What are Stock Exchange Types?

Stock Exchange Types

The stock market, which was based on an old past, was a business that was gathered in the cafes between the streets in the old times and the increase in the investments caused the space needs of the stock investors. Therefore, stock exchange companies started to be established and all transactions were recorded for a safe environment. Each stock exchange to be traded has its own characteristics.

First of all, it is useful to know all the features of the stock exchange to be invested. Transactions carried out in the market environment are made legally by the intermediary institutions, the transaction to be made is notified to the institution and the transaction is made available to the stock exchange and submitted to the stock exchange. Stock certificates, commodities, stocks, etc. is among the investment instruments of the stock exchange.

Types of Stock Market

Stock exchanges
Commodity exchanges
Special commodity exchanges
Commodity exchanges
Exchange exchanges

Commodity Exchanges: This is the commodity exchange where commodities are traded. Agricultural products, raw materials, energy sources, foodstuffs, chemicals, industrial metals, precious metals are included in this group.

Exchange Exchanges: The main reason for more than half of the currencies that increase the transaction volume is that all currencies take place in this exchange. Foreign exchange is invested in parities and exotic and minor parities are preferred.

Private Product Exchanges: Private product exchanges operate under the name of futures and option exchanges. Precious metals, gold and precious stones are included in this group.

Futures and Options Exchanges: This exchange, which is traded as an extension of Borsa ─░stanbul, is traded on the basis of currency risk and speculation. This type of stock market traders do not want to take more risks, and safeguards with this process is selected and spread the risk is invested in the long term. Exchange rate risk and speculation for the purpose of the stock market type transactions are used to gain high profit is short-term, and this risk is high.

As mentioned, many investors are investing in different stock market groups under one roof.


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