St. John’s Wort Oil What are the Benefits

sarı kantaron yağı nedir faydaları nelerdir
What are the benefits of the St. John’s wort oil

from the medicinal plants St. John’s wort oil is particularly useful for moisturizing and firming the skin. The benefits of St. John’s wort oil are manifested in many areas from skin health to stomach health. Before discussing the benefits of St. John’s Wort oil, let us explain what is St. John’s Wort oil .


What is Yellow Centaury Oil

 What is yellow centaury oil? Yellow centaury plant, which is a yellow flowering plant, is obtained by the processing of yellow centaury oil. Although the native homeland of St. John’s wort oil is Northern Europe, it is one of the most easily grown plants in our country.

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 How to make yellow centaury oil

The question of how to make yellow centaury oil is a very curious question. The St. John’s Wort oil has been used since ancient times.


The benefits of St. John’s wort oil from depression to inflammation is quite varied. It is a very useful oil especially for the healing of pain caused by muscle tension.


What are the benefits of St. John’s Wort Oil


sarı kantaron yağı faydaları nelerdir
What are the benefits of St. John’s wort oil

Benefits of yellow St. John’s wort oil before explaining that the benefit of specifying Since it is used in medicinal oils. Nowadays, when it comes to the benefits of St. John’s Wort oil, which is also made of organic products;

 Benefits of St. John’s Wort Oil


  • Yellow centaury oil relieves inflammation.
  •  Centaury oil is good for body fatigue, it gives energy.


  • Yellow centaury oil is an appetite.

  • Helps balance blood sugar.

  • Reduces menstrual pains.

  • Accelerates the passage of diarrhea.

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Benefits of Yellow Centaury Oil for the Skin


  • Redness and black spots on the skin to pass.

  • Effective for hemorrhoids. It is applied to the region of hemorrhoids and provides relaxation of muscles.

  • Yellow centaury oil applied to the waist area relieves low back pain.

  • Helps reduce varicose veins, reduces varicose veins.

  • It is good for sciatica pain.

  • It has healing properties of sun burns and stains.

  • Relieves joint and rheumatism pains.

  • Heals cold sores and minor injuries.

  • Allows skin to tighten and recover.
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 How to use the St. John’s Wort oil
 Yellow centaury oil is very easy to use and is used in two ways

. If it is used for the skin and pains of St. John’s wort oil, apply some amount on the skin and massage it into the skin. The region where yellow centaury oil is applied is recovered in a short time.


Yellow Centaury Oil Is Drinking


In the case of stomach ailments or anorexia, yellow centaury oil is drunk. It is enough to drink 1 teaspoon of St. John’s Wort oil 3 days a week. St. John’s wort oil If you are taking medication and have a disease followed by a doctor’s supervision, we strongly recommend that you consult your doctor before drinking.



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