Practical Nail Care, How To Care At Home Nail

pratik tırnak bakımı, evde tırnak bakımı nasıl yapılır
practical nail care, how to do nail care at home

Practical Nail Care


Nail care is one of the most important issues for women who are particularly interested in care. Practical nail care contains some specific details. In fact, it may seem difficult and elaborate, but with tiny but important touches, you can make natural and practical nail care at home easy. In order to have healthy nails, firstly ;


  • Hand and foot nail care should be done regularly. those with quick-breaking nails should be particularly careful and strengthen. They should not forget to take calcium supplements and pay attention to the diet.

  • Hand and toe nails to grow in a healthy way must be rasped with the right methods. For example, bluntly clawed nails may be more likely to be attached than ovally clawed nails. Therefore you should pay attention.

  • Another important issue in nail care is the use of nail polish. The nail polish should be renewed no more than 3 days after application. The nails should be allowed to breathe. For this purpose, the use of base nail polish is recommended. Thanks to this product applied under the nail polish, even if nail polish is applied, the nails will breathe. Attention should be paid to the quality of the nail polish remover as well as the quality of the nail polish remover. Acetone-free nail polish removers should be preferred. Nevertheless, for health reasons, after removing nail polish, hands should be washed thoroughly with soapy water. In fact, cream to give moisture to the nails to give very effective results.

  • For healthy nails, the meat at the base of the nail should never be cut. It is most appropriate to push the catheters, which thicken as they cut and create a bad image. To do this, drip the baby oil into warm water and leave your nails in this mixture for a few minutes. Then push with a wooden rod. The pushing of the capsules should be done regularly. Do not forget to apply cream afterwards.

How to care for nails at home


evde tırnak bakımı nasıl yapılır
How to care for nails at home

Factors such as air pollution, stress, improper eating habits adversely affect the health of the nails together with the skin. Although manicure and pedicure applications in beauty salons are widely used for nail care, due to the chemicals, hygiene problems and economic reasons, many people searched the answer to the question of how to do nail care at home . To care for nails at home and in a natural way, it is sufficient to know and apply regular tips for nail health. Nutrition is important for general health as well as for hair, skin and nail health. For healthy and strong nails, it is recommended to be fed with magnesium, calcium and iron-rich foods . Regular consumption of foods such as fish varieties, soy, lentils, eggs, beets and liver is very effective for the health and vivid appearance of the nails.


Let us now give brief information about the easy to apply natural nail cures for home nail care .


Natural Nail Treatments


doğal tırnak bakım kürleri
natural nail care treatments

There is no need for expensive cosmetic products for nail care. You can prepare natural nail cure with the natural materials available at home .


Salt and vinegar curing for natural and practical nail care : Vinegar is one of the natural products used in nail care. The benefits of vinegar do not stop counting. The benefit to nails is not known. For quick and healthy elongation of the nails, applying a mixture of vinegar and salt to massage the nails is sufficient for effective results.


Vitamin E for natural and practical nail care: Vitamin E, which you can easily find in capsules from pharmacies, is very effective in skin care as well as nail care. Pour the capsule of vitamin E into any nail cream to have strong and healthy nails. And for your daily nail care, massage regularly. You will notice the effect in a short time.


Mustard oil cure for natural nail care: Especially those who have weak and quick-breaking nails should try this cure if they want to strengthen their nails. Soak your nails in lightly warmed mustard oil for 10 minutes. Then gently massage and cover the cuticles. Remove excess oil with a napkin and wait at least 15 minutes until oil absorption is achieved. Then soap your hands with warm water. You will notice your strengthened nails at the end of this curing period.


Lemon for natural nail care: The ingredients in the lemon are highly effective against yellowing and collapse of the nails. Soak your nails in lemon juice for 15 minutes. Then rinse with warm water and cream. Repeat this process 3 times a week. You will feel that the negative conditions such as scratches, yellowing and collapsing on your nails are reduced and your nail structure becomes stronger.


Coconut cure for natural nail care: One of the known benefits of coconut is that it is highly effective for nails and skin. Especially the properties of dried, weak nails, preventing and treating infections on the nails have led to widespread use in nail care. The use of coconut oil in combination with tea tree oil having anti-microbial properties further enhances the effect of nail care. For this, an equal amount of coconut oil and tea tree oil are heated so as not to burn hands. The nail surface is massaged with circular movements. Massage is continued until absorption of the oils occurs. In the treatment of nail fungus, it is recommended to repeat it twice a day regularly.



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