What are the benefits of Chitlembik Oil?

çitlembik yağı nedir faydaları nelerdir
What is the benefits of chewing oil

We seem to ask you what the fence is . What is the subject of curiosity in recent days , chitlembik tree and chitlembik oil will also receive information about this in the article on the benefits of you will be.


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What is hedgehog


çitlembik nedir
What is chitlembik

The family name also known as Menengiç elmagilaceae chitlembik, is one of the 70 different species of gum tree species. In our country, plenty of opportunity to grow çitlembik; mostly Central Anatolia and grows in the regions of South East Anatolia. Chitlembik, a thirst-resistant species, grows easily in forested areas. The medium size tree hedge tree average length of 25 meters, can grow up to 40 meters. Chitlembik is a dry crusted structure but has a sweet taste.


The benefits of hedgehog


Chitlembik, the fruit of the chitlembik tree, mixed with Turkish coffee is consumed as a type of menengiç coffee. The fruit, leaves and seeds of the hedgehog tree are the source of healing. Chitlembik contains vitamins E and B. Chitlembik oil obtained from chitlembik has benefits such as diuretic and healing wounds. It is also very useful for hair and skin care, since chitmil oil contains vitamin E .


Hedgehog oil nourishes the skin and softens dry hair. Chitlembik contains many useful vitamins and minerals. Chitlembik contains high amounts of potassium, zinc, phosphorus and sodium.


Hedgehog Oil


çitlembik yağı
hedgehog oil

Hedgehog oil It is known that it is one of the healing sources used in Anatolia for many years. The press oil obtained by squeezing the chitmictics provides quick healing of wounds, relieves abdominal pain in a short time and helps to reduce kidney stones with minimal pain. The benefits of chitneybic oil are not limited to these. Other benefits of chiticum oil are as follows;


The Benefits of Hedgehog Oil


It is diuretic; The problem of inability to urinate is common in both adult and children for various reasons. Chitlembik oil is very useful for the urinary incontinence which causes abdominal pain and groin pains and for the burning of urine. 1 teaspoon of chitlembik oil is added to 1 cup of warm water to drink and therefore the pains formed during urination and drink. Chitlembik oil will show the diuretic properties in a short time and you will immediately notice the benefits.


Removes Foot Odor; The effect of hot weather and long-time indoor shoes may smell in the feet. To remove foot odor with chitlembik oil, wash the feet with warm water and massage with a few drops of chitlembik oil. You will soon notice the smell of your feet. Chitlembik oil is an odorless oil that prevents the feet from smelling for a long time.


Appetizing; The most prominent feature of chiticbic oil is its appetizing properties. Various methods are used for the common anorexia in children. Fish oil and omega vitamins are asked to increase the appetite of children. One of the useful plants known to reduce anorexia is chiticum oil. Many people who want to gain weight complain of anorexia. To relieve the lack of appetite, add 1 teaspoon of chitlembik oil into 1 cup of warm water and drink in the morning. In regular use it will show an appetizing feature.


Abdominal Pain ; To relieve abdominal pain chitlembik oil is very useful. Added into a glass of warm water chitlembik oil both diuretic and helps to relieve abdominal pain.


Coughing; One of the natural methods of treatment for cough caused by diseases such as influenza, is chiticum oil. Anti-bacterial properties of viruses and cough cough to pass away chitbbik oil is a very effective good cough remover. To cough and sputum 1 teaspoon spoon honey teaspoon of chitlembik oil is mixed into a paste and swallowed. Chitlembik oil combines with honey to clean and soften the throat area from viruses.


Effective in Acne and Acne Treatment; Oily and mixed skin, which is one of the natural treatment methods for the removal of acne common chitlembik oil, thanks to its soothing properties of acne in a short time allows. Chitlembik oil applied on the acne with cotton helper extinguishes acne and helps to dry in a short time.


Let us remind you immediately; There are two things to be aware of when using acitic oil for acne; firstly, the skin must be clean and secondly, chitlembik oil should not be applied excessively to the skin. Otherwise, this may cause more skin lubrication.


Reduces the Kidney Stone; In case of insufficient water consumption or inadequate drainage of the body water, such as insufficient functioning of the kidneys or the kidneys cannot function properly, stone formation may occur in the kidney and urinary bladder. In order to reduce the kidney stone, treatment methods such as medication or surgery are applied. However, in addition to these treatment methods, some kidney stones may fall spontaneously without treatment. In particular, abundant water intake is very useful for spontaneous fall of kidney stone. In addition, the oil contained in the chitcimbic oil helps to reduce the stones. 1 teaspoon of chitlembik oil in warm water is added regularly to chitlembik oil helps to reduce kidney fat in a short time.


Other Benefits of Hedge Oil;


  • Significantly reduces stomach pain.

  • Accelerates the healing process of wounds.

  • Increases the working functions of the spleen.

  • Nourishes strands and hair bottoms.

How to Remove the Hedge Oil


Chitmictic oil is obtained after the collection of chitmictic fruits by distillation by cold press method. Citrusbic fruit and chitbic leaves are crushed with hydraulic cold pressing machine without heat treatment to produce chitbic oil.


Vegetable oil chitlembik oil is sold in herbal and organic markets.


Crackling oil is obtained by the cold pressing method and must not be heated before use.


Hedgehog Oil Is Harmful


A medicinal plant that does not contain chemicals chitlembik oil has no known damage . However, it is not recommended for pregnant women and nursing mothers to consume. People with a chronic illness and taking medication are advised to consult their physician before consuming chitmictic oil.


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