How to Make Natural Hair Tonic

doğal saç toniği nasıl yapılır
how to make natural hair tonic

How to make natural hair tonic

Hair care is very important. Seasonal conditions, nutritional habits, water consumption, chronic diseases, improper procedures, and applications such as frequent dyeing or blow-drying accelerate hair wear. Therefore, regular maintenance of hair has become almost essential. Hair loss , natural hair care You can click on the articles to get information about. For hair health hair care should be done in natural ways. If you are wondering how hair care is done at home , this article is for you. We share with you a great recipe for hair tonic application which has an important place in hair care… If you are ready, we start and wish you good readings…


Description of Natural Hair Tonic


Thanks to the natural hair tonic , which you can prepare at home in a very economical way with natural materials , your hair will grow faster, your hair will be strengthened, hair loss will be reduced and perhaps most importantly your dandruff problem will be eliminated in a short time.




  • 30 grams of stinging nettle leaves

  • Half a liter of drinking water

  • Half a liter of apple cider vinegar
  •  25 g horsetail grass

  • 2-3 drops of lavender essential oil



  • First, cut the ponytail grass into tiny pieces.

  • Include lavender essential oil and ponytail weed into a glass bowl.

  • Let stand for 3 hours and filter.

  • Add the lavender essential oil .

  • Store the mixture in a glass spray bottle or jar.

Note: Apply the mixture to your hair at regular intervals and leave for about 20 minutes, then rinse with warm water.


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