How to Make Money on Instagram in 2019

When Instagram first came out, it was an image-only network. However, after the release of the 7-second Vine application, it expanded its functionality and added 15-second videos.

With this new feature added, those who want to make money online or winners have become better markets for their business. In this article we will tell you how to expand your mailing list via Instagram, sell products, provide services, advertise web-based seminars and market affiliate products.

Remember, the links on Instagram cannot be clicked, but they can be clicked if you share your Instagram posts on Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr. In order to view your posts on the Instagram app, make sure your links are catchy and short and make sure the destination page is used mobile.

Another reason why links are short and memorable is that you have to manually enter the image and video definitions into your mobile phone.

Expand your followers list

First, start by expanding your list of followers. But keep in mind that all images and videos on your Instagram page must be compatible with your list of followers. In fact, all the tips below should match your audience.

1- Attract contacts to yourself using images or videos. For example, if you sell e-books, share a photo of the book cover. If you are preparing training videos, share this 15-second video.

2- Prepare a personal message to use in your membership invitation. Prepare a 15-second welcome video explaining why subscribers should join your mailing list.

3- Did you get a return from the satisfied people? Ask them if you can use their return as evidence. If possible, create a visual with their names and feedback and share it on Instagram.

Make money by selling products

First decide whether you will sell physical products or digital products. For example, if you have a follower list of women, you may consider selling cosmetics, clothing, jewelry and health products. Here are a few ways to promote your product through Instagram:

Pre-launch your new product using promotional images and videos, so don’t show it completely. After enough curiosity, show the product completely. Use customized product hashtags (#) to increase excitement.

Create 15 seconds of ads for your product. Be sure to show which parts of your product you want to highlight.

Are there product opinion videos from customers? Create a 15-second video of the best views and share it on Instagram.

Do you have fans sharing your product photos using a specific hastag? Prepare a collage by selecting the best of these photos and share them on your page.

Prepare an album of your customers’ Instagram photos and share them on your website. Of course, get permission first. Show your potential customers how happy people are using your products. Doing so will increase your sales.

Make money by providing services

Whether you’re a web designer or an accountant, Instagram offers you plenty of opportunities to promote your service-based business. Here are some tips:

1- Use your portfolio of Instagram for your customers. This can be a screenshot of a graphic design, one of your most recent wedding photos, or a satisfied customer letter.

2- Follow your audience and review their business. A product designer can easily follow big brands and share ideas about the latest product packaging.

3- Advertise your services. Identify a problem and create a 15-second video showing how your product solves this problem.

4- Ask people who have similar problems to share photos about the problem using a special hastag. Turn this into a competition and give the winner 30 minutes of free advice. The winner will most likely want to receive the service, and those who do not will take care of your service in the same way.

5- Preparing visuals from customer opinions will be proof of your success.

Promote web-based seminars

Internet-based seminars are one of the best ways to sell products, because conversion rates are higher than email booms and only sales pages. The more people join, the better. Here are some tips for promoting internet-based seminars on Instagram:

1- Prepare a 15-second preview video for your web-based seminar.

2- Send graphs that remind you of the seminar day. At the same time, prepare a graph that tells the seminar is alive.

3- If you have received good feedback from participants from previous seminars, collect these views in a visual form and share them before the next seminar starts.

4- If you have more than one speaker, create a collage by sharing the passport photos of these people.

5- Share visuals of events that only participants can participate for free.

Earn money by selling affiliate items

You can increase your affiliate sales by using Instagram as an affiliate marketer.There are two options for the links you will share: 1- Affiliate product reviews, 2- Direct affiliate links.

Show your enthusiasm for the product you sell. Use multiple visuals and video updates to excite your followers.

Share images and videos showing results from certain affiliate products. People will be impressed when they see other people who achieve measurable results.

Prepare 15-second videos to encourage people to learn more.

If you have followers interested in making money online, share your application links so that they are affiliate under you and you earn commissions through them.Share screenshots of your latest affiliate commissions to impress people about the program.

Give bonuses to shoppers through your affiliate link. Prepare visuals or 15-second videos for bonuses.

Step-by-Step Instagram Monetization Guide

Instagram, once only a photo sharing platform, has become one of the most used social media platforms in less than seven years. In the last two years alone, it has doubled its user base and reached 700 million users. In August 2016, with the feature of instagram brought to the Instagram’a growth has progressed very quickly.

Monthly active Instagram user chart

People’s interest in Instagram, a simple visual sharing platform, is quite impressive.

The interest in Instagram has increased considerably over the last six years, and I don’t think people’s interest in this platform will diminish anytime soon.

Whatever your opinion about Instagram, people love Instagram. So much so that Instagram has become the most popular photo sharing platform right now.

I even use Instagram instead of Google Pictures when I need to look for a nice photo on any topic in most cases. Because Instagram is very easy to use and many of the photos are of very high quality.

Opportunity to make money through Instagram

What I love most about marketers is that they are committed to serving the audience. Because when you create good experiences for your expectations from the future, money comes with it.

For this, you have to have an audience and sell your products to this audience.This is now one of the most popular ways of making money on the internet.

Let’s talk about this now and let’s talk about the details. Let’s see how you can earn between $ 200 and $ 10,000 per month (or even more) from Instagram. But first I want to share with you the inspiring stories of 3 people who make money from Instagram:

1- Theresa Nguyen is not one of the young people you know. Theresa Nguyen shares videos of her homemade slime watched by hundreds of thousands of people on Instagram.

Theresa, whose profile is full of colorful shares, has reached 747,000 followers with only 228 videos and directs her Instagram followers to her online slime store.

Do you think Instagram users want to buy homemade slime from a young girl?

Definitely yes!

When I visited Theresa’s online slime store, I found that all slime on the site was exhausted. According to statistics, Theresa makes $ 3,000 a month. $ 3,000 a month is not a bad income for a 13-year-old girl whose family laughs when she shares the idea of ​​selling things she does with her family.

2- Because Instagram has a wide range of users, everyone has the opportunity to earn money through Instagram. Let’s look at the next star on our list that makes pretty good money through Instagram: Sara Tasker.

Sara, 32, lives in Yorkshire and has previously worked as a speech therapist.When he left a four-month maternity leave four years ago, he opened an Instagram account.

Sara’s motivation for her to create a profile on Instagram was free products and money offered by brands to Instagram users. Now, with 170,000 followers, Sara has become a micro-influencer.

Sara’s profile is filled with beautiful lifestyle photos she shares from her own life.According to accounts, Sara earned an average of £ 120,000 from Instagram last year. In addition to making money from sharing brands, Sara also coaches people in Instagram marketing.

3- If you think you need a large audience to make money on Instagram, meet Jeena Farmer! Warwickshire nutritional therapist and freelance writer Jeena Farmer has only 3,361 followers.

But the brands pay Jeena between £ 50 and £ 100 (on average $ 64 to $ 128) in exchange for sharing. They even have a package that charges £ 200 – £ 300 ($ 250 – $ 350) and includes an Instagram, blog post and tweet sharing.

There are articles on how to make money everywhere by sharing Instagram stories. But how do these powerful users actually manage their Instagram accounts correctly and use Instagram to make money?

I did some research, and as a result of my research, I learned how to start your own business without the need of a website of your own through Instagram alone.Of course, if you want, you can support yourself with Instagram by establishing a different business model.

In this article I will tell you about 9 ways to make money on Instagram. Since I want to keep my writing quite understandable, even if you haven’t heard about Instagram before, you’ll learn how to earn your first money from Instagram in just one month.

Making money through Instagram: Prerequisites

Sharing photos from your daily life by writing sweet words underneath may be enough to impress your friends, but it won’t help you to make money. So let’s see what it takes to make money.

1- Reach People and Inspire – Why should a brand pay an Instagram user like you?

Because they care about your audience and hope your users get the products of the brand thanks to the posts you share.

Thanks to its algorithm, Instagram shows your posts on the page of your followers who follow you more often. If you share your post at the right time and use the right tags, you can achieve faster organic growth than other social media platforms.

What if you only had a few hundred followers in the beginning?

Because your potential audience is not very large, the content you share isn’t shown by too many people and brands don’t pay you to promote their products.That’s why you’ll need a few thousand followers to make money on Instagram.

On the other hand, if you want to sell or advertise a product, you must have the ability to persuade (also known as “influence)) and your followers should take action on your recommendations. So you must be an influencer.

A good real-life influencer is Tim Ferriss. When Tim Ferriss agreed with the company to promote Mizzen + Main products in his podcast, the company’s expectation was that all stocks would run out. The company’s CEO and founder Kevin Lavelle confirmed the results of the Ferr Tim Ferriss effect al.

Biri One of the best decisions I made to grow the Mizzen + Main brand was that we had a sponsorship agreement with Tim Ferriss. “There’s really a Tim Ferriss effect, Kev says Kevin Lavelle.

This means that it is not enough to open an account and get a few thousand followers. You must also have a strong and respected Instagram personality.

