The Damages of Technology to Human Relations

Can we communicate better outside the world of tweets, emails and instant messaging? Or does modern technology make us lazy about dialogue with each other and make us feel its harmful impact on society?

Technology has undoubtedly revolutionized the way people communicate with one another and united people in a real-time network around the world. But technology has changed communication in many ways, and most of them are unfortunately negative. While these negative effects have had little impact on some people, some have had a profound effect.

Many studies have been conducted on the effect of technology on social interaction and face to face interaction. Since the increase in the use of mobile phones and social media in the late 2000s, the perception of communication in social life began to follow a different route. According to Przybylski and Weinstein of the University of Essex: son Recent advances in communication technology have made it easier for millions of people to connect to people at greater distances, but very few have learned how the frequent use of these devices in social environments affects the face-to-face interaction ”.

Distraction and Need for Distraction

Mobile phones and mobile devices allow people to stay connected even when they are too far away from their computers. Even if this seems to be a great advantage, especially in emergencies, it can also act as a dangerous distraction. Every year, hundreds of thousands of people are injured in accidents caused by a distracted driver, often even resulting in death. While reading a text message can only take seconds, people can also drive their vehicle into a schoolyard. Always available instant messaging and social networks can distract people from more important issues, and technology can distract even at home, in the office, in lectures, and even in business meetings.

The technology also has a direct impact on the quality of communication. As it is known, one of the biggest advantages of the internet is its anonymity. This means that users can interact with other users as they wish without sharing any personal data (even their names). Unfortunately, this can cause people to behave in a completely different way than they do in person.

Social Isolation

Technology can create many social networks online, but again, this can cause unexpected isolation. In some cases, online communication with someone replaces face-to-face interaction. As it is known, making hundreds of thousands of friends in social media is as easy as making a click. But even though most people feel good by making friends with them through social networks and somehow connecting with them, it makes them more lonely. This system, which can even lead to depression, can make it difficult for people to get support. Slate says that individuals who call themselves ‘lonely ığ have doubled since 1980, and that spending too much time on social networks adversely affects users’ level of happiness.

Another potential danger of communicating through technology is the lack of privacy. Messages you send over the Internet may be unsafe and may cause third parties to access your e-mails or personal messaging. Necessary measures should be taken in order to avoid any victimization and in any case personal data should never interact with another person through the internet.


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