What Are The Benefits Of Banana, How Many Calories In Banana

What are the benefits of bananas, how many calories in bananas

bananas, vitamins and minerals tank stands out with. Benefits of bananas include preventing muscle loss, giving energy, helping to weaken , and protecting heart health. But the benefits of bananas are not limited to this. In this article what are the benefits of banana , the benefits of banana sexuality and how many calories contain the banana contains useful information. You may want to consume more often after reading our article to the end and learning about the other benefits of banana .




Banana, a fruit grown in temperate climate zone , is one of the most commonly consumed fruits in the world. The reason why banana is such a useful fruit; it contains plenty of vitamins and minerals. Folic acid , bananas , which are rich in fiber and potassium minerals, also contain magnesium and calcium minerals . Banana is one of the most useful fruits, including iron with vitamins A, C. Especially for children of developmental age, eating bananas is very beneficial for muscle and cell development.


What are the benefits of banana


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What are the benefits of banana

Protects Heart Health; 1 medium banana contains about 450 mg of potassium. Potassium mineral protects the health of the heart and reduces the risk of heart attack. The potassium mineral also balances the pressure in the blood and prevents the emergence of blood pressure. According to the ives Archives Of Medicine ”study, consuming potassium and fiber-rich foods such as bananas reduces the risk of heart disease by 12%.


Gastric Health; Another benefit of banana is for the stomach. Our stomach is one of the organs most easily affected by what we eat. Banana balances stomach acid that will harm the stomach and reduces the risk of developing stomach ulcers. It was also observed that the consumption of bananas prevents stomach ulcers from stomach ulcers. Banana shows its effect against gastric ulcer in 2 ways; It thickens the mucus that supports the cells in the gastric membrane and makes the stomach protected against acid. The other form of protection of bananas in the stomach can cause ulcers harmful bacteria are cleaned.


Digestive System ; Banana regulates the digestive system with its fibrous structure and activates intestinal activities. Consuming bananas on a regular basis will also increase fiber intake, thus reducing digestive problems such as constipation.


Against Diarrhea; Diarrhea is a condition that causes loss of water in the body and reduces quality of life. Consuming bananas in diarrhea reduces fatigue in the body and as a result gives energy to the body.


Preserves Eye Health; Banana is one of the most useful vitamins for eye health. Vitamin A in banana content reduces the risk of getting eye diseases due to aging and protects eye health.


Strengthens Bone Health; Calcium and potassium minerals in bananas strengthen teeth and bone health. Both minerals are found in bananas and bananas support bone development in children of growing age and maintain bone health.


Bananas Against Muscle Cramps; Banana is one of the most useful nutrients to reduce muscle cramps. Consuming bananas regularly protects the body against muscle cramps and strengthens the muscles.


Strengthens the Immune System; Vitamins and minerals store banana strengthens the immune system, making the body more resistant to infections and increasing resistance.


Energizing ; Banana, one of the sports-friendly fruits, is the most natural fruit that meets the energy the body needs. Balancing blood sugar and preventing muscle cramps by containing potassium has made banana one of the most preferred fruits of athletes.


Relieves the menstrual pains; Banana helps relieve pre-menstrual pains with its relaxing effect.


Other Benefits of Banana;


  • Banana strengthens the memory.

  • Provides the removal of harmful toxins from the body.

  • Stabilizes the stomach acid; Good for diseases such as reflux and ulcers.

  • Depression patients are recommended to consume bananas; because bananas contain serotonin.

  • Balances blood sugar.

  • Does not contain cholesterol; Does not cause vascular blockage.

  • Nourishes skin and revitalizes tissues.

  • Protects against cancer.

Banana How Many Calories


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how many calories in banana

High nutritional value and health benefits how many calories is wondered. One medium-sized banana is about 130 calories . In grams 100 grams of banana 90 calories is around. Banana, which is a good choice for those who want to lose weight or want to eat healthy, can be consumed with 1 glass of milk in snacks. Thus, by balancing the blood sugar, it prevents hunger crises and enables the person to eat less. However, one of the points to be considered while consuming bananas is that the banana contains sugar. Consuming more than 1 portion of bananas per day should be consumed with caution as it will increase sugar intake.

 The Benefits of Banana to Sexuality

Banana is a complete energy store and is a food that increases body resistance. Banana also has sexual benefits. Banana containing the enzyme bromelain is one of the nutrients that trigger sexual power. Bromelain enzyme increases libido by increasing sexual power.



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