What Are the Benefits of Fresh Beans

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What are the benefits of fresh beans

One of the most useful vegetables of the summer season fresh beans both taste and nutrients is one of the most important nutrients we should consume in terms of values. Fresh beans with plenty of fiber, rich in vitamins and minerals; intestinal health and lung diseases. Fresh beans are a remarkable vegetable with low calorie as well as the benefits it contains for health . Fresh beans are very economical in terms of calorie value. Fresh beans with plenty of antioxidants and fiber rich is also one of the best choices for those who want to lose weight or weight control.


In this article you will be able to learn in detail the benefits of fresh beans, which are frequently consumed on our table. Before moving on to the benefits of fresh beans , let’s explain what fresh beans are, fresh beans which contain vitamins ;


Fresh Beans

 Green beans also known as green beans contain vitamin A and vitamin C.

Fresh green beans containing potassium and calcium minerals are a good source of fiber. Rich in fiber and potassium, fresh beans are among the most useful vegetables for the digestive system. Fresh beans contain iron and antioxidants, which are the best sources for our body. Fresh beans do not contain cholesterol and have a very low calorie.


Benefits of Fresh Beans


Digestive System; Fresh beans contain fiber which is very useful for the intestines. The fibers regulate the intestinal activity and help the digestive system to function better. This reduces digestive disorders such as constipation or bloating.


Strengthens the Immunity ; Antioxidants are the most important substances that fight free radicals in our body. Fresh beans contain plenty of antioxidants and vitamin A. Beta carotene, lutein and zea-xantin are the most useful antioxidants and are abundant in fresh beans. Thanks to the antioxidants it contains, green beans strengthen the immune system and slow down the effects of aging.


Contains Folate; One of the most natural sources of folate is fresh beans. 100 grams of fresh beans contain approximately 37 micrograms of folate. Folate is a very important mineral for cell repair. Folate is the mineral most needed by the expectant mother for the development and health of the baby, especially before and during pregnancy. Fresh beans are a natural source of folate and should be consumed in abundance during the season.


It gives energy; Protects against diseases. Green beans contain iron, calcium and potassium minerals and also include manganese. All of these minerals improve metabolism. It gives energy and protects our body against diseases.


Renal Health; Fresh beans lower albumin and help lower kidney sand.


Cholesterol Balances; Fresh beans do not contain cholesterol and do not cause bad blood cholesterol to rise.


Sugar Balances ; Green beans balances insulin in the blood. Fresh beans mix quickly with blood sugar and do not raise blood sugar.


Other Benefits of Fresh Beans;


  • Decreases blood pressure.

  • Useful for asthma.

  • Contains iron, good for anemia.

  • Bone protects health.

  • Provides the removal of toxins from the body, creates a detox effect.

  • Increases body resistance to lung diseases.

  • Delays aging, nourishes tissues.

  • It protects eye health thanks to its vitamin A content.

  • Improves body poisoning in a short time.

How Many Calories in Fresh Beans


The health and healing store should be consumed frequently during the season because of the benefits of fresh beans. How many calories are green beans that strengthen the immune system and give us energy with the vitamins and minerals our body needs? For those who want to lose weight in the summer, the most important issue is the amount of calories in food. Green beans are a low-calorie vegetable . One of the best meal choices for dieters is about 150 calories as freshly cooked beans. A meal of green beans cooked with 1 portion of olive oil is 150 calories.


However, there are some points to consider when cooking green beans. For those who want to lose weight, when cooking green beans, olive oil should be used as oil and should be cooked with approximately 2 tablespoons of olive oil. Thus, you will consume a useful oil with olive oil and you will not increase the calories of your food.


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