2- Obtaining Loyal Followers – Obtaining more followers will surely caress your ego. Even when you look mathematically, getting more followers increases your chances of appearing on the Instagram homepage.

What if your posts don’t interest people?

That’s when you start feeling that you’ve failed instead of trying to do better.

When I wrote more than four blogs at the same time, I experienced both success and failure. At that time I was showing off with the number of visitors to my sites.Now I understand that everything is about loyalty. When people visit your site you understand that you find solutions to the problems of people who follow you around you.

Similarly, if you rarely get comments and likes on your Instagram account, if people don’t share your profile and follow you, it means you’ve done something wrong.We’ll look at why your posts aren’t attracted to Instagram and how to solve your problem later in the article.

But for now, you should understand that even if you have 1,000 loyal followers, you have the potential to make money on Instagram. The reason brands want to work with you is because you share in your account to make a profit.

That’s what Jeena Farmer does. Because all the posts he shares have an impact on his followers, he pays pretty well for the shares he shares with health brands Jeena. See a post Jeena shared below. Although he has 3,368 followers, Jeena posted 98 likes and 15 comments. This means that Jeena has over 3% loyal users.

Exceptional information except for the above information – Do you know why I hated chemistry most during my student years? After learning a lot of rules and balances, we always had to learn exceptional circumstances.

But I don’t think your situation is like this here.

If you plan to sell your products directly through Instagram, you don’t need a huge audience. For example, if you have a special talent such as photography, writing, drawing, video editing, Instagram only plays a functional role in providing your service.

You can start today by opening an Instagram account today, sharing 3-5 photos of your work and sending direct messages to your potential customers. Depending on your skills and experience, you can start earning customers and make money.

I hope you have understood that you don’t make that easy money through Instagram. This is a very time-consuming, demanding process.

In a nutshell, how do you get a large, loyal audience?

Let’s take a quick look at how you can grow on Instagram within a monetization framework. Here are 6 simple steps to follow.

1- Make the biography section flamboyant (use the link to your website wisely) – Whether you’re a brand or business that wants to promote and sell your products through Instagram, you’re an ordinary person who wants to make money;regardless of the situation, you must be strategic about the posts you share.

Biography part is very important part of Instagram. This is because the first time people visit your profile look directly at this section. So keep what you write in the biography section simple and direct. Let’s look at the profile of Foundr Magazine.

When you look at the biography section of Foundr Magazine, there are 3 important points they wrote to their biography:

  • To introduce themselves in more detail, they offer their followers a FREE issue of the magazine.
  • Using emojis, they draw the attention of the followers in the direction they want to draw.
  • It’s nice to add a link to the website because the followers can access it directly.

You can also show your creativity and personality in the biography section. If you have an interesting biography, people will probably click the “Follow” button.

Your profile photo or brand logo must be clear and high quality. You ask why?

Because Instagram is a visual platform and users expect to see a beautiful, quality image beyond what you write under your shares.

Important Tip: You can redirect your posts and followers regularly to the link on your Instagram biography. If you put a link with a extension in your profile, you will be able to change the content in the background with a extension.

2- Share regularly and return to comments – I can say that my relationship with my friends and family is good. I want to tell you a little bit about how I manage my relationships in my private life.

I regularly take time to my family and friends and tell them what is going on in my life and listen to their thoughts. If I don’t hear from any of my relatives for a while, I’m looking for them myself.

In fact, Instagram works similarly. Above all, Instagram is a social platform, in other words an offline extension of our offline human relationships.

In a 3-month analysis of over 100,000 Instagram shares, Tailwind Airlines found that more effective use of social media is through more interaction. However, they found that high interaction also had a major impact on the increase in the number of followers.

Looking at Instagram accounts that didn’t have the success they wanted, they have one thing in common: they don’t share every day. You must create time to be active on Instagram. For example, you can return to those who comment on your share.

Think of the comments that people make to your share as a kind of chat and don’t leave people unanswered. For example, you can set a tag for yourself and ask your followers to use that tag when they make posts related to your shares.Submissions created by your followers increase the credibility of your brand or your personal profile and gain the loyalty of your followers.

Although it is very important to share regularly, it is very important to share at the right time. Although most of us are constantly on the phone with us, we are working during breaks or during leisure time; better to share in the morning and evening.

3- Use hashtags associated with what you share in your posts – Tags have been used on social media platforms since 2007 to aggregate photos with similar themes. Labels on Instagram also work very well. Instagram allows you to add 30 tags to each post.

I recommend using between 10-15 labels per shipment. This is because you have reserved the space for writing and not for labels. Instagram can detect these tags even if you add your tags as the first comment instead of the description part of the post.

For example: Let’s look at the post that Foundr shares. Foundr uses the 36th issue of their magazines and their content about Gary Vaynerchuk.

You should not use random tags when using tags. You should always make sure that the tags you use are related and commonly used tags. Therefore, I recommend that you do a preliminary investigation of which labels are highly searched. Find out what tags are commonly used in your domain and see how many posts are shared with those tags.

For example I have 11,294,699 posts shared with the #Marketing tag when I write this post. After learning how many posts have been shared and the trend tags in your domain, I recommend creating 3 categories: low competition, medium competition and high competition.

Because now I’m going to ask you to put your research on the table. Below is a table of labels related to personal development and patience. In this table, labels used in less than 12,000 shipments are classified as low competition, labels used in shipments between 12 thousand and 100 thousand are classified as medium competition and labels used in more than 100 thousand shipments are classified as high competition.

Be sure to use tags from all three categories when sharing on Instagram. In this way, your post will appear in the top ranks because you use high-competitive labels among low-competitive labels.

After the labels, let’s examine the explanation part, which is another important issue.

In Instagram, you have 2,000 characters to be creative, to convey what you want to say and to make your followers feel what you want. Although there are no strict rules about what you will write in the explanation section, you should know your audience and write something according to it.

You can also make effective shares with one emoji or one or two words.

If you prefer, you can choose to be more descriptive, as Nat Geo does, and talk about objective phenomena.

Or you can use emojis and draw other people to your share by mentioning @ Instagram users in your description. For example, in the following post, Starbucks shared National Pink Day with pink heart emoji.

4- Improve the quality of your posts  If you have bad content since Instagram stopped showing chronological posts on users’ news feed page, you’re less likely to appear in the news feed. Competition on the platform is so great that 80% of Instagram users already follow a business or influencer account. This means that you are competing with others to attract people’s attention.

If you want to attract users, let’s take a look at the points you need to pay attention to.

I. Low quality photos: Because Instagram is a visual platform, blurry or boring photos don’t attract people’s attention. Similarly, the $ 1 photos you buy from stock photos. Your photos must be original in order to attract users. For example, you can let your employees use the Instagram page to attract people’s attention to your business’s Instagram page.

One of the best examples of this is HubSpot. HubSpot allows its employees to use their Instagram page, allowing #hubspotemployeetakeover and #humansofhubspotetiketi to share what’s going on in their lives.

ii. Continuous product ads: People use Instagram to see visual content from the lives of friends and family. They also want to see different aspects of brands, but they don’t want to be bombarded with promotional advertisements. As Melyssa does in the following post, you can share educational content and inspirational words with people.

You can even arrange sweepstakes to keep your followers interested.

5- Stand out with video sharing – Videos offer a rich content for visual communication. Moreover, it adds a different dimension to what you want to tell the people who follow you. As you all know, 2017 was the year of reklam advertising through video ”. 55% of video content delivered on mobile phones is less than 5 minutes.

Instagram allows users to share a maximum of 60 seconds of video. According to the surveys, users with the most followers regularly share video content on their Instagram. The impact of the videos on the audience is so noticeable that an average video gets 767 comments and an average photo gets 373 likes.

Keep in mind that people on social media don’t want you to make great videos with serious content.

Take, for example, the video of the gate of hell shot in Turkmenistan, shared by Tim Ferriss in his own account. A picture taken by Tim Ferriss may also interest us, but the video adds depth to the content.

6- Try to stay in touch with other influencers and brands – Sharing high-quality content and videos on your Instagram account will keep you moving forward, but it doesn’t guarantee you a fast growth.

If you want your account to grow rapidly, you should seek help from others. You should communicate with other influencers and take advantage of their social media power.

There are several ways to do this.

The first way is to mutually shoutout ( shoutout: if you introduce someone else’s profile to your profile, then that person will also introduce your profile to your account). If you want to follow this strategy, you can introduce the profiles of other influencers who are sharing on your shared topics in your own profile. Of course, in exchange for influencer whose profile you have introduced your profile in your own profile…

Another way is to buy Instagram shoutouts from influencers. This is how it works: you pay a fee to profiles that have a large audience to promote your profile or products, and to advertise.

For example, Foundr Magazine gained 14,000 followers in 2 weeks. I will discuss the Shoutout strategies in more detail below.

