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Royal jelly pollen is one of the natural products known for its benefits which are very important for both skin and health. The royal jelly known as the world’s most expensive milk also has the richest content compared to other milk in terms of nutritional value. Royal jelly is produced in a limited number of Turkey the most in the world are produced in Japan. There are many benefits that make royal jelly special in terms of health . Especially the nourishing and moisturizing of the skin is among the most important benefits of royal jelly. Other benefits of royal jelly include strengthening the immune system, improving anemia, antibacterial action and protecting the body against infections. If you wish, before you tell us what are the benefits of royal jelly in our article , let us explain what is royal jelly , , what are the nutritional values ​​of royal jelly .


What is Royal Jelly


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What is royal jelly

Young bees produced from the glands themselves royal jelly is a source of life for the queen bee. Scientific research on royal jelly, which has the consistency of white dark gel, has shown that it is one of the richest nutritional sources in terms of nutritional value. Another special feature of royal jelly is that the Queen bee is fed with royal jelly. Unlike honey bees with a short lifespan, the queen bee, which is fed with royal jelly, can live for approximately 6 years. In the researches, the main reason why the queen bee lived longer than other bees was determined to be fed with royal jelly. If we define the royal jelly; It is a white, creamy, slightly fragrant and rich nourishing food secreted by young worker bees of 5 – 15 days.

 Nutritional Value of Royal Jelly

66% of royal jelly consists of water, 14.5% carbohydrate, 13% amino acid, 4.5% lippidden. Royal jelly containing vitamins A, B1, B2, B3 C, D and E contains valuable minerals such as folic acid, phosphorus and biotin. Royal jelly, including selenium, magnesium and zinc minerals, is currently used by both children and adults. 1 gram of royal jelly contains 8 mg vitamin B1, 5 mg vitamin B2 and 27 mg vitamin B5.

 Royal Jelly is a supplementary food that can be used easily by individuals of all ages. However, each person is advised to obtain a doctor’s approval before use. The daily consumption of royal jelly should be adjusted according to the person’s weight. For example, a person who weighs 70 kilos should take 70 mg royal jelly daily. Be sure to take royal jelly with the help of a wooden or plastic spoon and avoid contact with steel or iron. You can also mix royal jelly with honey if you wish.

How to obtain the Royal Jelly

 Royal jelly is a food source obtained from bees, as the name suggests. The main ingredients of royal jelly produced by young worker bees are water, honey and pollen. Water, pollen and honey become a special mixture in the bodies of young bee workers. While the royal jelly carried in their bodies is used for their own nutrition, it also provides continuity in the production of royal jelly. Young worker bees store the increased pollen in their vesicles outside their feeding. They then transfer these stored pollen to the honeycombs with baby bees. Young bees in charge of royal jelly production are actively involved in obtaining royal jelly by making pollen, honey and water a special mixture.

In the beehive, young drones are fed with royal jelly for 3 days and the offspring will be queen for 16 days. For this reason, queen bees have a longer life than male worker bees. Milking of natural royal jelly is made from honeycomb of female bee larvae. With this method, approximately 25 – 30 grams of royal jelly can be obtained per month. Milking is carried out between April and August. The collection process of royal jelly in the honeycomb is made with special wooden spoons.

 Benefits of Royal Jelly

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royal jelly benefits

Royal jelly benefits are effective not only for human health but in many ways. There are many benefits for a healthy body, from the immune system to helping regulate hormones. The benefits of royal jelly can be summarized as follows;


  • It has a positive effect on appetite, appetizing.

  • Regulates the hormones.

  • Gives energy, helps to overcome physical fatigue.

  • Lowers bad cholesterol.

  • Blood sugar has stabilizing effects.

  • Regulates liver and kidney functions.

  • Accelerates physical development, especially in children.

  • It revitalizes and energizes the organism.

  • Delays the effects of aging.

  • Increases and strengthens body resistance.

  • It has a calming effect on the nervous system.

  • Prevents arteriosclerosis.

  • It prevents bone diseases especially in menopause and supports bone health positively.

  • Improves the quality of the ovaries and sperm.

  • It strengthens the immune system thanks to its powerful antioxidants.

  • Reduces the risk of Alzheimer’s disease.


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