorders may consume sumac in their meals and salads.


Vascular Health; Antioxidants nourish cells and protect cardiovascular health. Consuming sumac regularly has a healing effect on the vascular muscles. It protects from arteriosclerosis and helps to improve arteriosclerosis if present.


Other Benefits of Sumak


Preserves eye health.


Accelerates the healing process of skin diseases.


Reduces joint pain.


Diarrhea and constipation is good for.


Fights asthma and colds.


Sumac weakens


sumak zayıflatır mı
sumac weakens

Spices for those who want to lose weight is one of the biggest helpers. Many of the spices contain antioxidants and help the slimming process while maintaining health. Sumac is one of these spices. Sumac facilitates digestion, reduces bloating and helps the digestive system to work better. Sumac, which has the property of balancing blood sugar, thus prevents the sudden fall of blood sugar and prevents sweet crises. Sumac helps to lose weight with all these benefits and dieters can easily use it in their salads to see effective results in weight loss.


How to use the Sumac


Sumac is sold in powder form in supermarkets and markets. It is generally used in salads because of its sour taste. Sumac can be used not only in salads but also in soups and dishes. Sumac is usually thin and served with ring chopped onion and parsley.


Losses of the Sumac


Sumac is a spice known for its benefits. However, there is no precise information as to whether it is safe for pregnant women or nursing mothers. However, sumac should not be applied directly to the skin. Sumac is known to cause reactions if applied directly to the skin. Pregnant women and nursing mothers should avoid sumac consumption.



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