Practical Information about Eggs

Practical information about eggs

Practical information in the kitchen is important. Practicing in kitchen and household chores, where most of our time is spent, always saves. Practical information One of the most curious subjects about is how the egg is stored and how to tell whether the egg is fresh gibi


Would you like to know immediately whether the egg is fresh or stale? Or do you know how the egg should be stored under optimal conditions?


We will share with you the practical information about our important food source egg, which is consumed daily by everyone who is not allergic sever

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Practical Information: Is your egg fresh?


Here are a few simple ways to determine if your egg is fresh;


  • To understand the freshness of your egg, take it in your hand and point it towards the light. Its surface looks bright and smooth and fresh. But if it looks stained and blurry, it means it’s stale.

  • Another method for testing the freshness of the egg in your hand is to shake. Fresh eggs will not shake, but stale eggs will make you feel the movement inside.

  • If the egg you get in your hand creates a lighter feeling than it is, it is stale. Fresh eggs are heavy. To better understand this, throw the egg into a bowl full of cold salt water. It is fresh while sinking. If it stays on the surface and does not sink, your egg is stale.

  • When you break the fresh egg, the yolk does not spread in the plate. The fact that it’s falling apart means that that egg is stale.

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Practical Information: How to Store Eggs?


If the egg is stored optimally, it will retain its freshness for longer. Here are a few methods for this;


  • If the eggshell package has cracked, apply lemon juice to the area and keep it. This way you can keep it longer.

  • If you lay eggs in the ovary of your refrigerator, keep the spikes on the underside so that the eggs will remain fresh for longer.

  • If you want to store broken egg yolks, put the egg yolks in a cup and add a small amount of cold water. So you can keep the egg yolks intact.

  • Use immediately if you have brought your eggs in contact with water. Because washing or cleaning with water opens the pores of the eggshell and causes the stale to break down in less time.


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