Tricks of Getting Rid of Black Dots at Home

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Tricks of getting rid of the black spots at home

Getting rid of the black spots at home


When we look in the mirror, the most disturbing image of us is undoubtedly acne and black spots. After the acne has healed, black spots are formed by clogging the pores they leave behind with dirt, dust and bacteria. In fact, the main cause of black spots due to hormone changes in our skin is fat. Therefore, it is seen with acne. In addition, creams, foundation, powder and various make-up materials that are applied to the skin combine with skin oil and dust when they are not cleaned daily from the skin and prepare the ground for the formation of blackheads. Cleaning the blackheads once does not prevent it from forming again. For this reason, it is necessary to make regular blackhead cleansing masks.


The biggest mistake in cleaning blackheads is the nail squeezing of blackheads. This action deforms your skin to a great extent and also causes the pores to become infected.


What Makes Black Dots Good at Home


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what is good for blackheads at home

Blackheads need to prepare the skin before cleaning. The best time for this is after the shower. Because after the shower, the pores were enlarged with the effect of hot steam. If you don’t have a shower, you can also have a steam bath on your face. To do this, cover your boiling water with a towel. 10-15min. Wait for the steam to open the skin pores. You can then start the blackhead removal process.


We certainly do not tighten blackheads with nails. For this, we can use blackhead cleaning apparatus which can be obtained from cosmeticians or we can do it with the help of an injector if you do not have a cleaning apparatus. Gently pressing the narrow end of the ejector against the blackhead is sufficient to clean the skin. After removing all black spots in the same way one by one, we take an ice cube to shrink the pores of the skin again and then take it as cream. Under the influence of cold, we can wash our face with ice cubes melted cold water to make our skin look more elastic and more vivid.


Blackhead Removal


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blackhead removal

Blackhead removal is a very important issue for people who have this problem. The issues that should be considered carefully;


  • The products used for blackhead removal must be selected correctly. The use of vitamin C, tea tree oil and retinol-containing products is very important for the most effective results.

  • Another important point is to pay attention to skin cleansing. Regular skin care rituals should be established. Skin should be kept moist.

  • The application of tonic is also very important in terms of cleaning and preventing the formation of black spots. The application of facial tonic effectively removes residues and impurities from the smallest pores and effectively combats blackheads. If your pores are open, you can prefer pore-firming tonics.

  • Once a week peeling application will speed up the cleaning of blackheads as well as minimizes the formation.

  • If your blackheads continue intensively, do not forget to seek the help of a specialist dermatologist. You can get successful results in the treatment of blackheads quickly and healthily by using your doctor’s recommendations and medications.

The Blackhead Mask


The Yogurt and Lemon Juice Mask


Squeeze the juice of a lemon into a little yogurt and mix. Apply it to the area where the black dots are massaged with your fingertips and allow to dry. After drying, rinse your face with warm water. You can make this mask regularly every week.


Carbonated Mask


With the natural peeling feature of carbonate, you can drip a few drops of lemon into black dots. After your face is dry, rinse with warm water and do not forget to apply the appropriate moisturizer.


The Honey Mask


When preparing a honey mask, you can prepare it as a milk honey mask and a lemon honey mask. To make a milk honey mask, add a spoonful of warm milk into the honey and mix until melted. Rinse the mixture on your face and dry. Or a spoon of honey drop a few drops of lemon and you can put on your face. After drying, rinse your face with warm water. You will not need moisturizer because your skin will be soft after honey masks.




Powdered cinnamon can help you combat black spots with its natural exfoliating properties just like carbonate. Add some honey into the cinnamon paste and add honey until massage is applied to your face. After drying, rinse with warm water.


Yogurt and Oatmeal


This mask is very suitable for people with sensitive skin. Mix a spoon of oatmeal into a small bowl of yogurt. Apply the resulting soft peeling mask to your skin in a circular motion. Wash your dry oatmeal with lukewarm water when your skin absorbs the mask. Remember to use a suitable moisturizer after the mask.




To get rid of blackheads with toothpaste, a toothpaste specially designed for highly sensitive whitening teeth is required. Mint-containing toothpaste can be even more effective. Take some toothpaste and add some salt. Then rub the black dots. Leave to dry. Rinse with warm water. Apply regularly 2-3 times a week.


How to Prevent Blackheads


  • Every night, make sure to clean your makeup regularly before going to sleep.

  • Pay attention to regular and balanced nutrition. Do not consume excess fatty foods.

  • Pay attention to the portion size when consuming cookies. Oil seeds in particular cause your skin to become greasy.

  • Wash your face twice in the morning and evening with cold water. Cold water causes the pores to shrink.

  • Create regular and quality sleep patterns every evening. Your skin is most affected by hormonal imbalances.

  • Always wash your hands before cleaning the skin.


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