How to prepare a good presentation?

We have faced presentations in both our professional and educational lives. Most of the time we try to overcome our own experience in this field has its own rules. These elements, summarized for you, will help you to prepare your presentations in a more planned and effective way.

What is a presentation and what is it?

It is called “presentation aya to introduce the researches and examinations in pre-determined subjects in summary and to present them to the discussion. Refreshing, reinforcing existing knowledge and providing new perspectives to the target audience can be listed among the general objectives of the presentations.

Preparations before presentation

It is essential to consider and evaluate certain points before attempting a presentation.

Main preparation elements

  • Subject selection: It is also considered that the subject to be evaluated and presented shall be current and include current comments.
  • Resources: Presentations where sources with different perspectives are handled without ignoring the sources have always been observed to be more successful than single source presentations.
  • Place of presentation: It is very important to foresee the place where the presentation will be made and to test and ensure that our technical facilities are functioning smoothly. Thus, we prevent the occurrence of mishaps.
  • Rehearsal: A pre-trial trial will soothe your excitement and make you aware of the missing places.
Things to do during and after the presentation
  • A comfortable and serious posture during the presentation makes you stand out from the rest.
  • Instead of gathering your gaze in one person during the conversation, establishing equal eye contact with the target audience is a condition for good presentation.
  • In addition to eye contact, it is useful to contact the listener with your body movements.
  • It is also very important to continue talking and stick to your plan without going into unnecessary details.
  • Finally, allowing the audience to ask questions emphasizes that you are open-minded and helps you look more intimate.


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