Is Waxing Harmful?

ağda yapmak zararlı mı, ağda yapmanın zararları
Is it harmful to do in the network, the harms of doing in the network

One of the most preferred methods for women to get rid of their hair is to make waxing. It removes the hair roots from the root and gives the skin smoothness. However, although it is often the method of choice for women, there are some disadvantages of doing it in the network. Waxing is a painful method, but it also requires attention and craftsmanship. Care must be taken to avoid damages when waxing , if tricks are not observed when waxing, permanent damage to the skin surface may occur and the risk of infection increases. What are the harms of doing the network , before explaining some points to be considered while doing the network with our valuable readers. Considerations when making the network;


  • The skin should be clean before waxing. Wet and sweaty skin should not be waxed.

  • When waxing, the wax layer to be applied to the skin should be thin. Thick waxing is painful when pulled from the skin. Therefore, the wax to be applied to the skin should be thin, not thick .

  • All skin types and particularly sensitive skin should not be exposed to direct sunlight after waxing. Direct sun exposure after waxing may cause skin irritation.

  • For white-skinned and sensitive skin, wax selection is also very important. Choosing wax that is not suitable for the skin type may cause skin irritation and injury.

  • When waxing the wax on the surface of the skin after waiting for a very short time should be pulled. To remove the hair from the roots of the skin with one hand should be stretched upward. If the skin is stretched without stretching, the pain will be more painful and it will be harder for the hair to detach from the roots.

  • After waxing, the skin will dry without pulling and due to the heat of the wax.

  • Although waxing removes hair from the root, it can affect the firmness of the skin due to tensile and stretching. Therefore, the network should not be applied frequently. It should be done once a month or once in 3 weeks. It should not be done in the network at more frequent intervals.

The Damages of Networking


ağda yapmanın zararları
damage to the network

Failure to pay attention to the network may cause some damage. In this case wax let’s explain what the damage;


Skin Sagging; Frequent application of wax to the skin surface may cause skin sagging in the long term due to the removal of wax from the hair roots. If the most common method to get rid of unwanted hair is in the network, you can use different methods to rest the skin from time to time. (Laser hair removal, razor, etc.)


Infection; This is more commonly encountered on sensitive skin, which may cause hot wax to be applied to the skin and irritate the surface of the skin, leading to pore formation and infection of the pores. In this case, infection on the surface of the skin should be noticed and intervened in a short time. Failure to timely intervene infection of the skin surface can cause serious health problems.


Redness of the skin; Applying hot wax to the skin without full warming may cause skin rash. This redness on the skin is quite painful and may require a massage with a cold ice bag to pass through.


Core Expansion; Adhering too hot to the skin when waxing may adversely affect the vessels and cause vessel enlargement. Varicose veins may be seen on the skin surface, which is frequently waxed.


Skin Scaling ; Frequent application of hot or cold wax to the surface of the skin may cause redness at first and then crust on the skin surface.


Skin Bruising; Removing the wax without stretching the skin while applying it to the skin surface is both painful and can cause skin bruising.


May Cause Infectious Diseases; Today, waxing is also done in beauty centers. The quality of the network used and the cleanliness of the environment is one of the points to be considered when making the network. Waxing materials applied to one person should not be applied to another person. Applying the same wax in different people can cause infection and, if any, infectious disease.


Skin Diseases; The application of wax to areas with acne, submerged and allergies on the surface of the skin may cause interference and cause skin diseases. If possible, different methods should not be applied to these areas in hot wax.


Sunspot ; After waxing, the dead skin is removed by removing the hair roots. This also increases the sensitivity of the skin. Going to the sun immediately after waxing may cause skin blemishes and sunburn. Since dead skins are removed from the skin, these regions can be affected more by the sun and may turn to a different tone.


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