How Does Vagina Darken

vajina kararması neden olur nasıl geçer
How the vagina causes blackening passes

Vagina blackening darkening of the color of the genital area, the darkening of the color of the genital area and darkening problems. There are some precautions and herbal treatments to prevent vaginal blackening which is not a serious health problem for women but which is quite uncomfortable in aesthetics and appearance .


In women, blackening of the vagina is known as browning on the outer surface of the vagina and on the outer lips. It can be said that the causes of blackening generally occur over time. In addition, the level of darkening varies depending on the skin color of the person. For example; dark skin color of a woman’s vagina can not be light. However, it is observed that darkening of the vagina areas occurs in women with light colored skin.


Vagina blackening does not cause serious health problems, but affects one’s social and psychological state. Darkening of the vagina may cause women to feel badly aesthetically and to feel restless and timid during sexual intercourse with their partner. Sometimes it can even lead to reasons such as cooling from sexuality and coldness between the partner to reach even more advanced dimensions.


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Causes Blackening of the Vagina


vajina kararması neden olur
causes darkening of the vagina

The outer genital area called Vulva may darken over time due to age and hormonal changes. The main hormone in the formation of darkening is estrogen . The vulva tissue, which is rich in estrogen, darkens under the ultraviolet effect of sunlight. Darkening of the genital area occurs especially during pregnancy . the reason for the darkening of the vagina during pregnancy; estrogen during pregnancy is increased hormone. and as a result of physical examinations, it is observed that after pregnancy, vaginal blackening can be permanent.


let us immediately explain a possible misunderstanding; vaginal blackening is not only due to pregnancy-related hormone change. In summary, vaginal blackening may occur in non-pregnant women and even in young girls.


Here are the main causes of vaginal blackening;


Wrong choice of underwear; When using underwear, it should be ensured that the laundry is of cotton and fabric type to provide air. Jersey, shiny fabric underwear prevents the skin from breathing and may cause problems such as sweating and itching. Continuous use of this type of laundry damages the skin of the vagina, causing darkening. Cotton underwear does not irritate the skin, but also provides air. In the light of this result, in order to avoid the problem of vaginal blackening, cotton and breathable fabrics should be preferred.


Genital area cleaning; Failure to pay due attention to genital cleansing, leaving it wet or damp may increase blackouts. The vagina is a region that cleans itself due to its structure, but soaping the vagina and the inside of the vagina may irritate the vagina and disrupt the ph balance. When cleaning the vagina, it is enough to wash it with warm water. However, if you want to use a supporting product, you can prefer vagina cleaning gels sold in pharmacies. Before purchasing such products, the contents should be thoroughly read and absolutely reliable brands should be preferred.


Conducting frequent networks ; Vagina skin is a soft and thin skin. Gluing and even burning hot wax on this skin may irritate the vagina, causing sagging and subsequent blackening of the vagina.


Wearing tight and very tight clothes; Just like the choice of underwear that does not breathe too tight and too tight clothing can cause skin color blackening in the vagina.


The use of hormone medications and birth control pills; The use of drugs such as hormone supplements or birth control pills that alter hormone balance in the body can cause blackening of the vagina.


Genetic predisposition; If there is such a problem in your family and first degree relatives, you may have blackening of the vagina.


Laser hair removal applications; Occasionally there is an increase in the color of the vagina after laser epilation of the genital area. Laser lights given to the genital area can increase the melanin pigment in the skin tissue and cause darkening of the vagina.


Cosmetic scented products; Chemical fragrant products containing cosmetics should not be used in the vagina, which is a very sensitive area. otherwise, problems such as blackening may occur.


Very often apply depilatory cream; This type of epilation creams, which have a heavy chemical content, can also cause aesthetic problems such as blackening of the vagina.


In brief, the causes of blackening of the vagina are as follows;


  • Wearing nylon underwear
  •  Shaving the vagina area with a razor blade

  • Not making the pouch

  • Inadequate maintenance
  •  Inadequate hygiene after toilet
     Excessive sweating

  • Being overweight

  • Remaining moist, wet for a long time (after the pool sea)

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How the Vagina is Blackening


vajina kararması nasıl geçer
How the vagina goes blackening

You need to pay attention to some tricks to prevent and pass blackening of the vagina. To undergo blackening of the vagina ;


Especially underwear selection is very important. Therefore, take care to wear cotton underwear.


Take care to remove the hairs in the genital area opposite the direction of hair growth.


Wash daily with warm water and dry beautifully.


Also; It is also possible to cure creams and laser treatments to eliminate blackening of the vagina.


Coloring of the genital area by laser; One of the treatment methods in the genital area laser coloration process. This is usually done in a very short time, such as 15-20 minutes. During this application the person does not feel pain and suffering. Pain relief is avoided by using cream containing local anesthesia before laser coloration. The light emitted during the laser process destroys the cells that produce the “melamine” pigment in the dermis layer of the skin and causes darkening of the skin. Laser lightening process usually ends in one session. There may also be cases where more than one application is required, depending on the degree of decision.


After laser bleaching, a person can continue his or her daily life and use the creams recommended by the doctor to overcome swelling and edema in a short time. There is no harm in having sexual intercourse after laser application.


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Herbal Remedy for Vaginal Blackening


vajina kararmasına bitkisel çözüm
herbal remedy for vaginal blackening

You can apply vaginal blackening with herbal cures at home. You can achieve whitening of the vagina by applying cures in your home, which consist entirely of natural products .


For Blackening of the Vagina Vaseline Cure:


Ingredients: 1 teaspoon of vaseline, half a lemon juice, 1 apple juice


Application: All ingredients are mixed in a container. First, the genital area is sacrificed to remove dead cells. The mixture is applied to the genital area and left for half an hour. After drying, very little talcum powder is applied and then washing is performed. The application is continued daily for at least 2 weeks to get the best effect of the mixture.


Turmeric Cure for Vaginal Blackening


Ingredients: 1 teaspoon of lemon juice and 1 teaspoon of turmeric


Preparation and Application: Mix the ingredients until they reach a paste consistency. Apply to the genital area for 15 minutes and wash with warm water. and, of course, do not forget to dry very well.


Cream for Vaginal Blackening


Achromin [1945909] [1945909] [1945909] can also be applied to the blackening of the vagina , which is one of the creams that remove sunburn, pregnancy and birthmarks on the face. The ingredients in the Achromin cream affect the melamine pigment, causing stains to disappear. To apply Achromini, it is sufficient to apply it to clean and dry skin with soft and circular movements.


Note : remember that all treatments can cause allergic reactions to your skin. For treatment of vaginal blackness, try herbal cures after obtaining approval to consult a specialist physician first. It is not recommended to cure lactating and pregnant women.



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