What Are Penis Enlargement Techniques?

there are several techniques of penis enlargement. some of them are not recommended, although they give a definitive result, and others do not give a definitive result. do not try the following things at home.

1. penis enlargement surgery

the penis is attached to the bone with some muscles. when these muscles are cut through the doctor, there is an average length of 3-4 cm in the penis. however, these muscles are the muscles that allow the penis to grow up. without those muscles, the penis can not stand upright, a shapeless image emerges. it also affects sexual performance. those who have surgery are not satisfied.

2. vacuum pump technique

vacuum pump device can cause dilation of the veins in the penis and give a sense of immediate growth. when you’re done with the pump, the penis is back to its original state. it also damages the nerves in the penis, the veins, and other structures. it is not recommended.

3. silicone surgery

with this method, the thickness of the penis is increased by injecting silicone. it’s relatively harmless, but it doesn’t mean anything to be operated.

4. implant

everybody knows there’s a spongy structure on the penis. this surgery is replaced by a prosthesis or something like spongy tissue in the penis. that happens in very advanced cases.

5. cream

to me, the most logical was the best. when you apply a cream containing growth hormone, such as arginine, the veins in the penis expand and growth can be achieved. no guarantee, I didn’t come across the experiment, I didn’t try because I don’t need it.

6. using pills

spam is the default subject of emails. Don’t believe in stories like 7 cm in 3 weeks, it’s not like that.

7. pull-hang-weight binding

a method used in ancient African tribes. maybe that’s why it’s like a nigger’s arm. don’t do that, it could hurt your penis.

as a result

if you think your penis is really small (if it’s less than 25 cm, ahahaha) consult a doctor, write micropenis to Google and search for images, do not watch porn movies for a while. you’il find it’s not that small.


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