A Special Note on Instagram Stories – Instagram’s story feature is used by 200 million users a day. People like to share their lives and see the lives of the people they follow. It is interesting that the stories are shot instantly and being able to see them in only 24 hours after sharing arouses a sense of urgency.

Looking at the users who use Instagram’s story feature the most, one third of the people sharing the story have a business profile.

So how does the story system work? The stories are ranked on the user’s home page as a video playlist. My advice to you is to share 5 stories a day. You can share videos that can attract the attention of your followers by writing over your photos and adding fancy stickers such as emojis and gifs.

For example, Beyond Yoga, a clothing brand, uses the story feature of Instagram in a beautiful way. It makes people feel closer to the brand by showing their products live on the models. Moreover, they direct users to the site where they will shop on these photographs they share in their stories.

If you want to make your Instagram profile interesting for other users, you can share fun and intriguing videos and photos, and put text and stickers on the content you share. As long as the strategy you use to grow in Instagram is different from others, it is inevitable that you will grow faster.

Yes, after talking about strategies on how to attract people on Instagram, it’s time to talk about how you can make money on Instagram!

Ways to Make Money on Instagram # 1 – Making Sponsored Shares

I must say that making sponsored shares is the most popular way to make money from Instagram.

But as you can imagine, if you have a few hundred followers, no brand will want to sponsor you. But on the other hand, people with more than 7 million followers receive an average of $ 150,000 per sponsored share.

There are two approaches to making sponsored shares: the priority that the follower takes and the business-oriented approach.

1- The approach that the follower takes priority: You share photos according to your interests and lifestyle and these photos reflect your character to some extent.No matter how much strategy you try to move forward, you share a part of your character in the shares you share. Therefore, as you share photos and earn organic followers, brands will come to you themselves.

2- Business-oriented approach: After experiencing that sharing sponsored content on Instagram is a very lucrative way, you may want to continue business-oriented. In doing so, you need to make sponsorship, that is, the companies you want to work with to reach you, you must share in the direction of their interest.

In other words, by sharing high quality content, you should use strategically determined labels and address the audience of that brand. You may think that this strategy is not correct, but if you want to make money from Instagram, you should proceed towards this goal. Keep in mind; after a certain place this is completely “work”!

Whichever of the above strategies you want to follow, your content should be unique, high quality and interesting under any circumstances.

As you move along this path, make sure you don’t sponsor brands that you don’t believe in and don’t buy too many sponsored content for the sake of making money. This is because sponsorships that you receive from the review or that you receive too much may cause your followers to lose confidence in you; this will cause you to lose followers.

Do you want to know how much you can earn from your sponsored shares?

According to founder John Rampton, you should start with 0.25-0.50 cents for each appreciation and 1 lira for each comment. You can find out how much revenue you can get by multiplying these figures with the average number of likes and comments you receive per post.

Take the account of Foundr Magazine, which has millions of followers. According to the above account, Foundr Magazine earns over $ 600 per sponsored share.This is a pretty good price nowadays.

How to Make Money From Instagram with Sponsored Posts – As I explained above, you need to have an average of 5,000 followers and a high interaction rate for brands to sponsor you.

If you meet these criteria, you earn money from sponsored posts as follows:

  1. You are creating a sponsored Instagram post (this may be a video or photo)
  2. To advertise the brand, you tag the brand in your post and share your views on the brand and add related tags
  3. Share this post on your profile with your followers
  4. After you do all this, you are paid by the brand

Let’s illustrate an example to better understand the logic of making money by sharing sponsored posts.

A few years ago, when Star Wars: The Power Awakens was released , Lucasfilm and HP signed with musician Rudy Mancuso to attract people’s attention, and Rudy created his own Star Wars promotional music.

Rudy made a video with his dog Chewbacca on the Star Wars promotional music he composed.

And as you can see, this video that Rudy shared has received over 66,000 likes.

Although Rudy isn’t a celebrity like Kanye West or Taylor Swift, he has a huge audience and makes money through his influence on the audience.

6 Marketing Platforms for Influencers Who Want to Make Money From Instagram: Instead of waiting for brands to reach you, you can access the opportunities available through several platforms.

1- Tribe – Tribe acts as a bridge between influencers and brands. You can earn money by searching for the leading brands and tagging the brand to your post to make money using your creativity.

Tribe’s average price list based on the number of followers of your Instagram account.

2- Influicity – Influicity is a huge plaform with over 3 million influencer databases.To start using Influicity, you are asked to fill out a short form with your personal information and your audience.

Once you’ve created your profile, you’ll be able to see offers offered by advertisers to create content and start collaborating with brands.

3- Hyprbrands – Hyprbrands claim to be the world’s largest influencer discovery and communication platform. Since Hyprbrands is a brand-oriented platform, brands pay attention to the distribution of followers and the number of views of the influencers they want to sponsor.

4- Revfluence – Another platform includes both Instagram and YouTube. In Revfluence, influencers and brands have the opportunity to communicate with each other in many areas from beauty to play.

You can earn between $ 50 and $ 1000 per Instagram or YouTube content in your sponsorship agreements through Revfluence.

5- Famebit – Google’s established platform Famebit is an influencer marketing platform developed mainly for making sponsorship agreements through YouTube.Instagram has recently changed the application programming interface for third parties, so you can’t sync your Instagram account to your Famebit account.

6- Hypetap – Only influencers invited by Hypetap can register to Hypetap. The reason for this is that Hypetap only accepts people who produce content with high credibility and have a considerable audience on social media. When you enter the site, you can contact Hypetap by filling out the form.

If you want to see your own interaction rate and know if you have the right audience to receive an invitation, you can log in to your Instagram username and ask Hyptetap to do your Instagram profile review.

Another bonus platform for enthusiasts: Tapinfluence – Tapinfluencer has an average monthly earnings of $ 763.50 for an influencer!

In Tapinfluencer, influencers communicate with influencers, not brands. Therefore, it is possible to say that Tapinfluencer has a different approach to influencers compared to other platforms.

If you want, you can easily register to the platform and create your profile by entering your information.

How Should You Deal with Brands?

I know legal jargons aren’t a lot of fun for most of us. But believe me, during my career, I’ve dealt with the problem of many legal inaccuracies.

Therefore, before you deal with a brand, you must legally state your mutual expectations and create an agreement that will benefit each other. So how do you do that?

Note: The following agreement details are for illustrative purposes only and should be considered as a template for startup. Since I am not a lawyer, please consult a professional if you need legal advice.

If you are not a third party inluencer marketing platform user, your agreement should include the following details.

  • Expected post sharing interval and sponsorship period
  • Features of the content you want to share (photo or video content)
  • Details on how to pay
  • And special details between the two parties

Before you start a job, you need to know what kind of work you are involved in. So feel free to talk with your brand details and legal process.

Ways to Make Money on Instagram # 2 – Promote the product you want to market on Instagram

Now let’s look at the advertising event as a brand: the part where you pay influencers to advertise your product.

How can influencers advertise? With the Instagram shoutouts described as yöntem the way you take a screenshot of someone else’s profile and share it on your own Instagram account to promote it gibi as we explained above. Shoutouts increase the number of followers of your profile and promote your products or brand in a very effective way.

But first of all, you need a product that you can advertise. If you have products of a particular brand you like, you can proceed in this direction.

Work with influencers by purchasing Shoutout – Go to, a platform where you can connect with influencers who produce quality content and have a large audience, and buy “shoutout dan from influencer.

What is this “shoutout”? Shoutout can be summarized as ası introducing you to someone else ”. Shoutout is the easiest way to promote a product in a short period of time without huge costs.

What should he pay attention to? If you want to buy shoutout from someone, there are a few things to consider:

  • Number of followers
  • Account counts per post
  • Biography part of the account

The point of attention is to deal with an influencer with at least 50,000 followers to increase your interaction rate. Because an influencer with few followers, the shoutout will not return to you. But when you find an influencer that you think will meet your needs, you can add that influencer to your cart and create your order and pay.

That is all!

As you take the right steps and make the right choices, your feedback will be great.Especially if the product you put on the market is the right product, you can see this improvement in sales rates very easily. By keeping this information in a corner of your mind, you can combine different products with different influencers and announce your brand’s name to the masses and increase your sales easily.

We’ve learned how to buy shoutout, but what about good shoutout content?When advertising a product, you should pay attention to the fact that the share is good looking, but not over sales. Here are a few tips:

  • Do not use the photo of the product – People are interested in results and care.Therefore, show the product you are introducing to people with the results during the application phase. When people see how positive the outcome of the product is, they will be more moderate to receive the product.
  • Use only relevant labels – Placing 30 irrelevant labels under the product you’re advertising shows only that you want to sell the product and you’re desperate, which doesn’t have a positive impact on your potential customers.
  • Shorten your links – If the product link is a long link with irrelevant characters, you can get a more professional look by shortening this link to format.

How can you get rid of the negativities that come when introducing your product? Criticism is a condition that influencers often encounter. Think like this;when you have a large audience following you, you have a responsibility to people of different cultures and ethnicities. You need to understand that these people have different ideas and perspectives.

