How Fish Smell Leaves Home

How the smell of fish comes out of the house 19 Practical information in the kitchen One of the useful information we have prepared under the title how the smell of fish we leave you with the article We wish you to be useful…


Practical Information in the Kitchen


In the hustle and bustle of daily life, we sometimes cannot fit 24 hours a day. Because of routine tasks such as housekeeping, childcare, social relations, and workplace intensity such as cleaning and eating, one can hardly spend time with himself.


As a heavy burden, waiting for us to do housework quickly and practically saves us a lot of time. Practical information in the kitchen allows you to spend more time with your loved ones, not wasting time for unnecessary work. You can also make significant contributions to the family economy by saving not only time but also materials and energy used.


Now, if you wish, come together what you should pay attention to when cooking fish and practical information in the kitchen Let’s take a look at the important tips about… We wish you pleasant reading…


Practical Information at Home


How to smell the fish


How the smell of fish for those who wonder about this article for you… Everyone actually eats very much the smell of fish is a big problem for many people. As such how to smell fish, how to eliminate the smell of fish to answer the questions such as knowing the important place.


Practical information in the kitchen , which has a very important place in the preparation and cooking of food How to smell fish and How to smell fish [194590010] and [ 19459009] how to remove the smell of fish we will give you great tips on today …


How to Remove the Oil Stain from the Seat


How to Remove the Smell of Fish


  • Fish fry squeeze a few drops of lemon juice into the oil. This means that both your kitchen will smell less fish and you will be able to use the oil for other fries.

  • If you want to get rid of the smell of fish in your hand after removing the fish in a short time we recommend rubbing your hand with vinegar or coffee grounds.

  • Another method of preventing fish smell is to put a few pieces of parsley stalk into the frying oil. In this way, your kitchen will not disturb you with the smell of fish.

  • If you put a few branches of bay leaves between the fish you bake in the oven, both the oven and the kitchen do not smell fish.

  • Boiling vinegar on the stove while cooking fish or burning the lemon you stuck to the fork for a few minutes in the stove fire will instantly remove the smell of fish from your kitchen.

  • It is recommended to scrub the fish with the vinegar or lemon to remove the smell of fish from the pan or cooking utensils .

  • Another suggestion to get rid of the smell of fish in the pan cooked fish is to wash the pan thoroughly with detergent and rinse thoroughly, then boil for about 15 – 20 minutes with a mixture of vinegar.

  • To remove the smell of fish from the cut knife it is recommended to rub the knife with black pepper for a while.

  • After extracting fish to remove the smell of fish rubbing hands with vinegar or lemon as well as rubbing with coffee grounds or tomatoes can be very useful.


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