What are donkey milk What are the benefits How to drink

eşek sütü nedir, faydaları nelerdir, nasıl içilir
What is donkey milk, what are the benefits, how to drink

What is Donkey Milk


eşek sütü nedir
What is donkey milk

The use of donkey milk obtained from domestic donkeys dates back to very old times. Donkey milk, which has been used since ancient Egypt , is nowadays preferred for alternative medicine and used in beauty products. Female donkeys produce about 0.3 liters of milk per day. Donkey milk is also close to breast milk in terms of its properties. Donkey milk , which contains much milk sugar , is also distinguished by its nutritious properties. Donkey milk, which contains vitamins and minerals useful for human health , is known for the healing process of diseases such as cancer, bronchitis, asthma and cirrhosis.


What are donkey milk nutritional values ​​


  • In donkey milk there is casein, a muscle-building protein. Albumin includes vitamins A, B1, B2, B6, C, D, and E.
  •  Donkey milk contains useful vitamins and minerals such as calcium, magnesium, iron, zinc, phosphorus and sodium.

Donkey milk also feeds the skin with glycerol alkyl, which fights against aging.


Donkey milk, which is a useful milk with its nutritional properties, has less fat than cow’s milk. In ancient Egypt, it is known that Queen Cleopatra bathed with donkey milk to preserve her beauty and nourish her skin. Donkey milk is still used today in the cosmetic industry for skin care and protection. Donkey milk benefits, along with the benefits of donkey milk soap We also recommend that you read in particular. After reading our article you will want to use donkey milk soap for skin health.


What are the Benefits of Donkey Milk


eşek sütü faydaları nelerdir
What are the benefits of donkey milk

The benefits of donkey milk to the skin, as well as vitamins and minerals contain liver protection, infectious diseases 19459016]. The benefits of donkey milk include strengthening teeth, moisturizing the skin, and good for respiratory diseases such as asthma and bronchitis. Here are the benefits of donkey milk ;


Donkey milk protects the heart; The omega fatty acids in donkey milk protect heart health.


Donkey milk nourishes the skin; Donkey milk used ancient Egyptian queens to preserve their beauty. Donkey milk, which provides the skin with the necessary moisturizing, nourishes the skin cells and provides anti-wrinkle effect. Slows aging by creating anti-aging effect. Moisturizes skin


It has antibacterial properties; Helps to heal inflammatory diseases.


Donkey milk accelerates fat burning; Donkey milk, which has low fat content, accelerates the burning of fat in our body and helps to stay in shape.


Cancer ; Although not yet clear, it is known that cancer patients benefit from donkey milk to increase their immunity. In the studies on donkey milk, it was found that donkey milk reduces cancer cells. However, no nutrient alone creates miracles. If you are receiving treatment, you should consult your doctor before drinking donkey milk.


Other Benefits of Donkey Milk;


  • Donkey milk is expectorant.

  • Helps the fire to fall.

  • Calcium in donkey milk provides bone health protection.

  • It is good for cirrhosis.

How to Drink Donkey Milk


eşek sütü nasıl içilir
How to drink donkey milk

Another of the issues that are known about the benefits of donkey milk is “ How to drink donkey milk”. Is donkey milk consumed by boiling or raw? First of all, our advice is to make sure that it is not processed while drinking donkey milk. Donkey milk can be drunk immediately after milking. However, if you wish you can consume warm with very little heating.


Donkey Milk is not Boiled

 Unlike cow’s milk donkey’s milk should not be boiled . It is generally recommended to drink at room temperature. If you have received donkey milk frozen, it should be thawed in the normal section of the refrigerator and then drunk.

If donkey milk is given to children, it is enough to drink 2 tea glasses of donkey milk per day. Donkey’s milk is more than 12 years old can drink about 3 cups of tea.


Donkey Milk Is Harmful


We talked about the benefits of donkey milk. However, the amount of donkey milk should be considered. Daily consumption of donkey milk should not exceed 3 tea glasses. Excessive amounts of donkey milk may cause allergic reactions.



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