You have to think twice about the message you will give in your posts. Because your image directly affects the image of your brand and reduces your chances of making money from Instagram.

Your followers can criticize you for making money from Instgram, even if you share a post that is of high quality, of value and that may disturb a small number of followers.

What are the ways to deal with bad reviews? Let’s have a look.

1- Do not respond to trolls – It is always good to keep quiet. A discussion on social media will seriously affect not only your image but also your work.

2- Be transparent when advertising the product.  69% of influencers say their followers don’t react much when they post a “sponsored içerik content they post.

3- Promote only the products you really like – When you promote only the products you love with your followers, you will gain the love and loyalty of your followers. In this way, your influence on your followers will be greater. .

Should you get Influencer shoutouts or use Instagram ads?

These two tactics are based on the same basic idea. This basic idea is that you want the product you want to promote to be seen by thousands or even millions of people at a time and you make money.

That’s exactly what I like about the Shoutouts. It is possible to reach a very large audience in one night. Although advertising on Instagram is less costly than shoutouts, the effect of shoutouts is much greater.

Think like this; You only pay $ 30 for an Instagram influencer for a shoutout. But in a very short period of time your product is brought to the front of half a million or even more people. So when you think this way it becomes more profitable to buy shoutout.

Ways to Make Money Through Intagram # 3 – Buy your products online

In terms of time investment, this is the most time-consuming tactic.

However, there is no guarantee that there will be great things to come back to you.

The basic process for this tactic is to follow.

  1. Open an online store (for example, it could be a clothing store, sell your products through platforms like Shopify or Etsy)
  2. Create an Instagram account that fits your brand’s style
  3. Promote your products through your Instagram account
  4. Earn money

My favorite thing about the Internet is the opportunities it offers for people who can use the right resources to their advantage. For example, a lot of printing companies have emerged where you can design your desired design on t-shirts, hats, bags and more without the need for capital, at very low prices.

Using these opportunities, you can create your own store and sell them on Instagram.

The best example of this is an Instagram page called Doug the Pug.

As the name suggests, Doug the Pug is about the life of Doug, one of the coolest and sweetest dogs on the internet. Doug’s followers follow Doug and become part of their adventure.

Doug the Pug now has 3.2 million followers.

Doug is so popular that he even has a book called Doug the Pug: King of Pop Culture; If you think that a dog is not able to write a book under normal circumstances, this book has a very interesting aspect.

Doug the Pug also has its own online store, where they sell their own logo t-shirts, hats, mugs, plush toys.

To summarize, Doug’s owner has created a big brand.

And he managed to do it only through the Instagram page.

Considering that the page has 3.2 million followers, it is not difficult to predict that they attract good customer traffic to their stores. Doug the Pug is a good example of how Instagram can be effectively used to create a brand from scratch.

You can buy Doug the Pug as a sketch and you can start creating your own brand and sell your own products. You just need to be a little creative and act with a different perspective that will get people excited and make purchases from you.

Of course, the job does not end with finding creative ideas. You should spend your time. But if you want to reach a truly loyal and loving audience, you have to be generous with time.

Do not build your store without feeling ”trust“…

What is the most important thing for you to shop from one place?

Confidence. Because if you don’t trust a brand, you don’t want to spend your money shopping. So how can you get people to build a strong bond with your brand?

Look from the customer’s point of view – As a brand you should share content that will enable people to connect with you. Airbnb uses Instagram very effectively.Because when you look at Airbnb’s Instagram page, they share intimate content that will encourage people to travel. But there is a very nice point; Airbnb’s Instagram posts aren’t all serious. Sometimes they share fun things we can call trinkets. This makes Instagram accounts more engaging and intimate.

Share with your followers what’s going on in the background of your business –create a face for your brand. Let people know your brand and you. Share with people how things work in the background of your business. Because people are more interested in sincere and natural ingredients. As the greatest proof of this, we can illustrate the following photo, which attracts a lot of attention.

Encourage people using your products to produce content related to your product! – There can be no greater support than people using your products can produce content related to your product. For example, the content in Adobe’s Instagram profile consists of content that Adobe users send to Adobe to share.

Deliver an impressive visual story – make sure your post- sharing times are organized and your Instagram posts are in sync. If you manage to stay constant in the harmony you have achieved, your followers will be greatly impressed.

Set up a store on Instagram – Because Instagram is a mobile social media platform, it can be quite complicated for people to buy your products through Instagram. That’s why you can set up an online store on Instagram and create your own customer base.

There are two platforms that make Instagram a sort of shopping platform: Soldsie and Yotpo.

A good example: Making money from Instagram by opening a clothing brand

The Votrends account on Instagram was able to upgrade its account to 54,000 followers in just 4 months and decided to create a clothing brand.

They started by advertising other brands’ products on their Instagram accounts.Before entering the clothing industry, they offered only 3 T-shirts for sale and evaluated their followers’ reactions. They even organized a draw to increase the interaction in their profiles.

If you already have your products ready for sale, what should you do to make money through Instagram?

If you already have your own brand and all you want to do is to make money on Instagram by growing your business online, it is easier. In this case, you can ask your permanent customers to present their views on your brand in their profiles.Because the content produced by your customers will have a greater impact on your potential customers. 
You can even create a gallery of visual social evidence on your own site and share the photos of your customers.

Have you ever heard of Timothy Sykes ?

He specializes in buying and selling small stocks and has made millions in this way.

Timothy, who earned $ 500,000 on Instagram, was also attracted by major media outlets, such as Business Insider and, after Instagram shares attracted attention.

Timothy Sykes: sat I was able to earn big money by selling my own training package on Instagram. ”

Ways to Make Money on Instagram # 4- Be an Instagram marketing consultant

I could get help from the search engines to find out the most used keywords when I expanded my first block, but I knew it would take quite a long time to do some useful research. According to Ahrefs, 22% of the top 10 Google search results rankings have less than 10 years of history.

This means that the best way to make your brand popular is social media ;especially if you are a newly established brand. Most brands understand the importance of social media. Therefore, they form their marketing strategies in this direction.

But surprisingly, 49% of brands do not already have a business strategy, although brands carry out their business through tactics. Brands that do not have this strategy offer you a good opportunity. If you have absorbed social media, you can help brands to rise easily.

But the interesting thing is that when you write an “Instagram marketing expert a to Google, there are still sites that offer consulting services in this area. This means that the market is still not a highly competitive market.

How much money can you make as a consultant?

I researched Instagram marketing experts who work freelance through the site Upwork and found out that these so-called “consultants ığ earn between $ 16 and $ 75 an hour. With experience and expertise, I’m sure you’ll be able to do a little work.

Here’s a simple 3-step way to make money on Instagram:

New to the world of social media and Instagram?

Then you should increase your credibility by better understanding Instagram operation.

You don’t need hundreds or thousands of followers to increase your reliability.

However, if you want, you can see the section of the article about how to earn followers on Instagram. But it is never enough to have a large audience.

To increase your credibility with Instagram, we can split the process into 3 steps:

Step 1 – Create a profile that will interest people

Step 2 – Make a list of reasons why people want to work with you

Step 3 – Get a good sales rate; in this way brands will want to pay you more money.

I accept that you have already taken the first step, kurma Starting a business on Instagram ”. If you manage to keep the interaction rate high on your profile and gain the trust of your followers, you can automatically gain the trust of brands.

But don’t always expect brands to reach you. You can also access brands using Instagram’s direct messages .

How to set up a successful social media consulting business?

If you wish to make this business long-term, I recommend you to add the following additional steps to your future plans.

1- Decide carefully what your target market is and introduce yourself to the audience through Instagram using the tactics mentioned above. It will help you to improve your relationship with influencers in your area.

2- Create a commendable portfolio. Get started by offering free advice to familiar business profiles.

3- Keep track of how much time you devote to each job, even if you initially offer free service, and create a business plan of how to work with new businesses.

  • Remember, you should have a regular, concise communication with the customer portfolio you will create yourself.
  • For this, you can create a diagram showing the developments in the social media accounts of the business you are consulting.

4- Advertise your service using customer comments. I explained how the comments written by the customers above increased the value of your brand. In this way, it is possible to multiply your earnings.

Preferably (recommended): Share content on your blog regularly. If you write content on areas of interest to your target audience, your site’s SEO makes it easier. Your rate of display and presence in searches increases and you take your own power.

When consulting, remember that your customers’ references are important to your potential customers. To summarize, it is possible to increase your earnings significantly by influencing your customers and establishing strong bonds with them.

How can you measure your success as an Instagram marketing consultant?

1- Increase in the number of followers  Besides the quality of your followers, the increase in the number of your followers is just as important. Because the increase in your followers means that your community has grown. In order to measure your success, you can follow the increase in the number of your followers with percentages.

2- Interaction – When your followers interact with you, it means that people like what you do. See how often your audience likes to share, like, and comment on content.

