Treatment of Ringworm

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What is the ringworm


Partial shedding of our hair we call the ringworm . Ringworm is a disease caused by fungus on the scalp. This type of fungus that causes hair loss has a fast spreading feature in the scalp. S opener; usually adversely affects hair follicles and hair is shed round and fragmented. In other words, a round area is opened where the hair loss occurs and the scalp is seen.


Ringworm is of two different types. The first species; female ringworm. The female ringworm spreads faster and is more easily and permanently placed on the hair and scalp. Male ringworm; spreads more slowly and does not affect all parts of the hair at the same speed. Female and male hair breaker types refers to their spread as a type of spreading ringworm, and ringworm is a disease seen in people regardless of whether men or women. However, it can be seen more frequently in adolescence and childhood. This is because; this is the weaker immune system in this age range. Because ringworm is a disease that occurs when the immune system is weakened and more susceptible to microbes and infections.


The name of the ringworm in the medical field; alopecia areata and cause hair loss as ringworm , but ringworm can also cause beard, eyebrow, eyelash loss.


The Ringworm Causes


saçkıran neden olur
causes ringworm

With the weakening of the immune system the body becomes more resistant to microbes and the fungus locates the hair follicles The main reason is the weakening of the immune system and the weakness of the body against infections such as fungi. However, the reason why the weakening of the immune system occurs in some structures ringworm is not yet known. When the ringworm occurs, the immune system is weak and cannot protect the body against germs, and the body is also beaten. Our white blood cells attack hair follicles. This attack affects hair and hair follicles. Causes hair loss.

  Among the most common causes of ringworm genetic factor . Someone with a family ringworm is more likely to have ringworm. There is a risk of ringworm if there is any thyroid disease, lupus, rheumatoid arthritis other than ringworm in his family.

Another cause of ringworm is stress. Mental changes such as stress, sadness and anxiety have a profound effect on the body and the immune system. One of the main causes of ringworm is excessive stress. Ringworm may be seen after emotional problems, traumas and depression. Ringworm complaints may occur during periods such as death, intense work stress, exam period and divorce process.


The question of whether the hair lost because of ringworm is one of the most curious questions of those who struggle with this disease. The likelihood of hair loss varies from body to body. Some people may regrow hair after the ringworm treatment, while others may not regrow. In addition, it is not certain whether the ringworm will be formed again after the ringworm .


Treatment of the Ringworm


Ringworm is a skin and skin disease that has been treated . However, early diagnosis is of great importance in order to achieve success in the treatment as soon as possible. In the treatment of ringworm, if there is a primary cause of hair loss to the ringworm; the fungus begins to dry. Treatment fungus exterminator; medicines are made in the form of lotions and creams to be applied to the area with powder ringworm.


In the treatment of ringworm spray and needle treatment is also applied. These sprays containing minoxil which are used regularly are applied to the ringworm area and are very effective.


How the Ringworm Passes

 Ringworm is a disturbing hair and skin disease that affects the quality of life of an individual. The correct answer to the question of how the ringworm passes is to start treatment under the control of a dermatologist. Ringworm treatment can be in the form of needles, tablets, medicines, lotions and creams. Some of the drugs used in the treatment of ringworm are drugs that have the effect of removing new hair instead of shedding hair. In the beginning, instead of shedding hair, the hair is white in color but darkens with time. In addition, there are people who have succeeded in the treatment of ringworm and have no ringworm problems, as well as people who have experienced ringworm again.

The Ringworm Is Infectious


Ringworm people who have the problem of ringworm in the family and the most curious issue is the ringworm infectious question . Ringworm is not contagious. If a fungus causing hair loss is detected, it may be contagious. But if you do not have fungus ringworm is not contagious. It only causes one’s hair to fall out. Ringworm is a disease that affects a person’s psychology in daily life. The loss of hair in round pieces and the appearance of the skin may affect the psychology of the person. You should definitely not enter into feelings of appearance appearance, not being attracted to dislikes. Ringworm is a disease that is treated with some bodies in a short time while the response to treatment may take longer in some people. It should be remembered that the ringworm can happen to anyone and therefore no one should feel guilty.


Herbal Treatment of Ringworm

 Various medicines, medical creams are used to treat ringworm . Alternatively, it is possible to apply ringworm herbal treatment by taking advantage of the effects of plants . Garlic application ringworm is the most common for herbal treatment . Because garlic has the feature of feeding hair roots. Women use garlic oil to care for their hair or apply garlic to thicken their eyebrows.

How to apply garlic to the ringworm; A medium-sized garlic is cut in half from the middle. Thanks to the acid in the garlic, you can continue the application until the skin is slightly red. You can apply garlic regularly every 2 days.




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