What Are the Benefits of Bone Water?

kemik suyu faydaları nelerdir, kilo aldırır mı
What are the benefits of bone juice, weight gain

One of the most effective foods to eat healthy and strengthen the immune system bone water. Since ancient times in our country and in the world, bone water has been boiled and used in meals and soups. Bone juice not only gives food and soups a taste, but also increases the nutritional value of the food. Bone water contains strong collagen and strengthens the bones and protects the immune system. Today, the use of bone water is becoming more and more widespread. In particular, mothers prepare bone water for their children and make them drink or add to their meals. In this article you will find detailed information about what is bone water and what are the benefits of bone water . First of all, let’s see what is bone water and how it is prepared.



What is Bone Water


Meats taken from butchers are consumed as food and grills, while the bones remaining from meat contain as much benefit as the meat itself. Healthy diet, protein, fat and carbohydrate balance is very important. In addition, taking these components with natural and organic nutrients both protects the form and strengthens the immune system and protects against diseases. One of the best healthy foods is bone water. Bone is a rich source of minerals and vitamins such as calcium, potassium. Bone water, a fermented product, is obtained by scalding the bones with water and spices and extracting the extracts from the bones. For long-term storage, it can be stored in the freezer compartment of the refrigerator for up to 6 months.


How to Prepare Bone Water


To be healthier or to sweeten food, it is important to consume bone water. For this, bone water should be prepared beforehand. In its most general form, you can prepare the bone water as follows: You can prepare the water in the pressure cooker with mint leaf, optionally spices, 1 medium onion and the bones you take from the butcher. Cook in a pressure cooker until the bones are soft.


How to consume bone water


kemik suyu nasıl tüketilir
How to consume bone water

Since the amount of cooked bone water will be high, the special bone water is filled into storage bags and filled in the deep freezer. The answer to the question of how bone water is consumed varies. Bone juice is usually consumed by adding to meals. Drinking bone water alone is not a preferred reason. The bone water to be added to the water of the food increases the consistency of the food and increases the nutritional properties of the food. Another consumption of bone water is soup. Bone broth soups are both delicious and healthier.


What are the benefits of bone water


kemik suyu faydaları nelerdir
What are the benefits of bone water

Bones Strengthen; Joint and bone disorders often occur in the elderly, depending on age. However, healthy eating is very important to reduce the risk of these diseases. Eating healthy since a young age, taking minerals such as calcium protects and strengthens bone health. One of these nutrients is bone water. Bone water reduces the risk of bone diseases and contributes to the healing of joint disorders.


Protects from Cellulite; Cellulite is one of the common complaints of many women. With healthy eating and regular sports, cellulite images in the legs can be reduced. One of the nutrients that help reduce cellulite is bone water. Bone water protects tissues and cells and prevents skin from losing firmness.


Protects Against Bowel Diseases; One of the organs most affected by what we eat and drink is the intestines. Probiotic bacteria in the intestines that have a direct connection with the circulatory and digestive system combat and protect against harmful bacteria. Thanks to the collagen in bone water, the intestinal system is protected and harmful bacteria are fought.


Strengthens the Immune System; A strong immune system is needed to protect against infection, viruses and bacteria. A strong immune system is shaped by healthy and balanced nutrition. Bone juice is very useful at this point to strengthen the immune system. Bone juice strengthens the immune system thanks to the vitamins and minerals it contains. In this way, it protects against diseases and accelerates the healing process of the existing disease.


Other Benefits of Bone Water;


Digestive System; Bone juice helps to maintain the health of the stomach and intestines, but also helps the digestive system to function regularly.


Revitalizes the Skin; Collagen in bone water prevents skin from losing firmness and nourishes cells.


Bone juice protects brain health.


Bone water is good for inflammation


Bone juice reduces joint pain.


Protects bone water from toxins.


Bone juice helps to lose weight.


Bone juice combats insomnia.


Bone juice strengthens nails and hair.


Is Bone Water Weight Gain


High nutritional value and strengthening the immune system bone water does not lose weight. Bone water should not be misleading whether weight gain. Because home-made natural bone juice does not mind weight helps to lose weight. Extends toughness and provides appetite control. It also meets the need for vitamins and minerals thanks to its nourishing properties. Using bone juice in meals or soups in a healthy diet helps to lose weight. 1 cup of bone water is about 50 calories and contains very little fat.



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