Compared to other social media platforms, the rate of organic interaction per follower in Instagram is quite high.

3- Revenue – Instagram gives you the opportunity to turn your profile into a business profile. But whether you use this feature or not, you can earn a good income depending on your marketing strategies.

4- Referral from social media platforms – Since Instagram only allows clickable links in the biography section, it is very difficult to measure your “referral” rate using links.

5- Ad usage – If you use paid ads to increase the impressions of your posts in your customers’ profiles, you should distinguish between the increase in the number of followers you get in organic ways and the increase in paid ads.

Before I move on to the next Instagram monetization tactic, I want to add some additional information. 4 apps to help you control your customers’ social media profiles:

1- Freshbooks – A nice application that helps you send things like invoices, reports to your customers and organize your expenses. This application is highly recommended by successful entrepreneur Pat Flynn.

2- ConvertKit – If you want to direct your Instagram followers directly to your site, you will need a tool that will collect your customers’ emails in the database. With its powerful features, ConvertKit is a highly accessible solution.

3- Cyfe – Want to track the impact of social media on the brand? Cyfe helps you deliver the necessary business data with beautiful visual diagrams. You can automatically send weekly business reports to your customers through Cyfe.

4- Later – If you have to log in to Instagram to make any updates, you will waste your time. Later allows you to plan when to share your shipments and set a date for them, taking some of the workload off you.

Ways to Make Money on Instagram # 5 – Convert your expertise to a digital product and sell it to your Instagram followers

I’ve been blogging for over 12 years. I’ve seen bloggers adopt a wide variety of business models in such a long time. While making money by advertising on your website is one of the most common ways of making money on the internet, the sale of information products has been popular for the last few years.

Information products; So online courses, e-books and webinars are very trendy right now. Online video courses at Udemy are sold as snacks.

When you return the content you provide to your followers to a viable package course, people will treat you more respectfully and your content will cost you money. If you want to share your information with people and sell your experiences in a field that you are an expert to other people, you should create a digital product.But there’s a problem.

Starting from scratch, you need to have an audience that believes in you and will spend money to learn from you. You can show this information to your audience by sharing your knowledge and experiences on Instagram with your followers.

You may be wondering why you should not rely on search engines to gain followers. Because SEO and other marketing strategies give slow results. If your goal is to sell a specific online course that you produce, you can get faster results by promoting your brand on Instagram.

All you need to do is create content, share it on Instagram and follow the Instagram followers strategies I mentioned above.

If you understand the importance of information products, let’s move on to the next step.

Redirect your Instagram followers to your site – Foundr Magazine has hundreds of thousands of followers thanks to its links to its Instagram biography, which has successfully directed its followers to the site.

Foundr’s founder, Nathan, sells his Instagram marketing strategies for $ 1,997 as an online course called “Instagram Domination..

Follow the profiles that are the best in Instagram marketing strategy. Foundr has a huge pool of potential buyers on Instagram. And many of his followers are also keen on foundr’s paid online courses.

Do you want to understand in more detail how Foundr redirects people from Instagram to your page? Foundr used Instagram to turn it into a good strategy.They provided online, free e-books, such as layan How to get 10,000 followers ine to their followers who clicked on the link in their profiles.

Foundr offers links to his profile, not only ebooks, but also free trial versions of their content.

When followers click on the link on Foundr’s profile and enter their email address to get free content, they can access all other free content on Foundr.

There is a reason why Foundr wants their followers’ e-mail addresses to provide free content to their followers; create a mailing list. Foundr makes a huge profit even if only 200,000 of those on this mailing list sell one of their paid online courses.

If you sell e-books for 20 dollars, people will naturally be more likely to buy them.So you can decide what kind of product you want to sell and how much you value it by consulting your followers that make up your potential audience.

For example: In 2015, Bryan Harris earned $ 750,000 for a video course nasıl How to get 10,000 followers ”. Now he says he is considering producing a new course content, but he doesn’t want to do a 10-hour video course like the first one.

Because his followers want to learn and apply basic knowledge instead of drowning in too much information.

Launching your product and hidden danger – Build and grow your brand with your storytelling skills; set up your website and create a mailing list of your customers; Keep your communication tight with your customers.

Unfortunately, in real business, the process does not always proceed in this way.Even so many of you may not succeed in making money by selling an online course or a product. If you are not successful, there are 3 reasons:

  • Your ideas are exhausted
  • You have no confidence that you are good at business
  • You’ve put a product on sale, but no one wants to buy it.

It’s a pretty bad feeling to be living one of these three situations. I know from my own experience that this is a bad feeling. But I have solutions for all these problems.

First, you need to determine whether your product will be in demand by offering a skeleton version to your followers before launching a product. So what is this skeleton version and how is it created? Let’s have a look.

The best way to decide what content to create is to look for best-selling products and online courses in your domain from sites like Udemy.

Another way is to ask your Instagram followers what kind of products they like to buy and do a survey for it.

Bryan Harris used these strategies before deciding what to sell. Harris made an analysis by creating a list of the most popular blog posts and finally created the online “product hypothesis” course. He then created a Google form to find out what people thought about a course on this topic. Then he sent back all the people who showed interest in this form by mail one by one and asked if they would like to take the “product hypothesis” course. He took 39 pre-orders before he put the course online.

When Harris put his course online, he won 220,750 thousand dollars in just 10 days!

Pretty good, huh?

You can get help from your Instagram and website to find product ideas you can earn. Or you can ask your followers what kind of product they would like via an Instagram post. In this way, your followers can give your opinion by commenting on your post and sending direct messages. Then put a link on your profile to direct your followers to the survey and ask your followers to complete this survey.

Instagram is not just a photo sharing platform. In 2015, I only sold my training package and earned more than TL 100,000 thousand within 3 months. What I did to make my training package sell so much was simple. I signed with Instagram influencers with a large audience and asked them to advertise my training package.

You can find the most suitable idea for yourself and earn thousands of pounds.Who knows, maybe you’il be more successful than you might have expected!

Note: You can also sell your online courses through platforms that already have a large customer base, such as Skillshare and Udemy. However, if you wish to sell your online course through these platforms, you must adhere to their pricing policies.

Ways to Make Money on Instagram # 6 – Attract Youtube viewers with Instagram videos

The world needs more creative people. If you are a youtube content producer, I recommend you a nice business model. So I recommend that you continue reading the rest of the article.

In the 90s, sitcoms were very popular, and everyone was watching those sitcoms at that time. Now, with the new generation of internet series and fun videos have become popular.

I love watching and watching these videos shared on Youtube platform. Youtube platform where you can find not only entertainment videos but also videos in every field such as education, one billion hours of video content is watched every day.

As I said; There are not only fun videos, cat videos, sweet baby videos on Youtube.70% of YouTube viewers believe that YouTube content producers are shaping popular culture.

Which they’re right about. So who are these YouTube content producers, and who are they actually maintaining their lives?

Youtube content producers are not only people like singers, comedians, filmmakers, but also normal people like you and me.

To give you some insight into Youtube content, you can see the most popular content categories on Youtube by category below.

Entertainment 31.6%

Style 18.4%

Comedy 16.1%

Education 13.9%

Daily Vlogs 7.4%

Science and Technology 7.4%

Music 3.8%

Film and Animation 0.8%

Pets 0.1%

Now, let’s get to the real issue, money. Youtube content producers make money through the ads they show on their videos. According to data from Youtube, since 2007, Youtube has paid a total of $ 2 billion to content producers.

But there are other ways to win Youtube.

One of these ways is to cooperate with brands. A Youtube content producer with between 1 and 3 million subscribers earns $ 125,000 per sponsored content. Yes, you read it right! According to Economist’s research, Youtube content producers earn more money than content producers on other social media platforms (even if the number of followers is the same).

So how does all this relate to Instagram?

If you are a Youtube phenomenon and want to grow even more, Instagram is like a gold mine for you. Instagram and Youtube are two effective platforms when used together. Instagram is a platform where you can communicate and connect with your followers by producing shorter content, while Youtube is a platform where you share the latest, finished and professional form of your content.

You can increase the number of views of your Youtube videos using Instagram.How Does? Let’s look together:

1- Make a short version of your newly published Youtube video and share it on Instagram and let people get excited about your content – Do you want the YouTube video you are about to get more attention? Then Instagram’s stories feature a unique opportunity.

You can share your videos behind the scenes with your followers and interest them using Instagram’s stories feature. Tyler, who owns a Music is Win account, had shared a photo of his episode on Instagram where he shredded his guitar, a section of the video, before sharing his new video on Youtube. And he was able to draw the attention of his followers greatly.

If you want to promote your videos, 60 seconds of short videos you can share on Instagram is a great option.

Below, Majestic Casual introduced his new song with a short video he shared on his Instagram account. And this short video was watched by over 2,000 people, and most of them clicked on the link that Majestic Casual shared in their profiles to listen to the full version of the song. If you’re a musician, it’s a good option to publish small parts of your songs on your Instagram account and direct people to buy full versions via the link on your profile.

