How do I begin to invest in the stock market?

Stock market is a very profitable market to evaluate your savings. It is completely legal to gain profit by speculating on the stock exchange. In addition, these markets with state supervision are very safe for small investors.

Before entering the stock market, you must know what the stock market is and how it works. It will be more advantageous for you to invest after acquiring the stock exchange. To learn about the stock market, you can read the stock market investment videos and the articles written by experts.

Open a Current Investment Account

In order to enter the stock exchange, you must first have a current account or have a certain amount of money in the brokerage house. In order to create an account in the brokerage house, you can access the list of brokerage houses within Borsa Istanbul. You can select any brokerage house from this list. You should make sure that the brokerage you choose is legal. Therefore, it is helpful to do a preliminary research beforehand.

Generally, the most preferred channels are banks. You can create your account by going to the bank. The bank officer will have you sign some documents. Your account will be activated within two to three days after you have read and signed these documents. When your demand account is activated, you can make transactions on the stock exchange by using internet banking.

How is Internet Banking Processing?

It’s easy to buy stocks from Internet banking, which allows you to trade quickly and practically. You log in to the internet banking of the bank where you have your account and click on the investment account tab. You will be asked which company stock you want to buy. After entering the code of the stock you are interested in, you need to determine how many you want to buy from the stock you have chosen. After determining the number of shares you can buy, you can set the purchase period as daily or session.

In this way, you can benefit from price mobility. In this way, you can benefit from price mobility. For example, if you think that the stock, which is 3 lira, will rise to 3.10 cents in an hour, you can order a stock or daily sale. If there is an opposite situation, you can enter it as a purchase order. In this way, you will gain profit from price movements.


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