Official Languages of African Countries

Have you ever wondered about the languages ​​spoken in the African continent, the second largest continent in the world, which has almost 20% of the world’s population and has 54 countries in total? These official languages ​​originate back 3000 years.

Bantu Languages

This language is generally spoken in the South East of Africa, Central Africa and its center. Bantu is a large upper language family, known to have originated in the Hami-Sami language family. The word literally means folk. Sub-branches of this language are Swahili, Chuana, Congo, Gonda, Mongo and Zulu. The Swahili language, which is considered a subcategory, is similar to Turkish as it contains many Arabic words and has many speakers in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania and Congo. Bantu languages ​​are also spoken in Equatorial Guinea and the Gabon region.

Niger-Congo Languages

This language family is dominated by West Africa. Wolof, Yoruba, Akan, Igbo and Fulani are the most well-known languages. Mandinka and Mande communities adopted this language as their mother tongue.

Nile-Sahara Languages

Zaghawa, Baya, Sao and Kanuri languages ​​from the Nile-Sahara language family are spoken predominantly in West Africa and Eastern Central Africa.

Afro-Asian Languages

It is also a language family spoken in West Africa. Despite similarities with the Hami-Sami family, linguist Joseph Greenberg chose to use the term. The dead languages ​​are Assyrian, Akkadian and Babylonian.

Nile-Sahara Languages

It is spoken by Berbers, Egyptians and Libyans in North Africa. In Libya and Tunisia, there are not many Berber speakers.

Niger-Congo Languages

This language, which has very few speakers, is lived in the Mauritania region. Fur, Zaghava and Nuba peoples started to use these languages ​​after migration.

Oceania Languages

The people of Malagasi are located in the Madagascar region and their native language is Oceania.


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