What are the Benefits of Jasmine Tea, How to

What are the benefits of jasmine tea, how to make it is also one of the preferred teas for our health. Jasmine tea with white and yellow leaves can be consumed simply, and optionally mixed with green tea. Jasmine tea , a tropical plant of the Asian continent , is also known for its pleasant smell that it spreads around in spring and summer. Jasmine tea, which is widely used in Southeast Asian countries, has been used in India for nearly 700 years. Jasmine blooms in summer and in winter it sheds its leaves to rest. Jasmine tea is obtained from dried jasmine leaves. Jasmine tea with high antioxidant content strengthens the immune system and helps calm the nervous system.


What are the benefits of Jasmine tea


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What are the benefits of jasmine tea

Antioxidant Storage; Antioxidant intake is of great importance in a healthy diet. Consuming foods with high antioxidant content strengthens the immune system while at the same time gaining resistance to diseases. The antioxidant , which is abundant in vegetables and fruits, is also found in jasmine tea . Especially when mixed with green tea, antioxidant extracts in two plants are more exposed. Regular consumption of jasmine tea provides antioxidant intake and fights free radicals in the body and protects against infections.


Heart Health; Balanced and regular diet is very important to protect cardiovascular health. Jasmine tea is very beneficial to cardiovascular health. Provides balancing of bad cholesterol in the blood. Jasmine tea prevents the rise of blood pressure. As the rise in blood pressure triggers blood pressure, the jasmine tea indirectly ensures that blood pressure remains in balance.


Diabetes; Diabetes, also known as diabetes, causes elevated insulin in the blood. Jasmine tea does not raise blood sugar, but balances blood sugar. Diabetics can consume jasmine tea without sugar.


Nervous System ; Relaxing extracts found in many of herbal teas have a calming effect on the nervous system. Jasmine tea also provides calmness with its soothing scent and aroma. Drinking jasmine tea during rest after a stressful working day will contribute to the exhaustion of the day.


Protects against cancer; One of the most important points in the fight against cancer, which is one of the increasing cases of our age, is nutrition. Consumption of hormone-free foods and organic foods reduces the risk of developing cancer. Antioxidants are one of the most important substances in the fight against cancer. Antioxidants fight free radicals and strengthen the immune system. Consuming 1 cup of jasmine tea will be a good step in the fight against cancer.


Other Benefits of the Jasmine Stream


  • It gives energy.

  • Improves digestive system.

  • Removes the bad breath.

  • Reduces the risk of depression.

  • Allows the passage of the common cold.

  • Reduces muscle and joint pain.

  • Allows the passage of menstrual pains.

  • Helps to burn fat.

How to make the Jasmine tea

 What are the benefits of jasmine tea? Jasmine tea is also sold as tea bags in the markets. If you wish, you can also consume jasmine tea as sachet tea. Another way of consumption of jasmine tea is the infusion of jasmine leaves . Dried jasmine leaves, which you can buy from herbal or grocery stores, are ready to drink by brewing with hot water. To brew jasmine tea, 1 pinch of jasmine leaf is added into a cup of water and allowed to brew for 3-4 minutes. Optionally, 1 pinch of green tea can be added to the jasmine leaves.

Jasmine Tea How Much to Drink in the Day


Jasmine tea has no known side effects. The recommended amount is 1 cup per day. However, jasmine tea contains a small amount of caffeine can cause a stimulating effect. Pregnant women and nursing mothers should pay attention to consumption. Jasmine tea is sold as tea bags in grocery stores and options include decaffeinated ones. However, pregnant and breastfeeders should not consume or consult their doctor.



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