What are the Benefits of Rose Water, How to Use

gül suyunun faydaları nelerdir, nasıl kullanılır
What are the benefits of rose water, how to use


One of the care products used since ancient times rose water benefits is quite high. Rose water is obtained by distillation of rose petals. The benefits of rose water benefits , especially in the skin, health and beauty areas are quite high. Many brands rose water is sold in the market . Moreover, rose water is very affordable compared to other chemical care products. However, the point to be considered for rose water is 100% pure. Especially when buying rose water is recommended to be pure. Rose water in combination with the soothing and stimulating scent of the rose provides benefits in many areas, particularly the skin, the heart health and the digestive system.


Antioxidants in rose water provide skin cells regeneration, and rose water, a good antibacterial, purifies the skin from toxins.


gül suyunun faydaları nelerdir
What are the benefits of rose water

The Benefits of Rose Water


  • Rose water is used in meals to help digestion. Cleanses the intestines to help resolve problems such as constipation.

  • If you experience a problem such as congestion in the respiratory tract, you can benefit from the refreshing scent of the rose. Dried rose petals in hot water by brewing water to drink 1 cup a day will allow you to refresh.

  • Thanks to its refreshing scent and extracts it rests the headache. When you have a headache, you can feel the pain alleviated by massaging your forehead with rose water.

  • You can also use rose water for bad breath . Spit half a cup of rose water in the mouth and gargle to remove bad breath. It provides a more refreshing halitosis.

  • When you add rose water to your daily care routine and use it regularly, you can quickly see its benefits. Rose water is one of the natural care products.

The Benefits of Rose Water to the Skin

 Rose water is most beneficial to the skin. Rose water has been one of the most used care products for women throughout history. You can take advantage of the natural miracle of rose water by adding it to your daily care routine.

  • Rose water reduces redness on the skin.

  • Rose water contains vitamins E and B. These vitamins nourish the skin and make a firming tonic effect.

  • Enables skin to shine. Cleanses skin without irritation

  • Rose water retains the collagen structure of the skin and slows down the aging rate of the skin.

  • Gives the skin the moisture it needs, moisturizes the skin.

  • Cleans the oil accumulated on the skin and opens the clogged pores of the skin.

  • Natural cleanser for acne and acne. It helps dry acne more quickly.

  • Rose water makes matte skin shine.

  • Reduces black spots on the skin.

  • Regular use of rose water maintains the pH level of the skin.

  • Rose petals contain natural antioxidants to nourish skin cells and prevent premature wrinkling of the skin.

  • Rose water accelerates blood circulation and prevents the formation of cellulite.

  • Reduces facial puffiness and reduces under-eye bruises.

  • Moisturizes and exfoliates the exfoliating surfaces of the skin.

How to Use the Rose Water


To take advantage of the known benefits of rose water, all you have to do is purchase rose water. If you want to make rose water in your own home you can easily make rose water. Before proceeding with the construction of rose water let us briefly explain how to use rose water.


If you want to use rose water for your skin; Drip a piece of cotton with rose water at room temperature and apply it to your skin.


You can use rose water as a skin spray on your skin to freshen your skin by putting it in a clean spray bottle .


In the hot summer months to reduce facial puffiness and to provide skin refresh and freshness rose water by pouring rose water in the freezer to freeze the refrigerator. You can then apply the rose water mold that you will remove from the ice mold until it melts with gentle movements.


Rose water is also used to heal sunburn. For this, you can apply rose water to the area with sunburn.


You can prepare a refreshing moisturizer for the skin by mixing it with almond oil, which is a natural moisturizer.


How to Prepare Rose Water


gül suyu nasıl kullanılır
How to use rose water

If you have the opportunity to make your own rose water. For this, collect as many rose petals as you can and boil in a pot full of water. Make sure that the water used to prepare rose water is pure and clean water.


How to prepare rose water;


Rose leaves and pot filled with pure water is no longer warming and boiling water near the bottom of the fire should be reduced. It may continue to boil for 10 minutes over low heat. However, there should be no evaporation. Useful extracts of rose water that evaporate to boiling point may disappear.


Rose water prepared on low heat from the fire for about 1 hour and then strain to rest. Here’s your rose water. You can store the rose water in a glass bottle. You can use homemade and natural rose water with peace of mind.


The Benefits of Rose Water to Hair

 Rose water is very beneficial for skin care as well as for hair. You can apply rose water to the ends of your hair or to your hair bottoms.

  • Rose water provides softness of dried dehydrated hair.
  •  Rose water makes hair more vivid and strong. You can add a few drops of rose water into the shampoo you are using.
     Rose water strengthens hair follicles and reduces hair loss. Accelerates blood circulation of hair follicles.


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