You don’t need to shoot a video to promote your new song on Instagram, or you can also share a section of your Youtube video. The choice is entirely up to you.

Whatever you do, sharing a short video on Instagram is the most effective and best way to deliver new content in every aspect.

2- Share sections from your real life and strengthen your ties with your followers – Have you paid to buy a product of a brand you’ve never heard of before? Very rare, isn’t it?

As an artist, you must communicate and connect with the audience that follows you. Because otherwise you can’t expect people to watch your content or spend money on your content.

Taking videos about your Vlog or private life and sharing these videos on Youtube helps your followers to connect with you. You can think of Instagram as an extension of Youtube where you show your followers what’s happening in your daily life.

See, for example, Instagram of Youtube content producer Devin Graham. You can see Devin’s last travels on Instagram. For example, he shared this photo he took at Muckross Abbey, saying, bir an eerie experience ”.

A few days before this photo, he shared a beautiful family photo. As you can see, Devin’s followers enjoy seeing parts of Devin’s private life.

If you want, you can make your followers feel special with the shares you make on your Instagram account. For example, you can share any content generated by your followers about you or your brand in your own account. In this way, you can keep your followers active and follow you more tightly.

If you follow your visitor statistics, you can shoot a video together by selecting a follower who follows you the most closely on Instagram.

3- Use Instagram to interact with your followers and find content ideas – One day you can come and start thinking that your creativity is running out. This is what happens to all artists. But you’re lucky. Because your Instagram followers can inspire your new content. It’s a very effective tactic to encourage your followers to contact you and ask them to ask you questions or give you ideas.

This is the best feature of Instagram; the interaction rate is increasing compared to other social media platforms. People like each other’s sharing, leave comments and even answer each other’s questions.

4- Use hashtags to get new followers – the Internet is a crazy place where new content is generated every second. Therefore, the best way to ensure success on the internet at the same time to reach people through different platforms.

For example, Instagram allows you to reach different people who are interested in different topics by using different tags. Depending on the subject of your Youtube video, you can add tags with up to 30 tags in your posts and get more views.

You can even assign a tag to yourself and add it to every post you share. Once you’ve managed to reach enough people, then every shipment you share will reach more people, just as a snowball rolls and grows.

But if you want to take your Instagram interactions with your followers to a different dimension, you can also make sweepstakes.

5- Collaborate with Influencers to reach more people – remember that I said above that Instagram influencers earn $ 50 or more for each sponsored share they share on Instagram?

This is a pretty good strategy to increase your number of views. Instagram is a platform that allows you to attract more people to Youtube, so you can earn more money from YouTube ads.

To summarize, it is useful to share your videos on different platforms on social media.

How to Make Money on Instagram # 7: Market your Airbnb home via Instagram

I think you like to work hard (ie you’re not here for the easy way to make money tactics) and you’re ready to do a few trials with contemporary business ideas. I believe very much that big money is earned by doing small jobs and I have even written books on this topic.

Let me introduce you to some unique opportunities, keeping this in mind throughout the rest of the text. You may not know me, but I travel a lot and therefore stay in hotels too. So much so that I even sold my luxury apartment.Because I didn’t need it.

Now I have a couple of similar recommendations: If you have an extra room in your house and you live in a tourist area, you can consider renting an empty room.

If you are not a social person who likes to meet new people, the idea of ​​renting your room may bother you, but listen to what I have to say.

I’m sure you’ve heard a lot about Airbnb. Airbnb has more than 100 million users and more than 640,000 servers all over the world. If you haven’t heard anything about Airbnb, be sure to hear it from me. They have become a really big company.Airbnb provides an exceptional opportunity for people traveling on a job-dependent basis and looking for a suitable accommodation. The sector Airbnb is in is a challenging and competitive sector.

“Airbnb: Stay in unique homes and experience the city like a native”

Nevertheless, Airbnb continues to develop and grow rapidly, and Airbnb is expected to reach approximately half a billion annually in five years and approximately one billion annually by 2025.

Do you know what you can do on Airbnb?

  • You can double your rental income by starting short-term renting of your long-term rented house within a year.
  • There are a lot of people winning six digit coins through airbnb. Super hosts are more likely to earn six-digit money from Airbnb as revenue.

Now, as you can imagine, it’s time to promote your Airbnb home via Instagram. I’il go into the details later. First, let’s try to understand the details and subtleties of making money with Airbnb.

Make a nice entrance on Airbnb

People are looking for accommodation on Airbnb. If you want to start a business on Airbnb, you’ll need:

  • In addition to the maintenance we will make to ensure the continuation of the work, the effort and time required for a fully furnished house
  • To be able to cover the expenses of the facilities you provide next to the accommodation (breakfast, cleaning and similar services)
  • Compliance with the laws of the country where you live (it is very important to consult a lawyer in the country where you live because you may have to pay fines at exorbitant prices at the end of the job)
  • What you will experience as a host (cleaning, local guidance)
  • Providing enough personal space for your guests while providing enough private space

The more rules you set and the more expensive the price, the less reservations you will be made. Try to make your home attractive to guests by offering affordable space and prices. Try to describe the room you will rent with as much detail as possible.

  1. Is it the house or the room you rent?
  2. Are there attractions nearby?
  3. Are there any buildings or statues around your house that will help your guests find your home easy?
  4. Type additional services with fees (such as Wi-Fi, electricity, food, etc.)
  5. Can guests drink and smoke at home? Can he bring his own pets? Write down things and restrictions that you don’t want done at home.

Also, remember to take high-quality, wide-angle photos that show both inside and outside of your rental space. If you identify yourself as adventurous and like to deal with data, I suggest you take a look at Airdna, an analysis tool.

Here are some copywriting tips for you on Airbnb:

  • Airbnb allows you to use 500 characters in the summary part where you promote your room. So be sure to use it wisely. Be short, concise and honest.
  • Put a professional picture and contact information on your profile (your information will not be shared with anyone until the guest makes a reservation).
  • Use compelling headlines and interesting descriptions, but avoid over-praising the space you rent.
  • Do good research and put in a price that is neither cheap nor expensive. The price you put is a competitive price.

How can you expand your Airbnb business with a unique profile on Instagram?  The idea of ​​people staying in the home of someone they do not know naturally causes reservations. Therefore, these people want to feel comfortable at home and know that their hosts are friendly people. Airbnb reviews are a great way to create credibility in people, but 82% of people renting a house or room on Airbnb are 4.5 stars or more.

How do you get people to choose your Airbnb house?

Instagram can really help you with this. Instagram is a platform where you can easily market your rental and show your hospitality.

Here are the tips on marketing your Airbnb through your home Instagram:

1- Provide a virtual tour to people who will travel – Show people where you rent. Show how tidy, tidy, comfortable and beautiful your rented area is. If you have a great view from your balcony, share it on your Instagram profile and make it accessible to people.

Nearby restaurants and organizations can also add a different dimension to your guest’s experience. That is why you should always include your house and its surroundings in your sharing.

Share them if you provide different opportunities such as local guidance, maps or any culinary culture.

2- Share posts or videos where guests you have previously expressed their thoughts – User-generated content is the fastest way to build trust. Allow your guests to share their experiences with you. If you left a thank you note, take a picture of it and share it on Instagram.

It may even help if you show your former guests and share your experience with them. By doing this you show how much you enjoy hosting people. If you ask me, I’d say take a separate photo with every person you entertain as a guest. In this way, you will reinforce all your memories and this will be a good share for Instagram.

3- Make special discounts for special occasions – the whole event of Instagram is brand awareness. But if you don’t sell your product constantly, your audience will not care much about your uncommon product.

I recommend updating the average price on Instagram as the season changes. If the season is dead season, you can announce to your audience that you make special discounts for the days that are not booked. Make a limited offer to allow people to book your Airbnb home.

4- Save faces from being boring by adding faces to your home promotion – if you like meeting new people, having long conversations about life and travel, show it on your Instagram profile. Your Instagram profile should not be like an ordinary realtor profile trying to rent a house. Try to personalize your Instagram profile. Take photos of yourself and share them on your profile.

If you are humble, cheerful and funny, don’t forget to show it on your Instagram profile. Even a small smile can make you a more sympathetic choice and increase the likelihood of your guests making reservations.

5- Advertise for people traveling in your city and near your area – Want to get more bookings by spending a little money?

Then use Instagram’s powerful target detection features and place paid ads.Airbnb itself has achieved great success by collaborating with Instagram. You can achieve great success using Instagram. Here are some tips on giving you paid Instagram ads:

You should blend the tips I gave above with the Instagram marketing strategies I’ve discussed before. For example: Searching and using 5 or more relevant tags on each share will allow your Instagram shares to reach a greater number of audiences.

I strongly recommend that you take a look at the Instagram The Beach Lodge account for inspiration.

