The Most Effective Cellulite Treatment: Nutrition

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The most effective cellulite treatment nutrition

Today with cellulite perhaps there is no woman in trouble. Most women, whether at normal weight or in excess, have cellulite , especially in the leg area . In order to pass cellulite , it is necessary to pay attention to our nutrition at the beginning, while doing sports and exercise is very important. Nutrition, which we eat, is also very important for cellulite treatment .


In this article is an important place in the treatment of cellulite nutrition and food that comes from cellulite, which foods cellulite is good, what are the foods fighting cellulite . First of all, let’s start by explaining cellulite.


What is cellulite and how it goes




Cellulite is the accumulation of fat in the lump image formed under the skin and creates a bad appearance aesthetically. Although the cause of cellulite, which is quite common in women of our country, is known as excess weight, it has been found that genes are also a major factor in the formation of cellulite.


What Causes Cellulite


Cellulite also occurs due to genetic predisposition. In other words, if your mother has cellulite, you have a higher risk of developing cellulite. In addition, edema and toxins in the body are also a major factor in the formation of cellulite. Besides, still life, eating fast food, consuming fatty and carbohydrate foods increase the formation of cellulite.


Cellulite Will Pass


Women put great efforts to pass cellulite. Cosmetic treatments and even surgical operations are performed for this purpose. However, this does not guarantee that cellulite will persist . Genetic susceptibility also makes it difficult to pass cellulites. However, in addition to all these, it is necessary to pay attention to what we eat and our diet in order to prevent it from forming before removing cellulite.


According to current research there are foods that are good for cellulite, fighting cellulite formation and by consuming these foods, you can prevent cellulite formation. Food that is good for cellulite reduces the formation of cellulite as well as tightens the skin tissue for a brighter and firmer skin. So what foods are good for cellulite?


Cellulite Treatment


Nutrition is very important for cellulite treatment . you can get rid of the cellulite formation in a short time by paying attention to the food groups you drink or you can minimize the formation of cellulite. Here are the most effective foods to be consumed for cellulite treatment ;


Broccoli; Broccoli is a vegetable that creates an alkaline effect in the body that contains plenty of fiber. Low calorie and high nutritional value is a vegetable that should not be missing in a healthy diet. In addition, the alfalipoic acid in the broccoli helps the skin’s collagen structure harden and thus prevents the formation of cellulite.


Green Tea ; If there is a tea that fights very well with cellulite, it is green tea . The theobromine substance in the green tea helps to dissolve fat stores. Green tea also helps to lose weight by accelerating metabolism.


Tomatoes ; Tomato, one of the best antioxidant foods, contains lycopene and accelerates blood circulation. Tomatoes contain vitamins A and E which are very useful for the skin, thus giving the skin shine and moisture.


Asparagus; Asparagus reduces the bloating accumulated in the body. It is a good anti-inflammatory. Being a low-calorie vegetable and having high nutritional values ​​make asparagus at the top of the diet lists.


Cucumber; Water accumulated in the body triggers the formation of cellulite, you can get rid of water and edema accumulated by consuming cucumbers.


Banana ; Banana is a complete source of potassium. Potassium accelerates blood flow and prevents the formation of cellulite. If you are doing sports, you can consume 1 medium size to give energy before sports.


Coriander; Coriander is the most important nutrients to get rid of edema and toxins accumulated in the body. Coriander is a food that is good for cellulite to provide edema accumulated in the body.


Cereals; Cereals are the most important nutrients due to their long holding properties and energy supply. By consuming useful cereals, it can prevent premature hunger and prevent us from consuming excess oily and sugary foods. However, it is useful to do portion control when consuming grain. Chickpeas, brown rice, green lentils, dried beans, are useful sources of grain.


Drinking Water; One of the benefits of drinking water is fighting cellulite. By drinking water, it is provided to eliminate harmful toxins and edema in the body. Drinking 2 liters of water per day should not be neglected. For other benefits of water What are the benefits of water can read our article.


Fish ; They are unhealthy fats such as frying which should be avoided to prevent the formation of cellulite. However, fats that are beneficial to the body can be consumed in fish. In particular, salmon contains plenty of omega 3 oil and does not form cellulite.


Citrus fruits; Orange, grapefruit, and lemon are fruits that prevent cellulite formation. The abundant vitamin C found in citrus fruits maintains the body’s collagen structure, resulting in a firmer skin. Vitamin C in citrus revitalizes blood circulation. However, while consuming citrus fruits, it is useful to do portion control. Since it contains sugar, consuming it immediately after meals slows the digestion and may cause edema in the body. This triggers the formation of cellulite.


What to do for the smooth legs


How Cellulite Passes


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how cellulite passes

There is no exact formula for the passage of cellulites , requires action to prevent cellulite formation. For this, salty, fatty, sugary foods should be avoided first. Because these foods cause edema and weight formation in the body and cellulite . In addition, daily exercise to accelerate blood circulation is very useful and prevents the formation of cellulite.


You should accelerate your blood circulation by doing sports or walking for at least 1 hour a day. You can also prevent cellulite by consuming foods that are good for cellulite. However, as mentioned earlier, genetic predisposition is important in cellulite formation.



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