Herbal Remedy and Natural Treatment for Under Eye Bags

Herbal remedy for under-eye bags, natural treatment

One of the most frequently complained subjects under the eye bag and color inequality under the eye is the most common complaint. The lower eye bag makes a woman look older and tired than she does, which is something that women don’t want. The under-eye bag is genetic in some women, while in others it occurs due to causes such as fatigue and insomnia. However, for whatever reason, the under-eye bag occurs at the beginning of the image that women do not want.


Nowadays, there are various treatments to reduce or even eliminate under-eye bags . One of these methods is medical aesthetics. Under-eye bags for advanced bags are taken with aesthetic application. However, not every woman has the budget or the opportunity to have a medical aesthetic to pass her bags under the eyes. With herbal remedy , you will be able to care for bags under the eyes and achieve a noticeable improvement as a result of regular application.


Causes an Under Eye Bag


Under the eye is the most delicate, thinest skin of our facial skin. Young and alive under the eyes of the sun, insomnia, fatigue, moisture and depending on the progress of age more thinner and wrinkles begin to form. Under-eye bags are formed as a result of the movement and accumulation of fat pouches. Other causes of an eye bag;


Hormonal Causes ; Swelling under the eye may occur in women during menstrual period due to hormone change. This may cause an under-eye bag. In addition, imbalances in the thyroid hormone are among the reasons for the formation of an eye bag.


Vitamin Deficiency; One of the reasons for the formation of an eye bag is vitamin deficiency. If you have more swelling than normal in the under eye bags, you may be experiencing vitamin deficiency. Iron deficiency and vitamin B deficiency is one of these vitamins.


Herbal Remedy for the Under Eye Bags


You can get rid of under-eye bags by using natural products at home in everyday life. However, it is worth mentioning; regular implementation is very important for these methods to work. Cold water, green tea, potatoes and mineral water are the main applications of herbal solution for under-eye bags.


göz altı torbalarına patates
potatoes in bags under the eyes

Potatoes; Thanks to the starch in the potato, it helps to reduce the bags under the eyes. Cold application of potatoes will increase the effect. 2 rings of medium thickness are cut and placed under the eye. The cold potato wedges are placed under the eye and waited for about 20 minutes. The potato wedges are then removed and rinsed with warm water.


göz altı torbalarına salatalık
cucumbers in the bags of the eyes

Cucumbers; Cucumber is also used in the cosmetics industry with useful ingredients found (cucumber extract cream, etc.). As such, you can also benefit from cucumber for under-eye bags. The cucumber extends the bags under the eyes and gives moisture to the skin. If possible, 2 rings of cucumber which is cooled in the refrigerator are cut and placed under the eye. After waiting for about 20 minutes, the cucumber slices are taken out of custody.


göz altı torbalarına kaşık
spoon in the bags under the eye

Cold Spoon; One of the applications that help keep the eye under eye alive and extinguish the bags under the eye is the cold spoon method. Many of those who try to tell the difference immediately feel the cold spoon under the eye muscle and fat tissues to provide a shock effect to revive.


To apply the cold spoon method; All you need is a cold spoon in a refrigerator. Place the cold spoon under your eyes slightly and wait a few minutes. You can do the same for the other eye. You can apply the spoon under the eye to the eyelids if the eyelids are swollen.


Natural Treatment of the Under Eye Bags


göz altı torbalarına yeşil çay
green tea

green tea in the under eye bags; Green tea is also one of the natural methods that is good for under-eye bags. After brewing sachets green tea is a nice drink. The remaining green tea is not discarded. It is applied under warm lukewarm eye. It is enough to make the application a few minutes. Useful ingredients in green tea reduce the tension and bloating of the capillaries and slow the growth of the vessels there. You can use this method when you drink green tea.


göz altı torbalarına e vitamini
vitamin E in the under eye bags

Vitamin E; Vitamin E is a vitamin that meets the moisturizing needs of the skin. The skin is sufficiently moistened and does not dry and does not irritate. The same applies to under-eye bags. Very thin moisturize under the eye; prevents the formation of bags under the eye. Vitamin E sold in pharmacies as a tube after cooling in the refrigerator under the eye with gentle movements to eat. After a short time you can see the relief of the eye and swelling of the descent.


göz altı torbalarına aloe vera
aloe vera bags under the eyes

Aloe Vera; Aloe vera in the aloe vera gel cleanses and revitalizes the skin with antiseptic extracts. Another benefit of aloe vera for the skin is that it is good for under-eye bags and bloating. The use of aloe vera to destroy under-eye bags is very simple. Some aloe vera gel is removed from the aloe vera plant sold in herbal and is applied gently to the eye with the help of a finger. Aloe vera will allow the pouches to drop in a short time.



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