Ways to Make Money on Instagram # 8: Travel, share your beautiful photos on your Instagram profile

I love traveling. Fortunately, I had the opportunity to see a lot of places in the world because I spoke in hundreds of organizations every year.

I also love reading travel logs online to find out what’s going on because of my passion for travel.

I have seen traveling travelers rely on different jobs they find on the road so that their travel can last longer. These things range from teaching English to making jewelery, styling hair and performing with fire hoops. But all of these things restrict your freedom and you have complete control of your journey and where you travel.

But what if I told you that it is possible to make money while traveling everywhere with an internet connection in the age of the digital economy we live in today?

Many of you have heard a few things about digital immigrants, and so you know more or less who they are.

In fact, Tim Ferris introduced the zengin new rich ”period in his book“ 4-Hour Week ”.

Tim Ferris explained his strategies of making money by establishing marketing business, utilizing external sources and providing automation without disrupting your business while you are traveling comfortably.

Depending on your skills, such as content marketing, you can even get involved in consulting. But I only have a strategy that depends on Instagram and travel: travel advice.

It’s an exciting business model because you help people make their dream journeys and make money. So how can you gain credibility as a travel planning expert?

You can gain credibility by traveling very intensively on your own and visually sharing your experiences on these trips on Instagram.

Let me clarify a few things before I start telling you how to advertise yourself on Instagram:

  • In order to engage in this kind of business, you must have several thousand dollars saved. And, for starters, you may have to live for a while in low-cost living places (such as Thailand, Colombia, India, etc.) until you start making money.
  • If you like outdoor and adventure, you can take the necessary trainings to adults, families and arranged groups for tours.
  • Although gez traveling the world gel sounds like an exciting idea, it is not an area that requires competition. You need to find a suitable location in a specific location and provide customized services to your customers. You should take a tour yourself before you start doing this. Make yourself a customer. When you know the places as well as the palm of your hand, you have reached the level to take your guests to tour.
  • As you can see, I was able to excite all of you even with the thought of creating ideas while traveling. But that doesn’t mean the experience you’re going to be a fascinating one. You can also shuttle to and from the same locations to ensure that your guests have a smooth experience. Since it is a business line, you need to spend a lot of time developing yourself in tour guidance, get feedback from people and improve your service.
  • If you are in the travel business, there are some variable factors that affect you, including, but not limited to, government regulations, transportation problems and the climate of your location. If you want to be a professional in your business, you don’t want to give your customers a bad experience. Examine your itinerary, even if it reacts, to find potential problems that may be problematic.

You have a prepared plan for the most unexpected situation. Think of different routes, destinations, and activities that will keep your customers from breaking the journey and the fun of the journey. Remember, your guests have a special bond with their travels rather than money and time, so they want to have a great time on such holidays.

So be aware of your responsibilities, accept them, and plan your tours with care to ensure that your customers will have an unforgettable experience.

Take a look at a private tour: November 2017, Wander Across India tour. This tour includes a city program with detailed information about the cities that customers will visit every day. There is also a map with attractions marked on it, a few pictures, accommodation and other information about the tour. This tour costs $ 2,100.

There is a separate section with articles where previous customers share their thoughts and feelings. (this section is very important to gain the trust of people who have the potential to be your customers).

Now let’s see how you can get customers through Instagram for your tour.

A legendary tip: I suggest you spend more money (and try to reduce your profit margin) to ensure that your accommodation, hygiene, catering and other services are the best. Even a small problem can be enough to poison any holiday.

Find restaurants serving local cuisine of your area. Try to get your guests into the local culture somehow and listen carefully to your guests’ demands. If you treat your guests well and fulfill their demands, the people who visit you will choose you again the next time, and you will have more customer potential in the future with your word of mouth.

How can you market your travel business through Instagram?

Travel also means having beautiful, strange and amazing experiences. You can easily translate these experiences into photos that are the only thing that matters to Instagram. Let me develop this idea with a few marketing tactics.

1- Share interesting and beautiful photo frames from your travels – Have you seen a dog eating cake on the beach? Open your Instagram, quickly write your description and share the photo. Did you see an old but athletic woman flip over the subway? Get people to live with these images and how great they are (Live feeds are going to give users a special notification).

In essence, traveling is perfect for taking photos. You will witness peaceful beaches, breathtaking mountains, extraordinary sunrises and perfect sunsets.Make good use of these opportunities and take photos and create a triplet for your Instagram account.

For example: as soon as Derek landed in Sweden, he shared a beautiful photo of the country and wrote that he would be in Sweden for the next eight days.

From time to time, you may need to share your thoughts through photos with words and sentences on it.

For example, in the following post, Derek shared the events she has attended over the past three weeks and how happy it was to make the journeys she initially thought impossible.

2 – No problem, even if you don’t have a great view – Sometimes you don’t need a nice sunset or a perfect photo of the countryside to surprise people. Your Instagram audience likes to travel – even a photo from your bed will make your audience feel there.

Even an ordinary, quick photo or update post that you will share with your trip may be enough to leave your audience open. It’s also a great way to interact with people.

For example: In the post below, Storyv shared a photo of the morning coffee he had drunk. Except for the world map tattoo on his back (which is very beautiful and attracts all attention), the shipment is quite ordinary. But Storyv’s owners talk about plans to go to the Chinese border in this post and ask for advice from users who have already traveled to Shenzhen.

3- Ask your Instagram audience for travel advice – There’s no such thing as a one-way audience if your audience is passionate about traveling. You can learn from them, they can learn from you. You can talk to your audience about your travel plans and ask them to find out what they think. You can listen to their advice about the places you want to go.

Here is an Instagram post shared by Storyv from one of the abundant plant offices in Kerala. Hannah tells her how much she likes to work there, wants to travel to India and asks her audience about her thoughts.

4- Share photos of local dishes – Food is of great importance in every culture and occupies a great place in people’s desire to explore new places. Whenever you eat at a local restaurant, don’t forget to share a mouth-watering photo of your meal.

Vietnam dinner shared by Xotours on Instagram profile (users of this profile share meals and country tours in Ho Chi Minh City).

Food photos attract a lot of attention on Instagram. A former math teacher, Jessica loves to try new foods and share her experience on Instagram. In 2.5 years, Jessica reached 351,000 followers and began to write good money from the food she shared while traveling.

5- Share photos of products that are useful for your audience – We’ve talked about this before in Instagram monetization tactics.Nevertheless, I would like to remind you that sponsored posts are a good way to earn money from your Instagram audience. By sharing photos of products that are useful to your followers, you can earn a good amount of money.

Emma, ​​who owns a luxurybackpacking profile, earns between $ 2,000 and $ 3,000 a month through sponsored submissions with 69,000 followers. Emma opened her Instagram profile towards the end of 2015. In 3 months, it reached 10,000 followers and thus started making money.

A sponsored post by Emma.

If you apply these tips together with the strategies I have shared before, you will see that you will easily create an Instagram audience. When you reach a number of followers between 5,000 and 10,000, you can start organizing tours and earning money by traveling.

As a travel expert there is another way you can make money:

You can sell digital products with your previous travel experiences.

For example: Chris and Stephanie are both writers with extraordinary travel experiences. Chris has traveled 193 countries before he turned 35, and Stephanie has traveled for 20 years and traveled 120 countries.

$ 99 worth of ‘Make Your Dream Travel Come True.’ They earn money through their extensive travel experience. This course includes 33 lessons of travel strategies, airline agreements, earning miles in airline loyalty programs, logistics and free travel.

Currently the course is sold for $ 69 and has been purchased by more than 11,500 people so far.

If you search on the Udemy site you will find many other courses related to travel. Some courses, such as ‘Travel the World as a Digital Traveler Free or Nearly Free’, have approximately 7,500 students.

Storyv put a list of various travel business courses on its website. This list includes ‘How to enter the boarding house?’ and ‘Earn Money by Working on a Cruise Ship.’ courses are also included.

This shows that people are more likely to buy online courses. Especially if these courses talk about cheap (or free) ways to travel.

Online courses and digital products are also a great way to generate passive income when traveling. Together with other travel services you offer, you should offer these courses and products in such a way that they are unobtrusive.

Monetization on Instagram # 9 – Buy your photos

Stock photo developed a lot of sites.

If you have had a blog or a site before, it is very likely that you have used stock photos intentionally or not.

You can also sell your own photos on Stock photo sites, but this depends entirely on your photography skills. If you’re an amateur, don’t dream of earning thousands of dollars every month. I’m not a professional photographer either.

The only thing I can do about photography is to use photo editing applications to make my photos more appealing to the eye. As a result of my experience, I developed an idea of ​​what photos and brands that brands and businesses might want to pay.

4 photo tips for a great Instagram profile: My goal here is not to teach a lesson on photography. My goal; to make sure you understand what you need to pay attention to if you want to buy your photos. Now let’s look at what you need to pay attention to in your photos from the eyes of a brand.

1- Brands care about reality – you can save your themed, themed photos for your marriage portfolio. Because on Instagram, photos from within life attract more attention. Art directors, brands and publishers love photographs that reflect social environments.

Platforms like Snapwire stand out with photos that reflect the social environment taken with the phone. For example, a Canadian pharmaceutical company paid exactly $ 6,000 for a photo of people racing each other on their backs, that is, a photo that wasn’t worked out in life!

2- Don’t stick to the square photo format – Instagram came out as a platform that initially uses a square photo format, and although people are accustomed to this format, I recommend you to take pictures in portrait and landscape format. Because the pictures in square format are not very professional in photography.

Although the thumbnails of the horizontal photos you place on your Instagram are not very pleasing to the eye, the horizontal format photos add more details, adding an artistic image to your profile.

An important note: The photo and video frame angles that Instagram currently allows are 1.91: 1 and 4: 5.

3- Use the power of white edges – A professional photographer knows exactly where they want to draw attention, how to use empty spaces, and how to achieve a certain proportion. If you use white borders on your photos, similar to professional photographers, you can control how your photos will look in your profile (remember that the Instagram algorithm shows thumbnails of photos as center-cropped frames).

4- Photos taken on flat floors – Taking photos on a flat surface is a good way to show that your profile is professional or to show the products of your brand / business, if any. In the photo below, you can see a picture of several different objects on a flat surface from a bird’s eye view.

It is very important how you take photos to make your photos appeal to the eye visually. Light, colors and shooting angle play a very important role. Don’t think of taking pictures as putting a few objects on a floor and taking pictures of them. Think of it as a story instead of photographing. You can even add text on your photos if you want to.

See how Rawolutionary_me shares the recipe for matcha smoothie in the photo below.

As a photographer, flat floors are the best way to show off your creativity and the most trendy way to show objects.

Instagram’s role in selling your photos: You can already have a professional portfolio on portfolio sites like Behance and even Dribbble . But when did you update your latest portfolios?

Instagram is more up-to-date than these portfolio sites. You can even increase the visibility of your photos with the tags you use. Instagram users love visual content. For this reason, when you share your photo, you can get quick feedback such as likes and comments from people who follow or discover you.

So as a photographer, you can think of Instagram as your diary.

A good example: How can you earn $ 15,000 by selling your Instagram photos?

Daniel Arnold was a desperate photographer wandering around the streets of New York with his iPhone. He was so desperate that he didn’t even know how to pay the next month’s rent.

One day, on his 34th birthday, he decided to buy and sell 4 × 6 photos from the Instagram archive. For this, he shared a post on Instagram and asked his followers what photo to print.

But when he asked about it, he couldn’t imagine that the photos he was thinking of printing would cost $ 15,000. So much so that I was offered a thousand dollars for each photo One of Daniel’s most purchased photos is the one you see below.

Of course, in Daniel’s case, the luck factor also has an effect, but Daniel shows us that it’s true that you can make money by selling photos on Instagram.

How you can make money on Instagram with your photos: Foap and others –Now let’s take a step-by-step look at how you can sell your Instagram photos.

I recently came across a website called Foap, which introduced itself as the new wave of stock photography..

Foap works like this:

  1. You are registering
  2. You are creating your profile
  3. You create a portfolio of the best photos you want to sell
  4. You earn $ 5 per photo sold (you can sell the same photo over and over again)

Let’s take a quick look at how you can sign up for Foap. Go to the Foap homepage and click Up Sign Up ..

Click “Photographer ına, which means you want to sell photos .

Then download the app either through the App Store or Google Play .

It’s that simple. Now you can start selling your Instagram photos.

Take a look at the ions Missions ”section, which I think you might want to browse in Foap. In this section you can contact the world’s largest companies and try to sell your photos to these companies.

It will not be easy to sell your photos to big companies because there is a lot of competition, but you can still try your luck and earn more money if you get lucky.

When you say big bucks, a photo is normally sold for $ 5, but if your photo is selected you can earn $ 100. But there are tasks on the site where you can earn $ 500. My favorite thing about Foap is that you don’t have to have a huge audience of Instagram to make money.

Although I think Foap is a good site in the field, there are several other platforms similar to Foap. You can try all of these platforms and choose the one you like the most.

1- 500px – 500px is a large platform that contains 80 million photos. This great platform is a good place to show yourself and license your photos and it’s easy to use.

First you create a profile with your personal and contact information and then you start uploading your photos.

So far, there are photos sold for $ 20,000 at 500px.

With the strategies I will talk about now, you can sell more photos at 500px.

  1. Use 4 to 5 keywords for each photo. In this way, your photos are discovered by the recipient.
  2. Take pictures in different formats than anyone else.
  3. Share your private photos so you can request a higher price.
  4. Be sure to include your contact information.

2- Twenty20 – Twenty20 is another platform where you can sell your Instagram photos. If you want to go to the site or you can download the application Twenty20’nin iPhone application can register on the platform. Every photo you put on the platform will be put directly for sale. But if you want to sell the rights of your photo and you can sell the same photo many times.

There are 3 ways to make money on Twenty20:

  1. $ 2 per licensed photo
  2. Photo contests where you can sell your photos to higher numbers but have more competition
  3. Job offers from brands

3- Snapwire – Unlike 500px, Snapwire allows you to upload as many high-quality photos as you desire. As with all other platforms, Snapwire requires labels to be easily discovered by brands.

As you regularly upload photos to the site, you collect points and skip the level by collecting points. In this way, you can earn more money.

An interesting feature of the Snapwire platform is the “last sellers” section of the websites. You can find out what kind of photos are sold by looking at the latest photos and improve yourself in that direction.

4- Lobster.Media – You can join this platform free of charge and license your Instagram photos using the #ilobsterit tag. But if you want, you can also separate your private photos.

Lobster.Media pays you 75% of the list price of each of your photos sold.

Lobster is a large structure that hosts close to 30 million videos and photos from various social media platforms such as Youtube, Flickr, Facebook, Vimeo and Google Photos.

You can sell your photos in this theme and category you want from this great structure.

The key way to start selling your photos through Lobster is to put realistic prices on your photos (at least for the start).

Note: No matter which platform you want to be active on, please take care to put high quality photos.

And so we can get to the last tactic. There’s one last tip I’d like to add before we finish.

Businessman Warren Buffett’s “Diversification” sums up the basics of making money from Instagram – as an entrepreneur, I respect Warren Buffett.I’m a person who listens to his advice on creating various ways of income. I started my first job in high school by filling out a CD and setting up the cables for my friends’ satellite receivers. Since then I have opened many blogs and have done business online.

Similarly, I recommend that you try to use your Instagram account wisely. Use your interests and talents to generate a variety of revenue paths using the tactics I share with you. Become a service consultant, buy courses through your area of ​​expertise and open a dealer that sells products that fit your position.

Shelcy Joseph is a social media user who has earned an average of $ 1,600 a month on Instagram since July 2016. As you can imagine, Shelcy Joseph has multiple sources of income. These:

  • Sponsored Posts: Shelcy earns $ 75 per sponsored post and $ 600 per month from these posts.
  • YouTube Ads: Shelcy earns $ 50 from a YouTube ad after signing up for the YouTube Partner program. This price may not sound much, but Shelcy is considering increasing the price in the coming months.
  • Private Consultancy: Shelcy earns most of the money from Private Consultancy.Private consulting costs $ 40 per hour and provides introductory courses in marketing, graphic design, and video editing. By providing these services, it earns approximately 1,200 dollars per month on average.

The most important aspect of making money is to be constantly alive and patient.Starting from zero, you cannot proceed to earning $ 10,000 a month in weeks or months. But you can start earning a decent income by making sound and gaining credibility on social media. In this way, by making sponsorship agreements, you start making money by introducing the products and services of brands.

I’ll give you one more tip:

You have no control over Instagram’s rules and algorithm. Assuming that Instagram closes profiles with thousands of followers with no caveats, it doesn’t make sense to just build your business on Instagram.

Think of Instagram as a business where you can go bankrupt or get fired. So don’t limit yourself to all your work on Instagram. Brian Clark calls the work that is somehow connected to a different job, a digital partnership.

It is very difficult to remove Instagram users from the platform.

However, I recommend that you further enlarge your Instagram account from an email. This allows you to expand your business, with greater control and full control over your audience.

Make products for stability and write a link to your website where you sell products and also serve.

Conclusion: Instagram continues to grow at a mind-boggling pace while delivering an incredibly high deal rate.

It’s been a long time since I’ve been an ordinary photo-sharing platform, and it has come a long way. Brands invest in this platform with the exorbitant prices they devote from their marketing budgets.

Instagram offers a great opportunity for people who are smart and quick to quickly build a mass and make money. With multiple business opportunities, anyone can make money on Instagram.


Now you understand that Instagram isn’t just about photos of food, animals or children. With the right followers and messages, Instagram is a great place to make money.

We will continue to explore the ways of making money from the Internet for those who want to make money from the Internet.


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